[Build] Suicide Grenadier

(Dbum357) #1

Suicidal Grenadier

This is a Dps build that Torgue would be proud of. Sacrificing your Digi-Jacks for MOTHER F**** EXPLOSIONS!**

And more EXPLOSIONS via grenades and Tediore guns.

Lvl50 Build Link if you want to save.

Lvl60Build Link

Play Style

We start by activating our skill and instantly moving to get our Digi-Jacks to die off and respawn. This gives us our kill skills and a couple stacks of Collaborate. Next unload grenades, you usually kill mass groups while just moving and grenading. When we have 0/8 grenades now our Tediore weapons will do huge amounts of damage with reloads. Anytime you see you have 4 stacks of Jack’s Cache throw a grenade.

I have 1 shot badasses with just one reload of my IVF, **** is crazy.

The Skills

The Hero of this Story

10/5 Best Foot Forward: Increases your skill duration and with Leadership it allows your Digi-Jacks to be up for a long time.

10/5 Just Compensation: Gives us a ton of grenade damage and magazine size based on how many grenades we have left. With 0/8 grenades we get major damage increase with Tediore guns.

1/1 You Have My Shield: Since we are killing off our Digi-Jacks we equip a Spike/Nova Shield (ie Black Hole, SuperNova, Avalanche) for even more Aoe Explosions.

1/1 Jack’s Cache: Gives us free grenades when you kill a enemy or you Digi-Jacks die via Leadership

4/5 Lean on Me: Getting some fire rate for yourself is always nice, and a bit of corrosive damage for your Digi-Jacks brief existence. Mostly used to get to Persistence

3/5 Persistance: Since we get the majority of our survivability when our Digi-Jacks are up and dieing, this is very useful when our skill is on cool down. Gives a decent amount of health regen.

Greater Good

10/5 Collaborate: This skill increases ours and Digi-Jacks damage everytime a Digi-Jack dies. At 10 stacks by 100% HUGE! (Pretty sure this applies to Spike/Nova Damage as well)

10/5 Teamwork: When our Digi-Jacks die (which is all the time) we gain a crap ton of health regen up to 50%!! WTF

5/5 Synergy: And we get more damage, the kill skill activates when our Digi-Jacks die as well via Leadership.

1/1 Commitment: More fire rate for us when Digi-Jack dies, or if a friend goes into FFYL.

5/5 Optimism: Part of the core of this build. Digi-Jack dies you set off a explosion dealing around 38000 damage, then the next Digi-Jack spawns with less health which lets him die faster.

5/5 Believe: More damage and fire rate for us, gets activated by Digi-Jacks dieing via Leadership.

1/1 Potential: When a Digi-Jack spaws he sets off a Shock Nova. Since our Digi-Jacks always die they are always re-spawning.

1/1 Leadership: This skill is amazing. Gets us out of FFYL, gives us our kill skills, gives us Jack’s Cache stacks, and Collaborate stacks.



Quality IVF: Quality gives increased damage bonus. And if you can get Luneshine: Increases Grenade Damage by 5% makes it truely amazing for this build.

Moxxi’s Probe/Vibra Pulse: I use this for when my skill is on cool down. Gives amazing healing especially when throwing grenades.

3rd Slot: Another Tediore gun for when you run out of SMG ammo, maybe a Lazer or pistol.

Cryophobia: I use this to get out of FFYL but very rarely.

Other Gear

Shield: Avalanche, Supernova, Black Hole: These shields give off huge Spike/Nova damage, and are perfect for our Digi-Jack deaths. When they die the Spike/Nova goes off. I use Avalanche for the Cryo damage.

Com:Celestial Doppleganger Class Mod: This thing is a beast nothing else to say.

Grenade:Contraband Sky Rocket/Longbow Stormfront: Either of these work really well. Have to be careful not to kill yourself with the Contraband.

OZ Kit:Arctic Bomber Oz Kit: Even more grenade damage, and a chance at free grenades… really not needed since we have Jack’s Cache

Calculator for Tediore reload damage

(((BASE Gun Damage) * 0.5)) * (1 + Grenade Damage BONUSES)) * (Magazine after one shot) = Reload Damage (In element matching weapon’s element; if gun has no element, it becomes Explosive Damage)

Build/Gameplay video(s)

Build Overview

Jack vs Invincible Sentinel Time Trial

Co-Op time trial of raid Sentine

[Build] Darth Timothy: A Hyperion Sith Lord
(Where's lucky?) #2

Since this is similar to my Darth Timothy or my Darth Timothy is similar to this, I don’t know. Anyways I linked your build on the bottom of mine so people can compare and such.