[Build] Striker Salvador

Given that most of the Sal builds got gobbled up by the death of the old forum, I figured I’d add my main.


It’s built completely around Jakobs guns’ multiplicative crit bonus that is well known via Chuck’s Deputy build. This is essentially a Brawn version of that build but uses only Jakobs guns and no Moxxi weapons. It works extremely well up to OP4 which is where I halted. I’m unsure of its viability in higher levels.

For more information on critical damage stacking, refer to this thread by Sljm.

For more information on the types of crit bonuses and what guns have what types, refer to this thread by Deputy Chuck.

I’ve done some testing to demonstrate the increases that can be achieved with multiplicative bonuses.



Alternative with Keep It Piping Hot

There are two skill-types that are irrelevant with this build : ammo mitigation and fire rate ( exceptions being Hammerlock guns, most snipers and the Unforgiven ).


  • The only truly important skills here are Money Shot and Down Not Out for obviously reasons.
  • Quick Draw is useful and nice to have.


  • No Inconceivable because of its conflict with Money Shot and its tendency to cause reload stalling.
  • Steady as She Goes is a critical skill here – Jakobs guns kick – recoil reduction improves accuracy and crits require accuracy.
  • Double Your Fun just makes sense – grenades are going to be your source of slag ( and possibly healing ) and if you can slag a room with one throw, you’re back to shooting without interruption.


  • all your healing comes from Hard to Kill, Sexy T-Rex and Ain’t Got Time to Bleed.
  • I put one point in Asbestos for COM considerations, but AGTTB is better at fighting DoTs so it should be maxed.
  • Fistful of Hurt, because awesome.



  • the Legendary Berseker was the first COM that truly brought this to life for me. The movement speed is extremely good for survivability ; it’s also a blast.

    • The boost to H2K makes health regen much more effective.
    • The boost to Filled to the Brim can help with optimizing Money Shot.
    • Incite and Quick Draw boosts are also helpful, as is the cooldown rate.
  • the Monk / Monk will provide better DPS and will still grant decent healing.

    • I use a purple Lawful Evil ( for accuracy , which only applies to right hand ; and crit %+ , which applies to both hands). The boosts to Asbestos and Sexy T-Rex are worth the slight loss to Money Shot for me.
      ( edit : in testing the accuracy buff further, I’ve concluded that it’s of little value and recommend one of the following two versions ).
    • Neutral can be used to increase mag size.
    • Chaotic can be used to increase the fire rate of Hammerlock guns, the Unforgiven and snipers.


  • a Jakobs allegiance relic is really the only choice as far as I’m concerned : primarily for recoil reduction, but also for increasing mag size if necessary ( great for a Gatling Gun ; may be an advantage - or disadvantage - to Money Shot ).
  • In its absence ( they are hard to find ), perhaps a Deputy’s Badge
  • a vitality relic / Blood of the Ancients is a great choice for more health stacking. Although I don’t personally have ammo issues now, I did initially run very low on SG ammo - so the extra ammo is always good.


  • the Rough Rider is my undisputed first choice. Health stacking with percentage-based healing works extremely well. The higher the max health, the more health points that are regained in a given amount of time. It also just fits as the most badass shield around.
  • Evolution / Neogenator are great for areas with concentrated elemental damage , but also provides the RR’s health stacking perks and more passive health regen. It’s my second most used shield.
  • Sham / Sponge / absorb for bullet-heavy areas.
  • Blockade / Antagonist should be good, but I’ve not used them on this character.

GRENADES: these will be your only source of slag.

  • Magic Missiles are my favourite by a long shot. With Double Your Fun, you get 8 “missiles”. I highly recommend getting them underleveled and keeping your distance from their point of impact. At OP4, I use level 72 MM’s and tend not to kill myself with them.
  • slag transfusions are the obvious other choice, I just find them to be much slower than MM’s at finding their targets. You could go with Bouncing Betty types, but I don’t. Singularities suck so don’t bother.

THE GUNS : Jakobs of course!

SHOTGUNS : the best choice for consistent DPS

  • the Striker was the SG that I first focused on as a relatively easy farm and incredibly effective.
  • ultimately it got outclassed by the combination of the Triquetra and Coach Gun .
  • the Quad is mediocre and an inferior replacement to the Triquetra ( or even Coach Gun ) in my experience. The poor accuracy just doesn’t cut it and there’s the ammo issue.
  • ( edited ) the Rustler’s Orphan Maker I’ve just learned doesn’t damage you in the off-hand - therefore highly recommended!
  • the Twister doesn’t belong here, just in case you were tempted to suggest it.
  • the Heartbreaker is actually a very good gun to have around. This isn’t an allegiance build, so I’ve used it on rare occasions. The Critical prefix is the obvious choice.

