[Build] Sub-Zero Zane

General Idea ~

A cryo based zane build :cold_face:

themed on MK’s sub-zero character


  • strong utilization of the cryo element whist sticking with the fast paced covert operative playstyle that zane brings to the borderlands

-Gear and Spec-

  • My main loadout consists of:
    :snowflake: Night Hawkin (SMG) ; :snowflake: Lucian’s Call (Assault Rifle) ;
    :snowflake: The Butcher (Shotgun) and for the forth slot it’s up to you but I have a :fire: Flakker (shotgun) for heavier targets such as annoying annoited enemies (who resist cryo damage)

  • Shield: Frozen Heart (drops from aurelia)

  • Grenade: Whispering Ice (also from aurelia)

  • Class Mod: I use the Legendary Shockerator (but i’m sure you can use or find other ones out there that can be suitable)

  • Artifact: Otto Idol; Victory Rush or A cryo damage boosting relic

Now for the spec feel free to tweak it how you see fit but this is what I use and is performing well on tvhm and mayhem levels 1-3

*Well that’s all I got for now… leave a reply if you found this setup interesting or fun to use and enjoy that mayhem :slight_smile: *


Been running similar builds. Can that grenade drop or was it quest only?

Don’t want to restart all the quests just for it lol.

Fairly good but does not work in most places due to high shield levels. It is a fun build definitely viable and enjoyable for flash only enemies. Points in frozen heart are wasted damage scales bad.

I don’t understand. You specifically mention a grenade for use with the build but you don’t have duct tap mod?

Ive never really found shields to be an issue. its chewing through armour that is a pain in the ass!

especially doing Slaughter Shaft for example. so much damn armour

this makes no sense shield resist cryo by a lot, armor on the other hand is susceptible to cryo dmg. check elemental multipliers chart.

Oh i get ya, perhaps its the value of shields vs armour they have exclusively?

yes armors have high values bigger than shield and hp for what it seems.

If I’d mention all changes I’d make it would be the build I was playing. But a few logical mistakes were made that I can point out.

The cryo nova does close to no dmg, the cooldown it has makes it utter garbage, but you can keep one point in it for applying the cryo debuff. This opens up 3 points for other skills.

Per clone activation you use 4 grenades, one kill regenerates 160% that means around 18 grenades and once every blue moon use up one additional grenade. That’s out of proportion and a waste of one or two points. I personally think one point is enough if you go primarily mobbing, 2 points are the absolute maximum.

Additionally I think old-u and digital distribution don’t fit together, it’s either one or the other, since with digital distribution the clone will pretty much always die before you do.

Shockerator has no buffs for any of your high values skill hasn’t it? In my humble opinion cold warrior with trick of the light (good against shields btw) or executor (higher effect chance and crit dmg) are the way to go with this.

I hope a helped a little

From what I can tell, the grenade regen is % of 1 grenade. 160% is 1.6 grenades. It was really slow for me.

Wow that would be pathetic, can someone confirm?

If you run a Zane, it’s pretty easy to check. Get the Pfog skill, even at lvl 1 8% x 8 seconds should get 64%. If it was capacity, that’s over 6 grenades for me. Trust me, it’s not. The only thing left to debate is wether it remembers the percentage left and continues from there or starts at 0% everytime it triggers, but what’s the point though? I pick up grenades faster than they regen at this point.

What I do like though, is the “regen 12% magazine during clone” anointing. On a COV with max sdu’s that’s between 10 and 16 a second for pistols and AR’s

Yeah, I researched it in the web and found an explanation that confirms your statement. I’m also thinking about wasting a point in there at all, especially in a game with auto pick up.