[Build] Shocking Anarchist (lvl 72 & OP8)

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So : as Carlton implied with the link, in your case this is very much a case of “you know what else works - anything”. This is an end-game build that is built around the COM, so leveling up one uses the best gear one has at the time which includes regular re-speccing when one encounters a better COM. That said, the Zapper would fit.


Not exactly. I was busy with my new laptop. :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, overal I don’t have anything to add to your post.


Hi here
I’m trying this build on Gaige, but it doesn’t seems to work well
Since I’m in OP8 level, my DPS seems close to zero, especially on bosses and raids
I don’t have farmed all the stuff needed yet, but even with a CC like you’re advising in the comments, I can’t even kill a fly. The most kills I get on mobbing is with an Harold…
Is it because of the build really works only with all the stuff gathered ? Only in solo mode ? Am I just really bad ?

The thing I want is to remake all the main and side quests with Gaige, and raid bosses with a friend, and for that I’d like to have some DPS. Maybe I’m more of a DPS guy, and not really DoT, and in this case, maybe can you give me some advices ?

By the way, the guide is really great and complete !


There are some notes by Nova that this build was not tested on raids, and other builds are better for raiding. What build? depends on the raid bosses since they have different strategies but it usually revolves around pre-staching anarchy and using some fibbers, hails, CC paired with a bee or shamfleeting.

also welcome to the forums.

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It’s good to know that people stil take interest in my build.

I unfortunately can’t help you with raiding, as @nat_zero_six mentioned, this build is not made for that, plus my expertise doesn’t lie there.
May I ask you what your current gear is? There are some good alternatives that could work on this build that require far less farming, which should help out with mobbing.

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Thanks both of you for answers. I know that wasn’t tested for raids, but since 2015, I was just wondering if anybody tried this out haha. But I will make some searches for raiding later

Right now, I’m playing with an Harold pistol (that’s my main DPS source), a Tattler which is in your alternative weapon list, a conference call (not electrified) but doesn’t really deals some damages and a grog nozzle for health regen and slag when I’m down
I got a Legendary anarchist COM, magic missile (blue version) grenades, Black Hole shield that’s pretty well working (I tried to kill the four dragons even in UVHM for the Blockade, that was quite impossible), and a pistol damage relic (didn’t found any shock damage relic yet)

Edit: I’m farming an Emperor right now, maybe it could help

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The CC being none-elemental pretty much leaves out the LBT skilltree while using it. Trying to find an easier to farm shotgun for now, but my mind has been turning blank there. As I’ve (poorly) explained above, WDT benefits from the Anarchy, which amplifies the damage dealth.

Same goes for getting the right Relic. Those you can easily farm in the Badass Crater of Badassitude as there’s a red chest nearby Moxxi’s bar. A regular one that provides more shock damage can work well until you can find the Bone of the Ancients.

What I failed to mention 4 years ago is that the Emperor requires a specific prefix to really shine: Flying. For this reason you could also try to get a Maliwan/Dahl Plasma Caster instead.


Thanks for all this tips
I guess I’m gonna farm more for an electrified CC so ! Maybe prestacking is also better to find out how it can be powerful

And just to be sure, ALL weapons have to be electrifed ?

Also, is Fibber a good choice ? it’s not the first time I find his name in a Gaige build
Same question for Chain lightning grenades ?

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Happy to help!
Funnily enough, now you mention the Fibber, it could be used as a stand in given it has the right barrel.

Yes, unless noted otherwise.
This does brings me to one more item I should mention that I originally didn’t: the Lyuda could work well in lieu of the Bekah. In this case I would recommend non-elemental as high raw damage is ment to deal with critters that resist shock damage.

Chain Lightning could work really well if your source of slag remains to be the Grog.

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It usually is, provided it has the ricochet barrel. In that case, every projectile aimed at walls, the ground etc. splits into 9 pellets, and all of those are subject to the effects of Close Enough and Nth Degree (and Bee shields if you like those). As posted in the OP:i

Multipellets are good for you.

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Thanks both of you, I’ll give a try to the Fibber so, hoping I’ll be more lucky to get the right version that for a CC or Emperor

I’m gonna search for a Lyuda. Btw, are you still recommending Veruc ?

If I summarize, the gear I should get is Fibber with ricochet barrel/Flying Emperor/Electrified CC/Grog Nozzle, Lyuda in my backpack (maybe Bekah and/or Veruc also ?), Chain lightning grenades (if it works well), shock damage relic, Black hole shield (waiting for Blockade) and legendary anarchist COM
Is that correct ?


The Veruc is stil really nice to have, yes.

Or shock Dahl/Maliwan Plasma Caster instead of the Emperor. As the Emperor needs some rather specific parts to work. But overal, that sums it up.


Ok great
Thanks for all, and I’ll notice you if all of that worked well !


As a stop-gap measure, maybe @etronspatial could farm the reward from the TMNR mission for a shock RokSalt, or hit old Slappy for a shock Octo?

Info on the Fibber is here


In light of this new DLC, I will put a theorycrafted lvl80 skilltree in this post. I cannot guarantee how it works in the new OP levels, and I have no intention to find it out as I am not getting the Commander Lilith DLC.

Level80 skilltree.

Gear will stay the same in theory. Feel free to test this out in the new OP levels.

Edit: exchanged EE for Fancy Maths

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I don’t think you understand the point of a build post.

Your link isn’t anywhere close to Nova’s


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get why it is a

If the focus is to be off Deathtrap then 4 points in Annoyed Android might better be spent elsewhere than for speeding up the robot. Since the Leg. Catalyst COM is recommended, IO would be a possibility, since the loadout contains no slag weaponry.

Anyway, it’s not a comment or a variant on Nova’s build, so it might belong in a separate thread.


Sure gonna make sepperate thread for Survivability Shoking Anarchist Build

Why do you think Fancy Maths better than Evil Enchantress ?
And the +1 in More Pep is really necessary ? You said in another post that it was a bugged skill if I remeber correctly

Fancy Math was picked because my playstyle is pretty chaotic, but EE can be picked if prefered.
More Pep is definitely bugged, but it stil directly affects the chances of IO.