[Build] Shocking Anarchist (lvl 72 & OP8)

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Alternative to taking the Tina mission (since you’re still early TVHM) would be to farm Knuckledragger for a Hornet. You could also do Im Memoriam then farm Boll for a corrosive fastball. That said, non-elemental or shock shotgun is fine against bots, especially with reasonable number of stacks on board.

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Thanks for the tips
i already killed kunckledragger but yet entered sanctuary

how can i farm him if i killed him already?
the hornet will be a huge help

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Although I don’t recommend specific farming at this stage of the game, here’s how: go to claptrap’s place (Windshear Waste) and go fight him once. Then (if it doesn’t drop) you can either save and quit or it’s a little faster to go out the exit to Southern Shelf and then save and quit. You should restart at the top of the cliff and then can go back through the door to Windshear Waste and fight him immediately, then repeat this process. Given your level though, start going through the TVHM headhunters (recommend Mercenary Day and Moxxi wedding) which I think are at L35 and just see what drops.

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Better: exit to Southern Shelf and immediately turn around and come back to Windshear Waste, then save and quit. Now each time you quit/restart, you’ll spawn inside the Hyperion barge and Knuckledragger will be waiting just outside. You should have yourself a Hornet in under an hour.

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Thanks for the correction, that’s the best way, brain cramp on my part

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ChemicalConundrum and VaultHunter101
Thank you both : ) just got home from work . once im in game im gonna try it out

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quick question regarding Blockade shield
is it bugged?do you get the 30-38% DR Even when the sheild explode?


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To the best of my knowledge the damage reduction applies even when the shield is depleted…

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so its the best shield for our build right?
not really knows many shields so im not sure
but having almost 40% DR all the time sounds amazing

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I wouldn’t worry about crazy OP8 builds at the moment, you can always respec and it takes awhile to get there… Blockade is terrific, but so is the Antagonist which is much easier to obtain if you aren’t trading online with people. Those are sort of 1a/1b of top tier shields for general purpose builds. For your gunzerking friend, depending on the endgame build or objective (raid bossing or normal levels) a rough rider or Evolution/Neogenator is often the way to go. At lower levels for everyone but melee builds, I really like Adaptive shields, but also had a lot of fun with the Impaler (and spike shields in general for wildlife heavy areas) and Flame of the Firehawk until I would out level them. There’s endgame builds involving the FoTF for both Gaige and Sal too…

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Thanks for the info m8:)

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It is. Despite what’s advertised, the DR is 39% all around.

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So basicly we get almost 40% less damge from any source any time with that shield :O?
sounds very good…

many VH’s use shields to get Damage but we use one to get Defence so im guessing our damage is strong enough !

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So In hindsight any build is good, it’s what your preference is. I don’t know a good build but it would be nice to know which build is better to use in OP8?! Some say using DT build and Shock build sucks. But then some people hate that build but love using the OC build instead

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Ever since the last big patch that tweaked some of Gaige’s LBT tree skills shock builds are definitely viable at OP8- even DT fairs pretty well depending on your build and gear. All characters can reach OP8 with a strong build and gear but the builds for Digistruct Peak may not be the ones you run during an OP8 play thru of the game. None of the builds I have on my characters now were used during their OP runs (some because I hadn’t heard of them yet- looking at you Deputy Sal :wink:) but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have been. In short, getting to OP8 is nice- deciding how you play the game once you get there is entirely up to you…

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As Carlton_Slayer points out, either build is viable and none “sucks”. Personally, I didn’t find the Gaige buffs to be that usefu even with a Leg Catalyst mod, but @Chuck80 has shown that you can rock a Shock based build to full effect. It may not have the maximum DPS of some other builds, but you’re not constantly switching gear and weapons and you can still be effective. I think most DT based builds are melee builds (edit: DT melee’ing not Gaige) around the Love Thumper or FoTF, but I could be wrong on that, same as I think the heaviest hitting Gaige builds are Anarchy based ones (not just referring to Shamfleeting either, as that’s in its own category), but I’ll let the more knowledgeable Gaige players like @MidnightNova give you a more informed breakdown on the subject.

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Hey Nova
A personal request if i may
maybe you can post here or update the guide on which prefix / elements we should get for each weapon

for example it seems we need a corrosive pimpernel for bots right? and pimpernel best prefix is Barking.
same for other weapons . i got many normal verucs but once i got my hands on a shock Veruc my damage got much higher and i fell in love with the weapon but im not sure which prefix better to get
as my mag size is low…

and the Emperor , what about it?

another example is the Shock CC i heard you can get one x5 , x6 and even x7 :o

i know you posted links but for a kinda new guy like me those links got too much information and im lost…

also a Rustler Twister is much stronger then the others!

so if you can give us a better direction on wich weapon elements/prefix to aim for when we farm that would be awesome!

hope im not rude…
lvl 66 already and working hard:)

i wonder why we uae the emperor in this build as our main SMG?
i keep reading about weapons of the build while in at work and everyone in google old topics says the emperor sucks and that Slagga/B1tch much much better…

so i kust wonder about it,maybe the weapon got a buff ?

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Not Nova, but I’ll have a stab at this!

There are many weapons in BL2 that are widely held to suck, but in many cases that’s simply because folks haven’t spent the time to figure out how to use them properly. (Case in point: Flakker). The Emperor was actually the first legendary I ever found in this game - got a corrosive one from one of the Assassins, and it was brilliant against Buzzards with its burst fire mode. And that’s pretty much it: folks don’t like burst fire weapons because you have to take time to aim to get high DPS instead of hold-down-trigger-spray-and-pray.

Are there better SMGs? Well, probably, but it depends on what you’re trying to do. An Emperor works just fine with Gaige at least, and it’s historically an easier farm than some of the alternatives.

About parts: frankly I wouldn’t bother. Sure, certain parts are more desirable if you’re min-maxing your stats at max level (whatever that is for you). But if you’re at that stage you can probably figure it out, and if you’re not then obsessing about parts is unhelpful, because getting just the right parts can be very time-consuming.

That’s my answer, anyway!

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I… I actually cant recall which prefix I have on my Veruc. Sorry about that. But generally you dont need to min-max as much as I do, as long as you having matching grip.

Pimpernel is barking with Jakobs grip. That’s how i prefer it anyway. Everything in my build is shock, unless stated otherwise.

And this. Really. Which is one of those reasons why I actually ended up doing a write up of how I run this build. Too many myths around Gaige that simply aren’t true.

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Hey Nova thanks for the answer - that mean that finding the right element for the weapons is all i need to aim for
and maybe at OP 8 when i reach there i will start working on better grips and such

but one thing i still dont sure about is the emperor ?
it seems that many players HATE IT but all the threads i read are 3years old - so maybe the weapon got a buff ?

i like the idea of having Sniper/SMG/AR/SHOTGUN and few other weapons in backpack
but it seems that the Emperor counted as one of the worst SMG’s in the game! :open_mouth:

i made some research and it seems The Bitch is counted as one of the best SMG’s in the game
some people also say that the Lacasuxus that you find in frostburn canyon is very good on gaige

and also there is a Purple SMG named : The Bone Shreder or something like that - and its also counted as one of the best SMG’s in the game

so i just wonder how good you do with the Emperor ? how often you use it ? and for what you use it ?

sry to bother you with so many questions but i fell in love with the game and this build / gaige and i’d like to learn more and more! :smiley: