[Build] Spy Zero

I think DDD has not been updated since the Unforseen buff as it is still marked as terrible.

That being said I would like to give this a spin, but I have never been successful with Zer0 in UVHM at all. Are tehre any occassions (specific bosses) where this build failed for you.

Also has Deathmark already been fixed or is it still just a 20% damage buff?

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It’s 80 % now. Even says so on the skill description.

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That’s nice! I must have missed the fix as I can remember when they buffed Unforseen it was set to 20%. Thanks alot for the info.

Yeah, it was screwed up for a moment there but it was then changed to a flat 80 % buff.

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So here is another question:

I am still practicing as I am pretty bad with Zer0, but I feel like Two Fangs is actually making me fight worse. Oftentimes I miss with my shotgun/sniper.

Is there any reason to include Two Fangs in this build? What should it be doing?

It’s there because it’s a flat, unconditional, multiplicative fire rate boost.

Two fangs shouldn’t make you miss on your first shot, but it will affect the second shot, so if you’re using snipers to actually snipe, or of you’re using Jakobs shotgun with 2 shots in the mag, then yes, it might make you waste ammo and reload more often.

If you’re using literally anything else, it’s a huge DPS increase.

If it interferes with the way you play, by all means try without :slight_smile:

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I was doing the Scarlett DLC at 72 before I hit the Peak with my new zero and I ran across Mr. Bubbles…so what the heck…got a Little Evie that was bladed…and earlier I had gotten a good Tricky Spy with 16% cooldown and +6 Unforseen and+5 Ambush…

And I got to thinking about the Little Evie and how it helps cooldown…

And the way a grouped bunch of enemies just get WASTED quickly with a 11/5 Unforseen, Shock BoA and Ambush at 10/5…

Would not this Bladed Little Evie be the absolute PERFECT pistol for this shock based build? Mix with a Blockade and a Slag Singularity and Twister.

I tested the Little Evie with Axton and it definitely caused a quicker cooldown the more kills you got.

What I don’t know is: Would kills from Unforseen assist with the cool down, or are those kills not counted with the Little Evie because the action skill was actually working at the time. I know that holding the pistol in your hand at the time of a kill counted towards reduced cool down whether you killed with the gun, a grenade, or Melee. But again, I only tested it while the Turret was in cooldown phase…not while the Turret was active.

@Chuck80 perhaps Chuck knows…or anyone??

@Exotek I see you use a Little Evie on this…can you answer my questions as well??

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Good question, I don’t know

But as far as the Little Evie being a great gun with this build: yes, absolutely :slight_smile:

@Bew_ Showed everyone how much here:

You should submit this build to the master assassin guide. I feel it needs this variety.

Here is the link if you do.

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I never did ?
Oh well :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

@Gulfwulf if you please :slight_smile:

Just kidding. :dukegoof: I’ll add it, but I need you to fill out this form in triplicate, have it witnessed by two non-living non-family members, notarized by Dante, and submitted before the end of the Mayan calendar. Please wait six to eight weeks for a reply. Thank you.

Or you could just fill out this short form so I know where to add it:

Type: (Gun (and type), Melee, Misc/Boss)
Name and link:
Level of build: (please list if it is OP 8 compatible)
Specific Gear needed: Yes or No
Difficulty level: Low, Med, High

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Name: Spy Zero
Type: C/B Shotgun, mobbing/ boss (non-raid)
Difficulty: see below
Level: 72 (medium) OP8 (hard)
Specific gear required: no

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Added. :dukeaffirmative:

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hey nice build. curious why you chose a 2 shot shotgun? for me those hulks with 3 shots and explosive damage always do crazy amount of damage so i try to use them for my shotgun

I’m assuming you mean 2 ammo per shot rather than 2 shots per mag (right ? )

The main reason is accuracy:

tl;dr The bigger the bore, the less accurate the gun is, and the closer you have to be, and the harder it is to crit.

On Jakobs especially, the Coach gun (2 barrels) is disproportionately good
It has 13 pellets while the 3 barrels has 15 … only 2 more, and abysmal accuracy

Using Torgue, I think I would prefer a bigger gun since you have to be close with them anyway because the pellets are so slow. That’s why I recommended a Ravager (4 barrels) and swordsplosion ( unique and very powerful) But they don’t play as well with Zero’s strengths as Jakobs.


Alright thanks for the reply. Idk those really big Hulk guns can do almost as much damage as rocket launchers. And I don’t mean the Torgue ones that have like 5 shots. I mean the ones that have like 8 or 9 clips but take 3 or 4 ammo per shot. They destroy stuff so hard. That’s my only thing but yeah it’s preference, I guess I enjoy trying to lead the target with the gun as I’m moving idk

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Hulks are the 3-barreled torgue shotguns, the 4-barrel ones are called Ravagers, and I do recommend them in the OP :slight_smile: So if that’s your bag, by all means use them :smiley:

But in Zero’s case, Jakobs deal more damage in general: they have an inherent 15% crit bonus that’s multiplicative with all of Zero’s bonuses and the splash portion of Torgue guns are not affected by crits at all. They also have higher base damage (because they have more pellets) and they are more accurate (so you can get more pellets on crit).

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I might be thinking of a different shotgun the bangstick. either way they have a lot more pellets than regular guns and added explosion damage

Yes, we’re both talking about the same thing (though the bangstick only has 5 pellets, so that’s not what you meant i’m sure)

Hulks and Ravagers are big bore Torgue shotguns with 14 and 16 pellets per shot respectively


Updated to level 80