[Build] Spectator Ops Zane

Came back recently and made a few changes to the build i’m using:



  • Shield: Transformer - 50% ASE fire/corrosion/radiation
  • Grenade: It’s Piss - 50% ASE fire/corrosion/radiation
  • COM: Seein Dead - Donnybrook 3+ - Action Skill Damage
  • COM: Spy - Commitment 3+ - Action Skill Damage
  • Artifact: Last Stand/Cutpurse/Electric Banjo/Lunacy - AoE Damage


  • :zap: Backburner - ASE 200 Splash


  • no shock resist

Guardian Rank:

  • Hunter Tree - 50 Topped Off


Summon Clone with Backburner and either watch him kill everything or run around and do something yourself. The Transformer + Backburner ammo refill does work way better than back in the day for some reason, so you can take a more active role. Use the shouldercannon to proc ASE annoints every few seconds or often, if clone runs out.

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