[Build] Shocking Anarchist (lvl 72 & OP8)

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Only buff it got was one or two bullets added to the burst in the loothunt.

People just didn’t bother figuring out how it works. It isn’t ment for hip-firing, rather ment to be treated as a AR using SMG rounds.

Bitch is a great SMG, but just as most Hyperion weapons, I don’t like using it as Gaige.
Lascaux is great, but it’s never elemental. It’s ease of access makes it very valueable during leveling in UVHM though.

Which is why it, and the Tattler are alternatives to the Veruc. Although I personally find the Veruc more effective.

Most of the time I use the CC. But the Emperor is great for using at a small/medium distance, specially because the Veruc has its own spread and I don’t keep the Pimp equiped all the time. It takes getting used to, but when it hits, it hits hard, to the point that the common mook dies with ease without using slag.

Don’t worry about it.

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Thanks m8 !
helps a lot! :smiley:

sadly Emperor is so rare o.O - What was your way to farm it ?
i wonder if i should kill first assasin and re enter the game …

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The Bitch is a great SMG because it’s so accurate from distance, it’s powerful and fires straight wherever you aim… I’m not a fan of the emperor as I don’t like the burst firing pattern, for an SMG, I want to spray ammo, my favorite are Maliwan plasma casters including the Seraph version, the Florentine… Just personal preference though…I also like Hyperion plasma casters for the same reason, a straight line of a lot of ammo… Assassins are the way to farm the Emperor, I think any of the four can drop it… My playstyle for everyone but Melee involves getting a lot of ammo down range and aiming for center of mass, rather than crits, so that affects my choices of weaponry…

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The problem with Hyperion, and why I hardly use it when playing as Gaige, is when there are high amounts of anarchy in play Hyperion guns kick like a drunken mule. Don’t get me wrong though, things like the Bitch are fantastic weapons.

Which is one of those factors why it admittedly took so long for me to even try the CC.

4 Assassins. Although they can be a tough nut to crack in regards to getting a good Emperor to drop.

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You can check on the Borderlands wiki, but I believe it can drop from any of them. Take care where you kill them though. I dropped the second assassin after he’d chased me to one of the sets of stairs leading from the lower area (where his “gate” is) to the upper one. I watched helplessly as a perfect orange loot spike dropped clear through the stairs. Sometimes that loot ends up on the floor in the area below, but not that time. Note that stairs are particularly problematic in this game: Axton’s turret can disappear through them quite easily.

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Hey Nova
Farming the assassins will be fine
its all about luck and being patience
i need to know something from you guys

im l vl 69 now - once i reach 72 im gonna farm some gear so i can handle OP1 but should i spent much time farming at lvl 72 ? or i should get to OP1 asap and then start farming ?

also - lets say i did OP1 does the main story/expansions Resets?

i dont want to spend lets say a week farming at lvl 72 just to find out the gear last only for OP1 and then i need to refarm…unless this is the way the game works im not sure yet :<>

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Depending on the weapon and the character using them level 72 gear can easily last until at least OP4-5. Completing an OP level doesn’t reset your game but once you start it up again you will be given the option to play it at the new higher level. You can reset your game at any point in UVHM, whether you’ve reached max level or not…

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After you reach 72, each successful completion of the Digistruct Peak Gauntlet will allow you (once you save and quit) to raise the game’s level by one OP until you reach OP8. Each subsequent run through Digistruct is in theory harder, but depending on the spawns, the first 3 are roughly the same… As @Carlton_Slayer says, 72 gear will take you to OP4 at least, maybe 5. After that, not only is the level higher, but the spawns are much harder too and you’ll want new gear to reach OP8. I suggest a re-set and a quick run through of the Scarlett DLC and some Snowman runs, just enough to cover the basics as you’ll probably want to push to OP8 at that point.

You don’t have to re-set the level higher though, you can stay playing at 72 if you wish. In fact, you want to make sure you are comfortable with the character’s playstyle at 72 before going onwards. I pushed too fast with Krieg and had to back up to learn him better at 72 before using him at OP levels. Some people don’t even like OP levels and play at 72. Other people, like @Adabiviak, well ok probably only him, likes to use a wide variety of weapons and so prefers to play at OP3 (with OP3 gear).

