[Build] Salvador


Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Skill Details
    2.1 Gunlust
    2.2 Rampage
    2.3 Brawn
    2.4 Other Specs
  3. Mobbing Gear
    3.1 Guns
    3.2 Accessories
  4. Bossing Gear
    4.1 Guns
    4.2 Accessories
  5. Offhand Pimpernel Glitch
  6. Videos
  7. Other Builds I Love

Foreword   (back to top)

So, it’s been a while, but since I love you guys, I’m finally porting my Salvador build(s) to the new forums. Most of the informative stuff can still be found in the Archives for intrepid math students, and that’s okay for now. I’ve received a lot of requests to post my builds here, and my old videos are still getting views. I’m so flattered, I’ve decided to re-write the builds from the ground up. There’s now one build.

The mathematical differences between the two specs weren’t entirely significant, so consolidating them will be a cinch. That is, they were both kinda overkill on the DPS to begin with even before crunching the numbers. Note that the old specs are more maximized for their respective roles, while this new one will allow you to switch between “builds” without having to re-spec. And the differences between the old and new builds are more or less completely negligible.

We’ll go over the spec first, and then look at the different loadouts for Mobbing and Bossing respectively. This will be a little more brief than my previous guides.

Skill Details   (back to top)



  • 5/5 I’m Your Huckleberry, Divergent Likeness, Keep it Piping Hot
    • These skills help out the baseline DPS of DPUH/Grog combo. Note that Keep it Piping Hot will activate for 3 seconds every time Get Some activates.
  • 5/5 Locked & Loaded, Money Shot
    • Key skills for both loadouts. Money Shot is one of the best damage spike skills in the game.
  • 5/5 Lay Waste
    • DPUH Hyper Mode after a kill. The Fire Rate doesn’t work on Offhand weapons, but the Critical Damage does.
  • 1/1 Down Not Out and No Kill Like Overkill
    • The former is pivotal to the Gunzerking playstyle, while the latter shoots your DPS into the stratosphere. Strategically kill a small enemy prior to tackling a Boss/Badass for best results.


  • 5/5 Last Longer, Yippee Ki Yay, Get Some
    • The Holy Trinity of Perma-zerk. Priority Numero Uno (along with Down Not Out) for any Gunzerking-focused build. Get Some can reduce your cooldown and activate Keep it Piping Hot while Gunzerking.
  • 5/5 Inconceivable, All in the Reflexes
    • Inconceivable is required for ammo preservation and Money Shot Chains on DPUH. All in the Reflexes gives very helpful Reload Speed.
  • 4/5 Filled to the Brim
    • +100% total Mag Size is needed for the Bossing loadout, meaning we need as few as 3 points here, but an extra point gives another shot with left-hand Pimpernel (since Monk’s Mag Size doesn’t affect it).
  • 1/1 Double Your Fun and Keep Firing
    • Free grenades and even more Fire Rate. Note that Keep Firing won’t do much for DPUH/Grog while Locked & Loaded and Lay Waste are active, but it’s very helpful for Pimpernel.


  • 4/5 Incite
    • The only skill in this tree we can afford to invest in, and a better use of points than available options in other trees. This is almost always active because of Salvador’s particular style. If you would like to use Auto-Loader to keep your FFYL tool full, or Steady as She Goes to reduce Recoil, take the points from here.

Other Specs

Level 61
Level 50

Mobbing Gear   (back to top)


  • Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold :boom:
    • Torgue Grip
  • (Surfeit) Grog Nozzle
    • (Maliwan Grip)
      • The grip/prefix of the quest item version is random
      • “Real” versions were drop-able during the Loot Hunt event
  • derp Duuurp! :boom:
    • Torgue Grip
    • Bandit Exhaust
    • Tediore Sight
  • Banbury Pimpernel
    • Maliwan Grip
    • Dahl Stock


  • Inflammable Flame of the Firehawk Shield
    • Maliwan Capacitor (Fire Immunity)
    • Maliwan/Bandit/Anshin Battery/Body
  • Longbow Sticky Quasar Grenade Mod
  • Sheriff’s Badge Relic
  • Legendary Gunzerker Class Mod
    • +5 Lay Waste
    • +5 Last Longer
    • +5 Yippee Ki Yay
    • +5 All in the Reflexes
    • +5 Incite

Bossing Gear   (back to top)


  • derp Duuurp! :boom:
    • Torgue Grip
    • Bandit Exhaust
    • Tediore Sight
  • Banbury Pimpernel
    • Maliwan Grip
    • Dahl Stock
  • Deep a Creamer :boom:
    • Torgue Grip
    • Bandit Exhaust
    • Tediore Sight
  • Option Slot


  • The Rough Rider Shield
  • Bouncing Betty Grenade Mod
    • Longbow or Lobbed
    • Low Level, so you don’t kill yourself
  • Elemental Relic :boom:
  • True Neutral Monk Class Mod
    • +6 Money Shot
    • +5 Asbestos or Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Offhand Pimpernel Glitch   (back to top)

This is the key exploit used by the Bossing loadout section. It goes like this:

  1. Invest in Money Shot.
  2. Hold a Rocket Launcher in your Main hand.
  3. Hold a Pimpernel (preferably Slag) in your Offhand.
  4. IMPORTANT: Deplete your Rocket Launcher ammo entirely.
  5. The orbs spawned by Pimpernel will use the damage and element of your Rocket Launcher, and will now constantly have the Money Shot bonus (unless you pick up Rockets).

This is the result of an error in the programming for Pimpernel and Money Shot.

Pimpernel’s orbs are always based on your Main hand’s damage and element, regardless of which hand the Pimpernel is in. So if your Main hand has 0 ammo in the magazine, it’s considered to be on Money Shot, and Pimpernel’s orbs will get boosted damage accordingly. The higher your Launcher’s mag size, the more Money Shot damage you will get.

For this trick (bug/glitch/whatever) to reach its full potential, it requires pretty specific attributes on your Launchers. The goal with the parts I’ve listed is to get as close to 6 magazine size as you can without going over, while still having enough base damage. You’ll have over 100% Mag Size increase, which will double your Mag Size, increasing the Money Shot damage bonus for your orbs. Since 12 is the cap for the bonus, you won’t gain any more Money Shot damage by having more than 12 mag size on your Launcher. Note that Creamer can’t get 6 Mag Size base.

The reason Duurp! is used as opposed to Ahab or something is the negative Projectile Speed modifier on its barrel. The lower Projectile Speed affects Pimpernel’s orbs, making their spread noticeably tighter. This trick relies on landing those orbs consistently, so a smaller spread is tantamount to more DPS. For a similar reason, it’s highly recommended you avoid any parts on your Launcher that increase Projectile Speed, because that will cause your orb spread to get wider. The Stock Cover and Laser Sight accessories, Maliwan Barrels/Sights/Exhausts, as well as Vladof Barrels all increase Projectile Speed. Torgue Barrels reduce it. Here’s an infographic to help you spot these parts.

Creamer is used as a secondary option because of its Moxxi healing effect.

Videos   (back to top)

These are pretty old, with old specs and “wrong” gear, but if nothing else they illustrate the point.

Other Builds I Love   (back to top)

Deputy Sal by @Chuck80
Kittyzerker by @Spunky117 (Try it with Hail too!)


For the Pimpernel/ RL combo- is there a ‘best’ RL to use or will this basically work with any RL? And yes to the videos, if you can… :grin:


This is pretty good.

I also sniggered a bit at the “derp Duuuurp!”.

Yo I love you too man, also, get hyped for that new zoolander movie amigo!

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Anything that doesn’t have the parts mentioned that increase Projectile Speed will work, but I’ll always prefer Duuurp for the super tight spread.

Heh, it’s the typical Salvador builds. Now the question you should ask yourself is which came first? :wink:

Crazy Pills already on pre-order.

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Figured out Table of Contents. Also, tiny (back to top) links!
##Heading<a name=WHEE></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<sub><sup>[(back to top)](#top)</sup></sub>

@Hoyle4, what do you think?

Lots of random null spacing, its not exactly how I do it (I can send u what I sent derch one sec) but if it works for you that’s great.

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Yeah Hoyle’s was a little more simple

Thanks for porting this build over. I have been using it for awhile. The one question I have is, the duurp I am using only has 5 in the mag. I am using a torque allegiance relic along with the true neutral mod to get the mag up to 12. Would it be better to just have 11 in the mag so that way I could use a bone or explosive relic.

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Been a while since I crunched on those numbers, but from what I recall, the choice between 11~12 was one where the Damage relic won out.

(1 + .88 * 11) * 1.39 = 14.8452x
1 + .88 * 12 = 11.56x

English: having a suitable True Neutral class mod (+80% or more in this build since 4/5 FttB is +20%) is enough. Reach +100% Mag Size with one slot.

