[Build] Sheriff of Legend

So Nisha is the only character who’s chronicler COM is actually fairly badass. +4 to; tombstone, trickshot, high noon, faster n’ you, & no one cares about the other one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I actually have playing with this build a bit now. After much experimentation and deaths, and so on, I have arrived at this, my “final form”. The build is now much more comprehensive and allows the switching of the chronicler / celestial coms freely. The chronicler COM is actually a better choice than the celestial COM for most of the game. It just TEARS through anything the game puts in front of me & I don’t even have to aim (most of the time). Think Mechromancer, only with MORE ricochets and no accuracy loss. :sunglasses: The only time you should need to switch to the celestial com is if you are fighting the raid sentinel, or doing the badass round in the holodome.

So, the Build.
Yes it did change, less L&O in favor of good old fashioned glass cannon power. After all, the best defense is an offense that didn’t even give the enemy a chance to shoot at you. #Hanshotfirst

Highlighted skills;
Trick shot, Makes the game easy mode. Now you don’t have to aim even when not in showdown.
Tombstone, Critical hits… critical hits EVERYWHERE!!!
Faster n’ U, faster weapon handling speeds means all the carnage happens even more quicklier!
High noon, If anything does miraculously survive long enough for this skill to be a factor, then they are a worthy adversary indeed. A soon to be very dead adversary I might add.

Draw backs; One would think that survivability takes a huge hit. With only half the health regen than if a celestial COM is used. And no damage from showdown being converted to health. And you would be 100% right. However you are going to be killing things so fast and from so far away or behind cover, that it doesn’t really matter. That is until you try out the sentinel or the badass round of the holodome. For these two circumstances I suggest switching to the celestial com. I died many times & lost much money trying to do that badass round, but alas if you cant keep your kill skills active then badasses are extremely tough to down. Then add the fact that they’re all badasses…

The weapons… Use whatever you like really, just make sure that you are using AT LEAST one cryo gun. The COM boosts freeze chance & cryo damage, so make sure that you are taking full advantage of it. I would go as far as having 3 cryo weapons and one flakker. Because, REASONS! chief among them being the fact that frozen enemies love to crumble and fall apart at just the sight of it.
My suggestions would include; Maliwan blasters, trick shot Maggie, T4S-R pistols, Docs Coach gun (and/or) Striker, Skullmasher, Torrent, Bullpups are also really good if you have an elemental one. Basically any gun that has multiple pellets and / or good damage & ROF. More pellets = more chance to ricochet.
Also of note, it seems like guns that have a built in ricochet, like the trick shot Jacobs pistols or cat o’ nine tails laser, have a chance to ricochet twice. once for the weapon attribute and then once for the trick shot skill. (I only really took notice of this with the cat o nine tails & IDK if that is just a weapon attribute or what. Any Input / confirmation would be appreciated.) BTW, don’t try to use a cat o nine tails. It doth SUCK!
Important!!! It seems that the Thorny Ol’ Rosie shoots lasers that can NOT ricochet, rendering trick shot ineffective. :sob: I wouldn’t use them unless you’re going to farm the sentinel. Use Maliwan blasters instead, they eat less ammo anyway. :thumbsup:

The nade, Quasar. Nuf said.
The COM, Chronicler of Elpis… duh
The Oz kit, I like Eddie but use whatever you like. Especially if it happens to be a precision oz kit. Just jump around a lot to increase the damage of those critical hits that are flooding your screen with purple confetti.

Tactics; Go into battles with one bullet missing from your mag. that way you can reload right before the action kicks off and activate Quick Shot. Then just get 1 measly kill to activate tombstone. After that just turn in the general direction of the enemies you want to kill & look slightly down or at a wall & pull the trigger until they are not but dust. (You can actually try and aim, just don’t aim down the sights as that negates the bonuses from quick shot.
Ultimate Badass enemies & the like may actually require you to activate showdown. Rabid stalkers on the other hand, are no problem at all because like most enemies, If they don’t die almost immediately, they freeze and are unable to move until they die.
I did actually go into FFYL once. The only enemy left alive dove behind cover (dick)**. But trick shot allows you to shoot around corners via ricochet bullets, so no problem. Just don’t ever give up, and “Keep firing ■■■■■■■■!”

A video of the mobbing prowess of this build

And how the celestial can be used for raiding

**why would this forums censor bot decide to censor a word that is used frequently in the game??
It’s supposed to spell out a 4 letter word for penis, but now its just 4 blocks. Seriously! GBX, pls nerf Censor bot!


I might have to give the new COM a try. I’ve been using a Lucky Crapshooter COM for weeks and loving it. 11/5 Trick Shot and 10/5 Tombstone gets crazy at times.

Going to give this build a try. Now I wish I hadn’t regrindered my Trick-shot Maggie in order to get my all-jakobs-parts Dastardly with 30% chance to ignore shields back. Ah well. Iwajira here I come again.

Pretty interesting. I wonder why you didn’t put at least a single point in Hell’s to get the COM bonus ?

IMO, this build would totally rock with Tediore cryo splitters, or a Cryo Taser. The Frigida is also a winning choice.

IMO, bottled courage would be a better choice than Saddle up, since you have almost no built-in survivability… not a big loss in damage anyway.

I tried the Cat-O-Nine extensively with Nisha, and it’s lackluster: the ricocheting beam has a fixed spread and begins to diverge really fast, so you can’t really take advantage of the ricochet. A simple Tediore splitter gets much better results as each beam can ricochet independently.

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Bullpup would probably rock with this too. Although you’d probably run outta shotgun ammo in 5 seconds.

Thanks for the tips!
But Hells coming with me is not a thing on the chronicler com… the skill I said no one cares about is no pain no gain, and it’s damn near the bottom of the L&O tree so screw that noise.

I still haven’t tried any splitters, haven’t gotten any that had half way decent stats. Are they really worth the inventory slot? Or should I wait until GBX fixes the black market upgrade to start toting one around?

I Thought it was Hell’s instead of faster n you, my bad.

Splitters are among my favorite kind of guns now, Tediore are the best so far, especially with trick shot.
It’s kinda like toting Hyperion shotguns, but with a HUGE ammo pool :slight_smile:

Updated the OP with my final build.

Updated the build a smidge, and uploaded a video of the mobbing prowess of the build. As well as a video taking down the raid sentinel.

Ive been working on a cryo build for her and was wondering so this build would it be able to work well against the Sentinel, Iwa?

It is possible to fight and kill them both with this build, BUT!!! You must realize that all of the power comes from kill skills… Not always the best way to go with boss fights. Which is why you should switch to the celestial coms first.

I use a similar build for level 70, the gear I use is:
guns - Cyro Torrent, Fragnum, Corrosive Bullpup, Vibra-Pulse
gear - Bulwark, Meganade, Eddie, Chronicler of Elpis

Not much else needed. She can wreck everything.