[Build] Shocking Anarchist (lvl 72 & OP8)

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Adult varkids can evolve into Chubbies/Tubbies instead of badasses, so you can do farmhouse or caustic caverns… Otherwise they randomly spawn in groups of other enemies, like spider ants, generally they spawn right away but they can come out of a later spawn if it’s an area where they come in waves. Dust is popular for that reason, there’s vids on YouTube showing runs. For LLM’s, I like thousand Cuts after the Rocko’s modern strife trick (take mission but don’t do it) just checking containers and grabbing the red chests while I’m at it. WEP has a guaranteed spawn but you have to wade through stuff to get it, guess you could also randomly get a tubby stalker along the way… No perfect way to do it and they have a giant loot pool so good luck


Correction: The only raid boss with a chance to drop a legendary class mod other than the set that can appear anywhere (including on the loot train) is Terramorphous with his Slayer of Terramorphous set. Loot midgets cannot drop the remaining legendary class mods either, and Chubbies are too low level to drop them because those class mods can only appear in the second half of UVHM levels, and Chubbies appear in Normal Mode and TVHM only (so they are capped at level 50).
Tubbies are the only source of the class mods you are looking for.

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I always confuse tubbies and chubbies, thanks. I have gotten non first row Leg class mods at least once and maybe twice from loot midgets, but maybe those were just lucky world drops or quite possibly faulty memory. I know Vermivorous and somebody else can drop them, but that’s probably just the first row ones as you say. Appreciate the corrections

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I’m not sure of the actual mechanics but tubbies are enemies that could have become badass/super badass/ultimate badass enemies so wherever you find those types most you’ll have a good chance to find tubbies. Personally I like Arid Nexus Boneyards/Badlands- about a year or so ago I once got a total of 6 tubby skags in a single run between those two areas. As far as farming for legendary class mods another reason I like the Arid nexus areas is because legendary gear has a good chance to appear in red chests- the first legendary com I ever got was a level 29 L. Psycho from the red chest just past the Doc Zed vendor while going to farm Capt Flynt…

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thabks for the tips
i moonshot farm for the last 4 hours and still no luck
no Shock CC :(((((

gonna try more tomorrow

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hey here’s an update
after 7 hours i finally got a decent shock CC
its x5 but still awesome

so to test to CC i went to the badlands and on my 3rd run i got my first tubby ! and guess what?
a legendary anarchist com dropped xDddd

love this game!! time to work on my other gear now!

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RNG is just that isn’t it, you had to work so hard for that Shock CC, game turns around and gives you the class mod you were looking for in just a run or two…

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yep :slight_smile:

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got a quick question

my Slagga is lvl 72 and im at OP 6 right now
it seems that sometimes it takes longer to slag enemies - im not sure if higher level Slagga is what needed because i think Slagga got same Slag chance on all levels.

just incase
i took 2 Skill Points from WC and 1 from Unstoppable Force
used those 2 in More Pep to get better Slag chance

wonder what do you think about this change?


EDIT: i just removed WC and used that 1 extra Point in More pep just to get things slagged faster…
Unstoppable Force is one of my favorite skills and i like the movement speed buff :stuck_out_tongue:

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More Pep is bugged. It wont make much of a diffirence. It just has the honour of improving slag chance on I/O.
Unless it was fixed in the last hotfix, but I dont recall that happening.

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guess ill get that point back to WC

(janjankovicjahod) #112

Hi Nova

Im trying your build. Just to be sure all elements on weapons you enlisted in loadout should be shock? And which weapon should be slag If I want to use slag weapon as a source of slag?

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Since Nova is asleep right now, I’ll answer this as best I can for you.

As a rule of thumb, you should always have a fire or corrosive weapon for shock immune enemies. They are rare, but they do exist.

Looking at the weapons list, the Kitten, Veruc, and Pimpernel would be good choices. Pimpernel in particular is a great slag weapon, but as the build says that is for boss killing, then the Kitten or Veruc would be the best bets.

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The build uses Interspersed Outburst as one slag source, with grenades as the other (e.g. Magic Missile)

If you want a slag gun in addition, @ACNAero’s suggestions are all good ones. Or a slag plasma caster, SMG, anarchist - since it’s just painting targets, it doesn’t need to be a high end weapon. A Slagga or a slag Emperor would be good alternatives as well.

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As a note, my favorite way of slagging with Gaige are Slag Transfusion grenades. Slag and healing in one package.

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Also a good choice.

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Been doing that for some time myself on this build. It gives enough healing, but it doesn’t undermine Discord.

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I see you have the Veruc in your list of gear. Been using it with Gaige a lot lately and was wondering why it wasn’t at least an honorable mention in her top gear. It starts slow, but after 70 or so stacks, up to honestly 400 it’s a beast. And can even kill rather well at some range. Not to mention it always seems to proc a dot on enemies which i use to heal. Glad to see someone else uses it with her.

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So i really really like this build but i can’t get a Legendary Anarchist com just yet (playing thru TVHM rn). What would you recomend as a replacement for it?

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Check these out…