There are several factors that are important to a good Jakobs SG:

  • the Docs prefix is the one to get : increased crit percentage and improved accuracy. Well Kept is the next one in line. Rustler’s reduces accuracy which is bad for crits ( exception Orphan Maker obviously).
  • stock should ideally be Hyperion but as long as it’s not Jakobs, the other stocks work ok.
  • grip should ideally be Jakobs for improved reload, mag size and damage, but a Tediore is ok for reload ( and mag size reduction if needed for M$ ). Avoid all others as they reduce accuracy and/or damage.
  • Tediore sights are strictly forbidden!

OTHERS : they’re all good!

  • pistols such as the Unforgiven , Maggie , Law , Greed , Iron and Longarm are all great choices. I like the combination of the Maggie and Longarm (whose Hyperion barrel gives +33% multiplicative crit).
  • for assault rifles, I only use the Hammer Buster and Gatling Gun which are fantastic together. Apparently there’s a unicorn called a Bekah, but I only deal in real guns.
  • all of the snipers work but I’m partial to the Diaub. The Unforgiven’s slow fire rate is a good match for most snipers and can make for ridiculously high crit damage. The Buffalo and Elephant Gun are recommended. I was asked to include the Skullmasher but I haven’t seen one in a long time , so can’t speak from experience.

Getting those purples as Citrine makes for a pretty awesome collection (and adds more crit damage!

Edit : I’ve added a bit more about gun matching here.

THE PLAYSTYLE : a constant shift from close to medium range, retreating to medium-long range for healing and sniping. Spamming is generally bad for accuracy, so I pick my shots and always aim for crits. One can work around shielded enemies such as Nomads with movement speed and Fistful of Hurt. A blast of Money Shot or a volley of MMs will stun them, too.

As always, highest praise to @DeputyChuck for the ground-work , the help with refining the build and explaining just about every concept :grinning:


Boss Bekah main hand and Rustler’s Orphan Maker offhand seems like it would be an extremely effective combo for this build and would still let you use Money Shot the way Chuck’s Deputy build does. Orphan Maker is great offhand since it no longer damages you too.


REALLY?!? My Coach Gun just got retired!!

That combo, by the way, would work well above my OP4 limit.


Yah that’s my go to gun running Chuck’s Deputy. Just make sure it’s Rustler’s for all 4 pellets or it’s not really worth it. I want to try a Twister out eventually but that means farming Triple O and I’m not sure I’m up for that yet.


Twister works very well. :wink:
Nice build/vid @Jefe very nice. Looks a lot like the build I went with on my 72 Deputy Sal v OP8 play through I just completed. After that play through I am of the opinion that the ROM should be nerfed.

Edit: I thought of doing an OP8 peak run with 72 sal, but honestly, dual saturns would be my end. Lol. Damn bullet sponge. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice work Jefe :slight_smile:

Other considerations:

You have to include the Skullmasher in that lineup, just give it a try. I personally thing it’s WWWAAAAYYY better than either the elephant gun or the Buffalo.
Don’t retire that coach gun just yet: it’s the best balance of power to accuracy in shotguns. At least mention it in passing
Quads are trash… nothing more… seriously. If you have the right element, a quad-barrelled Tediore shotgun beats it in mag size, damage, accuracy, recoil, spread, effective fire rate (when shooting more than twice) and reload speed.

A Jakobs relic with mag size improvement is a total must: they only affect the main hand, so you can spam that powerful right-hand gun happily and get those lower mag ones above 12, without affecting your off-hand and its reliance on a stable and low mag size

Therefore, I would recommend a Jakobs allegiance with reduced recoil and increased mag size over one with improved accuracy

Consider this: a striker with a Jakobs grip has a mag size of 4. Add 10/5 FttB and you’re at 6.
Add a Jakobs allegiance relic with mag size improvement and you’re at about 10. That’s 10 shots from a jakobs shotgun in a row… even without inconceivable. That’s some serious DPS right there.

Baring that, I think a blood of the ancient would be the best bet, with increased health and more shotgun and sniper ammo so you can spam those guns with impunity. (not that ammo is a problem here, but hey, it’s free on the relic! )

Your skill distribution is flawless, nothing to add

I personally favor the evo or Neo over the RR in this case: What the RR brings that tops these 2 is always-on Inconceivable and OoBG… neither of which you are specced into. This is personal preference though, your mileage may varry. The damage reduction is not negligible.