Everything scales to you in UVHM, so if you are playing at OP2 let’s say, enemies will be at OP 2 (74), bosses will be two levels higher (76), and gear can drop on level, or at worst, two levels lower.

One annoying thing on console (probably the same on Steam, but dunno), however, is that in public forums it doesn’t show OP levels or if people are using OP gear. A person could be several OP levels higher with accompanying gear, and could join your game and just crush everything. I figured OP8 was the endgame and so I pushed thorugh to that relatively quickly with most chars, having a friend use the Gunzerker rocket jump cheese for my first few chars. In retrospect though, I wish I had done it legimiately with those, because it took me a lot longer at OP8 to learn how to play them at that difficulty level.

To finally answer your initial question, no I wouldn’t farm too hard at 72 if you plan on going to OP8.

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hey guys thanks for the comments.

so if i get it right strong gear at lvl 72 will be good enough to complete the game again at Op4

im telling this because a friend of mine told me that lvl 72 will do no good at op1 so i told him that if we need re farm each op level ITS SUCK.

but! if i farm hard at lvl 72 and then carry myself to OP4 maybe 5 its pretty awesome because its more reasonable to refarm gear at OP4 then doing it each OP level which is insane…

hope i can get to 72 today then ill start farming the core gear for the build :
Shock Emperor
Shock veruc
Shock CC
Shock Pitchfork
Corrosive Pimpernel
Chain Lighting and Magic Missle
Legendary anarchist COM
Bone of the ancient Shock damage

once i get that gear i will carry my self to op4 or 5

and then Refarm the gear to get to OP8

and once im in OP8 only then i will work on perfect weapons in terms of grips/sights etc…

hope my idea is good and actually will work for me ^^

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The thing with Op1-4 is that bosses are the assassins and in OP5 there’s no boss after the assassins (if I recall, maybe it’s 1-3 and then 4 before you have to start fighting OMGWTF). Scorch and Doc Mercy may pop up, though the Assassin spawn is always the kicker… Because of this, careful play and some skill in handling the Assassin spawns can get you through to OP4-5 before the higher enemy health and damage overwhelms your 72 gear. It’s similar to how you didn’t have to refarm every level to get to 72, your gear lasted 4-5 levels, it’s the same with OP levels, they are just levels 72-80 no matter what the game wants to call them.

Without a gib engine or trades, the Blockade (comes from the Dragons raid boss) and Shock Pitchfork (Terramorphous isn’t hard, but he has a huge legendary loot pool so your odds of a Pitchfork, let alone a shock one are low) are very hard farms. The others should be fine, I would include some sort of useful singularity grenade for the assassins area on the peak, though a good slag singularity will probably do as well as that quasar you’d ideally want to have with your build (Quasar drops from Ultimate or maybe it’s Superbadass Varkids). Edit: An Angtagonist shield is always a great choice, you can farm Pyro Pete for crystals, once you learn his mechanics and where to stand behind the wall to dodge the infinite DOTs (so you don’t have to use the spigots which generate enemies), it’s pretty easy to beehawk him and then you can down yourself, respawning at the top of the bar and you can do it again until you have enough to buy one. (second edit, like all raid bosses, first time you beat them you have to hand the quest in before you can fight them in a farming cycle over and over again)

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Thank you for the great info…
gotta get those 3 last levels fast so i can fight the warrior .
and start farming.

cant wait to get full gear already ^^

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This. 10 times this. A Pitchfork is hard to come by, let alone with the shock acc attached to it. Which is why a Pimpernel is a easier to find alternative.

(Carlton Slayer) #93

As far as your com, relic and choice of grenades go you might want to look up the stats on them first before spending too much time farming for higher level ones- I used a level 71 L. Cat on Maya because it had a +133% increase to SMG damage- didn’t get the max percentage one until I found an OP8 version. Same with relics- you might actually have max stats for that relic on a lower level one- a good example of which would be the Sheriff’s Badge. Stats aren’t always better jsut because it’s a higher level. And as for the grenades- I’m guessing you’re using the Chain Lightning mainly for healing with the Grog (shield breaking being a side benefit). If so, then just about any level CL will do. This applies to the MM as well- since you just want it to slag, a level 72 one should have the same slag percentage as an OP8 one (the damage is nice but unless you have a x4 version or are playing Krieg or Axton with their grenade buffs…).