Relic slot is better used for elemental damage.

Thank you

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for all you’ve done for Sal. I’ve been a long time fan of both the Mob Masher, and Boss Blaster builds since the days of my Xbox 360. RIP.
I just wanted to ask, back on the old forums you recommended an Ahab, or Norfleet/Bone combo depending on the raid boss you were fighting. I get that research proved that the Derp was a better choice for an explosive launcher against bosses than the Ahab, but would you still recommend it over a Norfleet and corresponding Bone Of The Ancients for a boss weak to that element? (IE: Fire Norfleet and Fire Bone against Terramorphous or Hyperious?) And if so, which parts and prefix would you recommend for any particular Norfleet, since even a Maliwan grip is out of the question.

Sorry for the multiple-part question…just needed to pick your brain about the subject. Thanks!

The orb damage is based on the card damage of the launcher, figuring a single projectile. Is a Norfleet single rocket 1.75x more powerful than a Duuurp ? If so, it could be a good pick.

In any case, this combo kills so fast that having a different launcher for each boss is pointless. Just get a good parts Duuurp and you can kill anything easily.

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Norfleet vs. Duuurp!: Technically the damage can be higher on Norfleet (parts are important) because of the weakness multiplier, but the spread is also wider, which can cause a net loss in some cases because you hit with fewer orbs.

I think the only Raids where Norfleet can really shine are Terramorphous and Voracidous, because they have very wide zones you can aim at and hit with all or nearly all of the orbs, but Duuurp! still works, and quite well. I don’t think the advantage of Norfleet is significant enough to bother with it.

Duuurp! is a lot easier to use against Pete and Hyperius. I never actually fought Dexi so I can’t comment on that.

For Pete specifically, Shock Norfleet is better than Duuurp! against his shield, but not his health, and the amount of time you save by using Shock Norfleet against the shield is negated by the time you lose using the inferior Shock Norfleet against his health or switching to Duuurp! At least that was my experience. It was faster to just use Duuurp!

It really comes down to what Chuck said: Duuurp! is fast enough, so you can use that one Launcher on basically everything. It’s the same reasoning behind DPUH as opposed to Interfacer, which technically wins in many scenarios but is harder to get and requires you to have copies in various elements.

You may as well extend that to Explosive as a damage type generally…

As for Norfleet parts to use in this, the parts listing in the old thread still holds. Note that Maliwan Grip doesn’t affect projectile speed, so it’s safe to use. Maliwan Grip, Bandit Exhaust, Damage Accessory, and any non-Maliwan sight will give you the best balance of damage and mag size.


Am I right in thinking the easiest place to get hold of the duuurp is the torgue vending machines? or is there a better place?

Bingo. Ditto for DPUH. Pimpernel, Flame of the Firehawk, and Creamer can be dashboard-farmed.

Thanks for the reply. At the moment I’m just trying to put something together to take down Hyperius fairly easily so I can farm for the Evolution for the Deputy Sal build, @Chuck80 pointed me in the direction of this build. Since I just spent 2 days straight dashboard farming for a Rustlers Orphan Maker my main goal was just to get something useable together without worrying ‘quite’ so much about parts just yet.

I ended up coming across a Fwap a Duuurp! in the torgue machine, useless prefix and no sight but it had the bandit exhaust and torgue grip…so I picked that up. I also struggled a bit with the COM, eventually decided to try the Chaotic Neutral for now, only gives 10 mag size though so a bit less damage. I already had the DPUH but with the Jakobs grip rather than the Torgue. I’m kind of out of luck with the Creamer and FotF though as the missions have already been completed.

Anyway, with the far less than perfect gear I had I decided to have a go at Hyperius anyway…my god this build can do some damage, even with what I had I managed to take him down fairly easily. Once I gather the rest of the gear for Deputy Sal I’m definitely resetting my playthrough and getting hold of the rest of the gear. Makes a really nice change from just using the grog/DPUH as well, that was getting very boring.

So yeah, basically this was a long winded way of saying thank you for an awesome build

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Another thing of note: Conveniently, you can use Sljm’s Boss Blaster with your Deputy build without changing anything in your skills. I usually run ROM/Grog in my first 2 slots and Duuurp/Pimp in my 3rd and 4th.

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That’s actually pretty much what I’m doing at the moment, except I’m using the Boss Blaster build rather than the Deputy one. Just farming for an explosive Bone of the Ancients…then realised they don’t actually exist, lol.

Honestly, “Have Money Shot, will Pimp Glitch”