[Build] Shocking Anarchist (lvl 72 & OP8)

Hey! @MidnightNova

Been keeping an eye on this build page for a while. I usually play as Maya, but I’m interested in playing as Gaige and your build seems super fun.
I’ve been waiting for the game-play videos and wondered if they are still going to happen? I learn to play much better by watching videos and the information seems to sink in better :).

Hope you do decide to make them. :).

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I hope to gett those done eventually.
Blame me me easily distracted and personal life being kinda hectic.

Wont make promises. And my apologies if I would dissapoint you by not doing them.
Though, I do appreciate it alot that you took interest in my build.

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Totally won’t be disappointed, I made my account to show that there was interest in them, just in case you didn’t think anyone was bothered!
I will test this out on my own and see if I can get hang of the playstyle without vids, just finished my first op8 character from start to finish (maya) so I’m looking to try the other characters and your build has really caught my eye.
Thanks again :).

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Had a little play with this last night and jeez is it fun, not sure if I’m doing things quite right as I tested in the WEP on OP8 and I started getting my ass handed to me against robots, couldn’t seem to get any second winds either :(. Maybe I just need to practice, like I said, I’m new to Gaige. But having fun so far! thank you! :D.

I know 20 days have passed, but I finally sat down and took the time to record for this build.
I plan on doing atleast one more in the future, to showcase the Bekah in this build, among other noted weaponry.

What about at level 72? I’m typically using Catalyst rather than Anarchist, but that still boosts SoFG. Wondering if I can free up some points the same way…

In the video I’m going to upload, I left 1 point in EE (from EB) for the fact that my OCD doesn’t allow respeccing that easily and to benefit the Leg. Catalyst, you can easily move the points there from So5G.

(Edit: hope I understood you correcty in the first place)

OP is updated.
Planning on doing atleast one more gameplay video somewhere soon.

So I really don’t need So5G at 10/5 then (I use a L. Anarchist com most times and only have Myelin and So5G in the LBT tree)?

Nope, 2, maybe 3 points are enough with the leg. Anarchist.

Just a heads up

just finished OP8 Digi Peak with Gaige and this build


can you post skill tree for level 50 pls

Not the OP (@MidnightNova) but the level 50 Interspersed Anarchist in this build might be helpful:

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Added a (belated) alternative to the Twister. And expect a new video showing alt items soon.

This build was hugely influential on the one I’m currently running and I never got around to thanking you or trying the exact spec.

I think I have some kit that will work as stand ins for bits I dont have yet (not even gonna try to get a Twister until I hit OP8, I only want to do that once), I’ll try the spec out later and see how I like it.

So formally, thanks for the inspiration

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This is why I try to give each weapon slots 2 diffirent weapons instead of one. It gives wiggleroom. However, i’m considering to replace the Tattler with the Emperor entirely, since it is giving better results.

I am very humbled by hearing this. Very happy to hear that my build inspires other people.


-New video added to OP.
-Rearranged the loadout.

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Hey Dear Nova :slight_smile:
I just came back to the game and im trying to find a viable Shock build for OP8
im just lvl 16 xD but i want to know which build i aim for even from the early start

anyway i really like your build but i dont like Discord mechanic.
is it a must to use ? can i swap it with something else ?

also regarding the weapons layout can you please tell me what’s the 4 weapon layouts that most recomended ?
i dont really know those weapons .
also why we use Blockade shield ?
and what grenades im aiming for ?

Even if you don’t like Discord, it is nice to have a point in incase you accidentally prematurely reload.

Emperor, Kitten, Veruc and CC (Twister is way too hard to get a hold off if you go unprepared). Although, do keep a jakobs weapon at hand. Hammer Buster, Coach Gun, Quad or if you’re very lucky, a Bekah.

It offers roughly 30% damage reduction, even when the shield is depleted. Although, as noted above, you can also go for a Black Hole (or perhaps a regular shock nova shield), or a turtle shield (pangolin).

Slag singularity, slag Transfusion or something like a slag Bouncing Bettie. Longbow is prefered.


So much this, especially if you play multiple different characters like I do!

There are other good things about Discord as well, so it’s not just a safety against accidental reload. Early game it’s not such a big deal since (a) you don’t have too many points to spend (b) you’ll probably have a lowish anarchy stacks cap and © you don’t need anarchy’s boosts as much as late game/end game. Personally, I don’t think I’d run Anarchy without Discord at level 50+