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if i take Pimper as Shock - what will i use for Bots ? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Wownircohen) #95

here’s an quick update
so i was lvl 69 today.
started with my usual Lyuda/Veruc Farming in The Dust
also got lvl 67 and 69 Shock / Corossive Lyuda’s got really lucky there!

Managed to get a Lyuda fire and Non Elemental Verucs
i saw that the EXP isnt great and i was so close to the Warrior so i decided to try leveling up by doing the Train farm and kill the big Snowman

the Fire Lyuda turned out to be very usefull so i dinged to 72 by farming the Train
got 3 class mods there but all being the Mechromancer - i guess train cant drop the good ones like Legendary Anarchist
managed to get few more legenadrys like a Fire Bee Greneade - The Transformoer shield and such…

so now that im 72 i knew i need some gear for the Warrior so i went to the Lyuda spot again
actually tried to get a Lyuda for my friend while he open keys in Sanctuary - so i managed to find a Fire Lyuda
but guess what ? second kill i got a Shock Veruc lvl 72 !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: SO LUCKY

so now i have many Fire/Shock/Corrosive Lyuda’s , a Shock Veruc and Corrosive Plasama Caster and a lvl 72 Jacobs Shotgun

i reached Hero Pass and im ready for the warrior - gonna use the Shock weapons to kill him pretty easy.

but im going to bed now .must sleep :smiley:

im gonna do the Moonshot trick because Shock CC will be my main weapon -

once i get a Shock CC i can work on my Class COM/RELIC/GRENADES/SHIELD - other weapons not needed as much because i got other replacements.

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Just spent some time reading through your UVHM saga, I admire your tenacity. Congrats on the 72 ding, I remember how good my first one felt :slight_smile:
It was awesome seeing the badasses in this community, and there are many who are whether they have that tag or not, helping you along the way.

Hope the journey thus far has been fun, can’t wait to see you start climbing the Peak!!

Cheers, and in my experience at least, just bring the lighting to those bots. Didnt catch exactly what your current spec was but anything except those bastard IONs will crumple no problem :sunglasses:

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Nice job on farming, you are a more dedicated farmer than me, this game is definitely for you… I love plasma casters btw, but mainly Maliwan and Hyperion, not as about the others… Loot train can only drop the top row Leg class mods, so Leg Hunter, Leg Beserker, Leg Siren, Leg Mechro, Leg Psycho, Leg Soldier, anything else and you’ll need to get from other sources like Chubbies, Tubbies, certain raid bosses, and LLM’s… You’re definitely getting into the swing of things now and should be ready for the Warrior and then OP levels. Do yourself a favor and do the Tina DLC, not for the farming, because it utterly rules (and there’s tons of great gear that can drop in it, it is challenging though)

(Wownircohen) #98

FunkJunkie - Thanks it feels good to hear that : )
and thanks for the Pimpernel tip - ill get a shock one once i finish farming Shock CC ^^

ChemicalConundrum- Thanks for info man :smiley:
need to find a good Tubbies farming spot so i can get the class mod - it will help BIG TIME !
i do have the Doctors order mission at 1/4 so i can get 3 LLM each i run there i just not sure if the chances to get the Anarchy class mod are bigger with Tubbies instead

Tina is one of my fav characters in this game :slight_smile: def gonna finish the expansion also many parts of the build gear comes from that expansion . cant wait to do it !

(Carlton Slayer) #99

Tubby farming spots:
Arid Nexus Boneyard/Badlands
The Dust (Bug Gulch)
Caustic Caverns (especially the top once you get the Lost Treasure mission from Sawtooth Cauldron)
Frostburn Canyon
The Halloween Headhunter dlc- some folks like it for tubby spiderant farming

(Wownircohen) #100

Whats the best/top spots to your opnion?
also how the tubby farming work?do you kill everything to get tubbys or just run until you see one