[Build] Shocking Anarchist (lvl 72 & OP8)

how is it bugged ?

I cannot give any exact numbers, as I simply am not in the right mind for it. The calculations for MP are broken, it only applies for a very small number.

However, here’s a guide on why MP is essential for IO.


Couple of things :

  • more prep IS NOT BUGGED , works EXACTLY as advertised (adds to one of the multipliers involved in the chance to apply elemental effects regardless of source (gun, grenade, skills , IO , etc) )
  • it is NOT essential for IO , it will just improve its chance apply the slag effect in the cases that chance was bellow 100% (which is pretty much all the time in OP land due to level difference)
  • the thread you linked has UI based numbers ( in this case UI lies by omission by not presenting all factors involved )
  • this thread however has what really goes on …

I stil stand by Shrimplings guide.


Ok then, maybe in time …

If I understand correctly, the original discussion about More Pep being ‘bugged’ was that it bumps the elemental proc chance of the weapon being used rather than adding to it - in short, it’s a multiplicative bonus not an additive one.

Example: at 5/5 you get 20% electrocute chance. Let’s say you had a shock gun with a 20% electrocute chance. That means you go from 20% (0/5 MP) to 24% (0/5 MP) electrocute chance. If that’s on something like an Anarchist, the weapon has a good enough rate of fire that you’re going to proc the status effect in one mag either way, and status effects don’t stack.

I think where people were originally getting it wrong was either thinking that MP either outright replaced the elemental effect chance on a weapon, or added to it: a 20% versus 40% proc chance on something like a sniper rifle would indeed be a game changing boost.

The fact that MP works on IO even with a non-elemental weapon is what makes it worthwhile for IO-based builds.


I stand corrected in this regard (@Piemanlee pointed it out to me as well), I probably had confused it with Wires Dont Talk. Its maths were fixed in the 2015 hotfix.


Well, if there are no other similar effects in play it will act as a multiplier to the chance to apply elemental effect for a particular element type.
An example of when this happens on Gaige is with a Zapper COM trying to apply shock DOT. The percent from the COM will add with the percent from More prep and this will act as the (F9) multiplier in the formula to apply shock effect …

The main reason Shrimplings guide cannot be correct is the fact that the game UI doesn’t mention the 0.07 * rank * #of stacks of IO base chance to apply IO and his guide doesn’t mention it either.
His wiki source is wrong.

@MidnightNova have you gotten a chance to take a look at formula on the dice rolls to apply elemental effects

Wrong !
If the purpose is applying elemental effects to enemies of equal or higher level NOT even 11/5 More Pep is ever redundant .
Also for a ‘shocking’ build it will improve the chance to land shock DOTs vs health and armor which is a hard thing to do .

Now you are getting far too nitpicky. Makes it difficult for me to see you hold any credibility.
The build has been succesful years ago, and it should stil hold itself up 2 OP levels later.

I’m not passing any judgment on the effectiveness of your build (I don’t have Borderlands 2 endgame gameplay experience) .

But on that specific bolded line - on that I can comment purely from a game mechanics standpoint. You could say there are other skills where you consider the returns be better than what you get from More Pep. But more points in More Pep are never redundant .

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Sorry nova, but i need to say this

Then go get to end game and test things out with real experience. We trust people like chuck, Shrimpling, etc because they’ve field tested everything they post. I’d much rather listen to nova who has tons of hours with gaige at end game then someone who doesnt


This thread is perhaps not the right location for this argument …

The math systems / game mechanics / how skills work underneath DO NOT change as the game progresses.

I’m not giving advice about endgame item selection or game-play strategy … I simply point out the various bits of formulas the game uses I have been able to figure out and that your revered players with tons of gameplay experience haven’t been able to figure out …because their ‘testing’ methodology weren’t up to the task (and because gearbox design decision of how much information is made available to the players)…

Understanding how the various skill ‘work’ is not predicated on the amount of gameplay experience…

And my own experience is years of info that I either discovered myself, or other Gaige mains I look(ed) up to. Things were tested thouroughly, at cap. We have a test dummy in BL2 for a reason.

This is all I have left to say on this matter.