[Build] Shield-Maiden of the Storm

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I’m still testing this, but for now it’s doing an excellent job. It was made for elemental guns.

Mod: Celestial Gladiator. This is the mod this build will use initially. It’s boosting Vanguard, Hold the Line and Gathering Tempest which is really nice, besides we’re able to spend just 1 point in Conduit.

Shield: Reogenator, Black Hole, Prismatic Bullwark (this one seems to be broken atm)

Oz Kit: This is a tough one. I’m currently using Support Relay, which gives around +25% gun damage, but feel free to choose anything. TPS is lacking a Oz Kit that increases cooldown rate unfortunatelly.

Suggested weapons: Hellfire, Thorny Ol’ Rosie (shock or fire), Fatale or Fridgia, Practicable Bullpup (shock or fire), Badaboom or Cryophobia.

Suggested grenades: Basically shock tesla grenades. Stormfront or Quasar are the best options.

LEVEL 50 BUILD - click to read skill descriptions


5/5 Ephodos
9/5 Vanguard
10/5 Hold the Line
1/1 Prismatic Aegis
1/1 Clear!
5/5 Prepare for Glory
1/1 Wrath of the Goddess


6/5 Gun Kata
6/5 Clarity of Purpose


1/1 Maelstrom
4/4 Storm Weaving
10/5 Gathering Tempest
6/5 Conduit
1/1 Smite
1/1 Zeus’ Rage
5/5 Unrelenting
5/5 Elemental Barrage

Build notes:

  • The main trick is making Storm Weaving active all the time. Unrelenting will make weapon swap speed VERY fast with a good amount of Maelstrom stacks, while Elemental Barrage will basically turn every weapon you have into a Butcher. You’ll shoot fast and endlessly with almost anything.

  • The use of Cryo weapons are still not necessary, but they probably will be in UVHM. So it’s nice to keep a Fridgia, Cryophobia or Fatale. I recommended to keep 3 shock/fire weapons on your loadout. Mine currently is Ol’ Rosie, Hellfire, shock Bullpup and Cryophobia.

  • Always swap between shock and fire, mainly when facing shielded enemies.

  • Why not pick Overload? Honestly, I don’t like much skills based on chance, and the other skills synergize better with the build. Maybe later with a level cap increase.

  • Just one point in Conduit is enough, the class mod is buffing it to 6/5. This is the skill that will save you from dying from damage over time when the Aspis is down. It might get even more important in UVHM.

Thanks for reading!

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How does prepaer for glory stack? Also, is conduit any good? I’m fully specced into it and it synergizes well with storm weaving and can actually get insane pretty fast, but from what I’ve been seeing, no one is speccing too deep into it.
I take it Elemental Barrage’s effect prevents from magazines depleting? So, for instance, with an IVF and EB you cannot reload/toss? (From the wording it can be either this or that when you reload you don’t consme ammo).

(fabio) #3

Conduit can give a lot of shield regen depending on the amount of stacks, it’s great against damage over time.

Elemental Barrage has a chance to not consume ammo, it scales with the stacks. “Infinite” was just a way of speaking, the more stacks you have, the more you’ll shoot without reloading. Tediore reloads work normally as always, damage is dealt according to the number of bullets left on the magazine.

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Left this in.