[Build] Siberian Nuclear Winter (Jill of all Trades v2)

I never really made a post post about it. Just made it in comments and stuff. But I do have a video with the new Zane Com showing it off :joy:

You do lose the lucky seven buff if you go down, I guess luck has it’s limits.
I just tested it, I guess I never noticed because I just used, amp/auto/seven for bosses.

Now that a friend of mine has the game, I’ve just started playing Zane for the first time. I have a mesh of ideas and plans for him, one of which is using his new COM plus Playing Dirty with certain weapons, but would still be curious to check out your build for him!

One moment and I’ll get a skill tree

Still passing some of the points in Green around…just realized I have more flexible points than I thought…Also, the borrowed time and Mag Size skills are flex points for whatever feels best for you. I’d probably put the one from mag back into borrowed time because I forgot half way through this is my ccc build, not my good Misfortune one.

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Many thanks! I haven’t played Zane enough yet to know where his action skills rank amongst each other now that his new COM allows him the opportunity to keep his action skills going on indefinitely in battle. I love Barrier, but not sure whether to go with Drone or Clone. Now that I treat Iron Bear like a stationary pet and have been playing Fl4k skaggy-style, I’m feeling kind of ‘petted out’ if you know what I mean.

For a nuclear winter-themed build, I imagine the drone would be pretty sweet because you can get anointed guns with 50% bonus cryo damage for the whole time the drone is out and about, allowing you to run radiation guns (and proc Brain Freeze with crits too) all at the same time. But from what I’ve seen of Zane so far, it seems to me like the choice of skills you invest in relies a lot on whether you choose either CCC or Good Misfortune.

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I actually just made a Dome Drone build called the Soccer Ball of Doom last night. Distributed Denial, Good Misfortune, and CCC. I run an Embers Blaze shield and get double-ish procs of it. A Radiation Sntl Cryo Cross Roads. A few other Sntl guns. Sntl starts going offfff thanks to Best Served Cold and Booms Day. The little Zoomer definitely pulled me up from FFYL a few times.

Made a couple of edits due to the level cap increase:

  • Added the Wedding Invitation to Extra Gear
  • Added +3 points to Scorching RPMs

I was tempted to insert the WI into the primary loadout, but unless you go to the trouble of playing with your save files to farm it for the desired anointments, it’s only rewarded once per character. It will likely be left behind as almost all other weapons level up in future cap increases.