[Build] Slowhand Zero

Slowhand Zero

This build is completely focused around the Slowhand Hyperion Moxxi shotgun. Since it is a splatgun, it cannot get critical hits and does not work with bore. Still, it is a very powerful weapon on Zero. Enemies tend to group around Zero’s deception. With its 100% splash, the Slowhand easily wrecks them. Also, I have done many tests that confirm aiming at an enemies feet/next to them deals more damage than a direct hit.

The Build


5/5 Headsh0t (10/5 with Leg. Killer com)
5/5 Killer (10/5 with Leg. Killer com)
5/5 Precisi0n
1/1 B0re (Even though your Slowhand does not use this your slag weapon can get out good damage with it if you use the Pimpernel like me. Even if you don’t use the pimp still get this so you can bore bosses like the Bunker and Saturn).
5/5 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill
3/5 Accelerate (8/5 with Leg. Killer com)


5/5 Fast Hands
5/5 Ambush (10/5 with Leg. Killer com)
1/1 Death Mark
5/5 Rising Sh0t
5/5 Innervate
5/5 Tw0 Fang (10/5 with Leg. Killer com)
1/1 Death Bl0ss0m


5/5 Killing Blow (In game this is much better than Iron Fist)
5/5 Grim (This is a life saver when it comes to DOTs at OP8)
5/5 F0ll0wthr0ugh
1/1 Execute (When you are far away from enemies in deception you can use this to close the distance quickly)


Your goto slag weapon. Mine is a slag Pimpernel. Slagga/Pimp/Grog
You don’t really need the Grog for healing since the Slowhand is already a Moxxi weapon.

Parts: Maliwan/Jakobs grip, Dahl stock, Hyperion/Dahl sight. (Hyperion has the most zoom at 7.9x and Dahl the least at 4.5x)
Prefix: Banbury. (fire rate prefix)

Parts: Bandit grip, Dahl stock, Bandit and Tediore sights are the only ones that are actually scopes.
Prefix: Bullets Go Fasterified. (accelerated prefix)

On the grog you never use it for damage so the parts are irrelevant.

Slowhand with all elements (obviously)
Parts: Jakobs/Hyperion grip, Torgue stock, Hyperion sight.
Prefix: Must ALWAYS BE Practicable. Without the 2 bonus pellets this weapon sucks. (Also the pellets are unaffected by gravity and fly in a straight line).

Anything else you think you might need.


Antagonist is #1 as always, Evolution, Blockade, Cracked Sash. You can play around with this since the Slowhand should almost always keep you above health gate.

##Class Mod##

Legendary Killer is the best (+5 Headsh0t, +5 Ambush, +5 Accelerate, +5 Tw0 Fang, +5 Killer, +57% team critical hit damage at op8).
A Rogue com will also work, I would go with Chaotic and Neutral Prefixes.

##Grenade Mod##

I use the Magic Missile to help with slagging. This can really be anything. I recommend Quasar/Storm Front/Magic Missile.


Bone of the Ancients all elements.

Pretty sure that’s everything. Let me know if I missed anything!

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Slow Hand can’t crit. Legendary Hunter might be a better class mod as a result.

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Yeah I thought of that. But the Legendary Hunter does not boost Velocity or Killer, and the projectiles move extremely slow without the boost. Also, the reload speed becomes abysmal. Not to mention many of the boosts from the Hunter are useless. It boosts counter strike, killing blow, and iron hand which are all useless to a gun build. With the Slowhand, the boost to headshot is also useless. So you really only get fast hands, which is not better than the Legendary Killer’s boost to velocity, two fang, killer, and ambush.You might argue that the bonuses on the card make it better, but you don’t need the +10% health when entering deception because the Slowhand is a Moxxi weapon. The critical hit damage bonus is useless. I will admit the cooldown rate is nice, but you already have a swift cooldown with the Bone of the Ancients relic, so the reload speed is the only thing you get, but the Legendary Killer’s bonus to Killer outweighs that bonus as well.

10/5 Two Fang paired with Slow Hands is going to blow through ammo. I think the swap speed of Fast Hands would also be really helpful when you’re using a slag weapon then switching to Slow Hands. Cooldown is also a huge plus.

I have played the build a lot, you do use ammo a lot, but you dont blow through it in one room. Plus if you are only low on shotgun ammo, the game will weight it for you so its easy to get more. Yeah the swap speed is nice but its just not up to par with the Killer’s boost to Velocity, Killer, and Ambush. You can use the Hunter if you want, I am not telling you not to use it, I am just saying the Killer is better. Do whatever you want! :smile:

Isn’t the Hyperion Stock NOT recommanded for Hyperion weapons ?
(something linked to the reverse recoil of Hyperion weapons skrewing the bonus from the stock making weapons take LONGER to attain the max accuracy ?)

No just the Hyperion grip is sometimes not recommended because it lowers your damage for increased accuracy which is kinda useless on Hyperion weapons.

Stock has no effect on damage. It affects accuracy and recoil.

@Neumeusis Hyperion stock boosts AccuracyMin (Pinpoint) and AccuracyRegen (Slows the bloom of the targeting reticle after you stop shooting). I’ll still opt for Hyperion stock if I had the choice but Torgue stock is really good also because it boosts recoil reduction which means it reaches pinpoint faster than Hyperion stock. The only stock I really don’t like on Hyperion, or any shotgun for that matter, is Jakobs.

I accidently found these two threads (1 & 2).
It gives a bit extra info on the topic.
Summary : It seems that Hyperion stocks on Hyperion guns are not recommended. Torgue would do better.

Everyone has their preferred stock. Do you want a tighter spread and less accuracy loss (Hyperion) or do you want less recoil and faster time to pinpoint accuracy (Torgue)? We’re talking the difference of one shot to pinpoint Accuracy.

Thanks for all of this Neumeusis and BookEmDano. I will make sure to add it to all of the builds I have created. Thanks again! :smile:

Honestly, we’re being nitpicky by placing so much focus on the stock for a Slow Hand as it’s not even important to the general performance of the gun. You’re aren’t dealing with a pellet spread and trying to crit with it. It has a large AoE and accuracy is a moot point. The only important parts are the prefix and grip which you’ve addressed.

Thanks for being thankful xD.

Cool build. Ever think about maybe using the Chaotic Good Rogue (+fire rate & +reload speed) or any of the non- Evil Rogue COMs? They boost Tw0 Fang and Vel0city.

Edit: Nevermind, i actually read the entire OP this time lol. My bad

Just throwing this out there…if you are running a Banbury Pimp, then opting for a Jakobs grip is rather unimpressive especially when dealing with a slag Pimp.

The way the Pimp works you either want to optomize raw power or Fire Rate/Reload speed.

Due to this it breaks down to Jakobs grip for raw power and Maliwan for Fire Rate/Reload Speed. You will lose some damage, but gain an increased chance of slagging the enemy along with a much shorter reload speed & a magazine size of 10.

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