I discourage the use of the Hyperion grip on shotguns personally: the tradeoff is raw damage and the gain in accuracy is barely perceptible IMO. Jakobs grip or bust (or Tediore is the lower mag size suits your purpose)
Of course you can play around a bit: the Bandit grip increases mag size, but not as much as the Jakobs one, and the other 2 won’t affect it at all… But I have never seen a situation where I couldn’t get exactly the number I needed with either Jakobs or Tediore.

Damn right!

Also: Since you’re already using the COM and 2 of the 3 melee skills for Sal, I just want to point out that dual Rapiers stack to 400% melee damage bonus :wink: (and with how the maths are laid out, this would be the best time to break out that might of the seraph relic as those additive bonuses are worth something in this case, and cooldown on Dickpunch is just icing on the cake) Just a thought.

… Phew!
All in all, a great build IMO. Good synergy between gear and skills and well thought-out playstyle. :acmaffirmative:


Thanks Chuck!
Skullmasher : very true it’s missing and I considered mentioning it but I haven’t seen one in two or three years!

Quad : I really tried not to be disappointed. I even had a perfect-ish one but even ignoring the ammo consumption the damage was lame.

Allegiance relic : good god! Can I get a list of all the things that don’t affect the off hand?!? I glad I have a mag/recoil version. I’ll be reassessing my combos forthwith.

Grip : I agree. Jakobs only.

Melee : I’ve done bladed Rubi and Law with a Love Thumper. That was super fun. I just remembered that my Zer0 picked up a Might of the Seraphs for Sal recently, so it’s time for that again!



I used to have it: Sljm did a complete list …on the old forum :frowning: and I was supposed to port it…

Basically, relics and COMs don’t affect the off-hand, and on my old skill guide (which @VaultHunter101 might be able to find) I list every Salvador skill and whether of not they affects the off hand.


An exception being the Deputy Badge relic affecting the offhand reload speed. :wink:


Yes, of course Hahaha! :smiley:

The list is quite riddled with exceptions


With the old forum threads, I noticed @VaultHunter101 replaced the first part of the URL with “web.archive.org/web” ( for Coon’s Zer0 ) which was how I found Sljm’s critical damage stacking thread. It’s the first link in my preface. If you have his old thread URL, you may be able to find it that way.


I’ve got an update for your exceptions list

The relic affects both hands :disappointed_relieved:


Are you using the community patch ?

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No never have.

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Also, I’m going to take this opportunity to point out something that I find important in how you approach game theory. (And life in general come to think of it)

Let’s assume that this is right for the sake of what’s next.

This isn’t bad news.
This is information
This is knowledge
This is power

Don’t only think of the things you can’t do because of that. Think of the ways this can be used to make other cool things.

This is how science has worked for thousands of years

Sure, air resistance sucks when you’re trying to go fast, but it allows planes to fly. Sure friction produces heat and it sucks in engines, but it allowed cavemen to make fire by rubbing 2 sticks together.

Every piece of information is potentially a new awesome build if you think about what it brings.

Right of the bat, I can tell you: this is great news for new Deputy build players: farming a ROM is painful, but now if you only have a Jakobs relic, you can have any grip on it.

I’m sure this can have other applications, if we only take the time to think about it.

When I first learned that money shot looks at the main hand mag size to determine both bonuses, some people actually thought it sucked: they were looking at the restrictions it brought. You couldn’t use a Jakobs shotgun in your main hand without crippling your left hands money shot.

Meanwhile, I used the same piece of information to create the Deputy build.

It’s a question of mindset.

Jakobs relics apply the mag size increase to the off hand. That’s terrific news all things considered :slight_smile:


Well from my end, as I have both relics, it gives the flexibility to use it to adjust mag size if I swap from the L Berz COM to the Monk. So I’m not too broken up.

I compared the two for the other’s recoil recovery and it didn’t have an appreciable effect ( meaning mag/recoil seemed the same as recoil/recoil ).

As a side note, I also tested the Monk’s Lawful accuracy on multi-pellet guns, and it only seemed to reduce the spread of the Triquetra ( which is good for me as it’s my main gun ). It didn’t seem to improve the Maggie, Coach, Gatling which I thought was odd.

I might end up using a CE for its fire rate boosts to the Unforgiven and snipers.


When I get home and have access to a real keyboard, I’ll explain why the lawful prefix seems to only help some guns.


I love this post too much. You get a LOVE instead of a LIKE. :wink:


Why no Twister? It’s a Jakobs gun so why not?

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This is not an allegiance build, it’s a crit build. The Lady Fist and others are not included because it’s also based on a certain playstyle that focuses on single accurate shots ( despite my occasional Heartbreaker usage). It’s designed to not be OP.