[Build] Spec(tator) Ops Zane

Well then, we get another week of pet gods.
So for anyone, that is not roflstomping through content, but wants to:



  • Shield: Transformer - Any Anoint
  • Grenade: It’s Piss - Any Anoint
  • COM: Seein Dead - Donnybrook 3+ - Action Skill Damage
  • Artifact: Last Stand/Cutpurse/Electric Banjo/Lunacy - AoE Damage


  • :zap: Backburner - Any Anoint
  • O.P.Q. System - Any Anoint


  • no shock resist

Guardian Rank:

  • Hunter Tree - 50 Topped Off


Summon the clone, run into enemies faces, swap. Watch everything die. When in danger, shoot your feet with Backburner until clone’s back again. You Your clone is sometimes killing too fast and your action skills run out, use a multi pellet weapon like the Lightshow, Monarch or Flipper to fill it back up.

O.P.Q. System is better against flying enemies. And for faster killing, when time is important.

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