[Build] Shocking Anarchist (lvl 72 & OP8)

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Wait. Nevermind. But yes. Discord really helps.

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Thanks for the comment : )
im gonna give Discrord a try
just wonder . do you guys still use the R button to reload ?
i rebind it to numpad 5 because i didnt want to accidently reload with stacks
and i still find my self pressing R accidently :smiley:

so i wonder what’s your trick with Discord

also - do we use snipers in our build or only Smg’s / AR / Shotguns ?
and regarding the shield - 30% damage reduction sounds awesome :smiley:

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I play on PS4, so I don’t have much choice. If I play as Krieg for a few days I keep pressing the square button when I get back to any of my Gaige’s.

I tend to use it for healing in a pinch (I dont have Transfusion grenades on OP8 yet). Though, I do welcome the firerate boost aswel.

I do use the Pimpernel on occasion. But for a more sniper rifle based build I have a Jakobs weapon only build, with an emphasis on sniper rifles. (Apologies if it sounds like shameless self promotion).

But I do recall @xmngr using the Lyuda/Lyudmilla/White Death (a sniper rifle with 3 diffirent names depending on platform) on this build.

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On 360/XB1 here. You just have to get used to it, is all. It helps to run around somewhere reasonably low key for a bit if you’ve been playing a different character for a while, just to get back into the groove.

You can always use snipers! I main a shock-anarchy Gaige with a Monstrous Storm, which is really fun. The Lyuda as mentioned is also good. I haven’t actually tried a Pimpernel on Gaige myself, because the couple I have I moved over to my Gunzerker.

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hey nova
i checked those guns you listed to me qnd they all look awesome.
i guess they are used because the reduce accuracy we get with anarchy stacks.

whats your main weapon for most situations?
kitten is for healing right?

how you slag enemies ?grenades?

and most importantly do i need all weapons with shock prefix or something else?

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Either the Kitten or the Hail will give you healing, yes, but they’re also both good short to mid-range shock weapons. The Hail will also let you tackle long-range when you master aiming its parabolic arc, and has the additional advantage of being able to shoot over walls etc. Moxxi’s Crit SMG would work as well, apart from the danger of losing it whenever you finally reload.

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How hail give’s healing ?

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All Moxxi weapons return a % of damage done as health to the player when equipped. They have different % values, the Grog Nozzle being the highest. So that includes: Bad Touch, Good Touch, Rubi, Hail, Kitten, Creamer, Crit, and Grog Nozzle. (I’m sure someone will point out if I missed anything besides the Kiss of Death grenade mods!)

Edit: thanks to @Carlton_Slayer and @MidnightNova Edit2 and @3298 (I am not a name!)

  • Chêre-amie (sniper)
  • Slow Hand (e-tech shotgun)
  • Heartbreaker (shotgun)
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Slow Hand?

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Cherez Aime (I think it was called).

With this build? Yes, ofcourse, that’s the point. And yes to the grenades aswel, together with Interspersed Outburst.

Lately I tend to use the CC and Emperor alot for damage.

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Heart Breaker?

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sweet !
shock damage evrywhere muhahahah ^^
cant wait to get my hands on a cc or emperor ^^

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Yep, I use the lyuda with gaige

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it seems many players prefer the Hail over the emperor
i just wonder why they think so - saw some videos about it and it looks amazing

got another question btw.
how we deal with robots ? im lvl 34 or so now and just started TVHM and so far im using a purple jacobs shotgun which is awesome because it shoots 1time and reload so i can get stacks fast

and i use the lvl 25 fire lyuda i found in Normal game

the build focus on Shock and with skills you can also do Fire damage as well i just wonder if its enough to deal with those robots as they are weak to Corrosive

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Shock is considered a neutral element, meaning while it won’t cause bonus damage to flesh or armored foes it doesn’t suffer any penalties either, so a strong enough shock weapon will be good enough. However, if you’ve yet to met Tiny Tina you could always do her side mission and get the Teapot- a pretty good corrosive weapon at this stage of the game and since it’s a quest reward, a lot easier to get than even the Hornet…

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Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:
im so hyped on this game i cant stop reading while at work and playing when i get home.

this is madness…!
this is Borderlands !

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One of the great things about early game is that you don’t really need to farm. Sounds you have a perfect anarchy stacking weapon already and you may get a good corrosive weapon out of a chest or a drop. If you have a good slagging device (usually in grenade form and you can find them from vending machines or chests if you keep on lookout), you can handle loaders well enough with any non fire weapon. At L34, you’re ready or nearly ready to do the loot train (Mercenary Day DLC) as well, which I think is at L35 on TVHM. I wouldn’t do it more than 1-3 times as you’ll out level quickly but you’ll likely get something fun to drop. If you get an interesting looking class mod (loot train often drops good ones) don’t be afraid to respec and try a slightly different setup. Just some ideas, one of the many great things about this game is that there’s many ways to play it

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sounds epic ^^ i will try it !
got to help.my friend first
hes new and made a gunzerker same level as me but we dont know which build/weapons he should use xD

anyway its a gaige topic so i wont talk about it much.

this ahock build is exactly what i was looking for as a gaige fan
i love her skins her voice acting and much more.

making this crazy shock build?cant wait …!

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Have you or your friend toss a post on the gunzerker forum about early game 'zerking. It my first char playthrough at those levels (I stopped at L35 and switched to other chars and came back to Sal last to take him to op8) so I don’t remember much and just think I used whatever interesting stuff dropped (I had no DLC’s at that point either).

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opened a thread over there :slight_smile:
thanks !