[BUILD] Suicide Krieg (UCP 3.1)

WARNING : you will need @shadowevil1996’s Unofficial Community Patch to make this build work.

I was working on this build since Light the Fuse got buffed, but I had way too much work and business IRL to deal with so I couldn’t showcase this build but now : this is the return of Suicide Krieg !
First of all, I want to thank @shadowevil1996 for his awesome work with the Unofficial Community Patch that really brought back life to the Borderlands. Go subscribe to his YouTube channel, follow him on Twitch and show him some support, he deserves it !
I also want to thank @bew_ for inspiring me to dig deeper into Suicide Krieg with the video he made. Go subscribe to his YouTube channel, he’s an insanely good Borderlands player and he does very nice content !


So, this build obviously revolves around getting in Light the Fuse mode, meaning you will have to die in order to deal damage with this build.
The thing is that this build is a “high risk = high reward” kind of playstyle. If you manage to kill enemies, you will do insane amounts of Damage but if you are not able to generate enough Damage to kill an enemy with Light the Fuse, you’ll end up back at the New-U station.

To give you an idea : you can hit the Damage cap with the Melee version of this build under some circumstances.

Even if this is a Suicide Build, you have to choose the right moment to down yourself : if you see a bunch of weak enemies along with some Badasses grouped up and slagged : jump in and Light the Fuses ! But if you see a Badass alone with full health … probably not the best target for you ; Slag him and weaken him until you can kill him with the final explosion.

#There are 2 versions of this build : the Nova version or the Melee version. They are almost the same except some things in the build and in the playstyle will change.


Here is the spec that you’re gonna be using for this version of the build. Some points are thrown in places that don’t make sense, but it’s unused points.
The important Skills in this version are Strip the Flesh and Thrill of the Kill. We’re gonna be using a Shield so I avoided the Hellborn tree and Mania skills that increase Shield Recharge Delay. Try to avoid going in Buzz Axe Rampage and use Release the Beast as a “GTFO” button when you don’t want to die. Please note the remaining point is for Blood Euphoria.


Here is the spec that you’re gonna be using for this version of the build. Since you don’t care about dying and having you Shields depleted here, I found that Roid Shields have a great fit in this build. Since Light the Fuse is boosted by Grenade Damage boosts, getting a Melee kill to activate Fuel the Blood effectively increases your Damage by 100% if you have 100 Bloodlust stacks. With this version of the build you can reach the Damage Cap through Bloodsplosion in some circumstances when you can chain-kill enemies pretty good. Try to Release the Beast when you feel like it and Melee enemies when you are not in Buzz Axe Rampage range.



  • Deadly Bloom : the main item for this build. Since you’re constantly dying, you can pull off several Novas from this Shield that are boosted by Grenade Damage and Explosive Damage. A Nova from this Shield can mean the difference between life and death in Light the Fuse since it deals significant Damage. However, you will need to refill your health bar to be able to pull off another Nova from this Shield.

  • Black Hole : the Damage doesn’t mean anything, but the Singularity can draw enemies together and make it easier for you to achieve some sweet chain-kills. You will kind of need to get out of trouble for a few seconds to be able to pull off another Nova from this Shield though.


  • Roid Shields : every Roid shields will work on the Melee version of this build. The best ones are the Pun-chee for the huge Roid Damage and the Love Thumper to keep you exposed and deal some Damage with the explosive Novas.

  • Captain Blade’s Manly Man Shield : since it deals Explosive Damage and it always works, it’s a good addition to the Melee version of this build. I don’t think it’s as good as a Roid Shield, but since you’ll have some of your Shields most of the time (because you’re gonna get Second Winds constantly) it’ll provide you with a constant Melee boost.


  • Flesh Crunch : it is the only recommended COM for this build since it boosts Explosive Damage and also gives you [11/5] on Strip the Flesh which means you have +66% Explosive Damage in FFYL mode, making it easily the best option for this build.


  • Bouncing Bonny / Crossfire : the best ones for this build IMO. Very high Slag AoE coupled with high self-damage and the ability to stack Bloodlust makes them my favourite choice for this build. Homing or Longbow prefixes recommended.

  • Magic Missile : high Damage and Slag chance allowing you to weaken tough enemies and downing yourself at point blank with it. Also comes with a native Homing delivery system and a passive effect that regenerates your grenades, which is quite nice too.

  • Bonus Package / Meteor Shower : if you don’t want a Slag grenade, then you can use those to wreak havoc in an area, jump in the AoE of the grenade to down yourself and finish off everybody with Light the Fuse. The Bonus Package is easier to farm, has a tighter AoE and a 0.0 Fuse Time while the Meteor Shower does more total Damage and has a wider AoE. Homing or Longbow prefixes recommended.

  • Fastball : the good old Fastball is always a good pick in an Explosive Krieg Build. It’s good to weaken slagged Badasses then finishing them off with Light the Fuse as well as staying alive through Thrill of the Kill if you don’t want to die yet.


  • Explosive Relic : a good multiplicative boost to your Explosive Damage, giving you even more Damage through Light the Fuse and Bloodsplosion.

  • Blood of the Seraphs (MELEE ONLY) : an awesome multiplicative boost to your Melee Damage coupled with the power of a Roid Shield will allow you to deal insane Melee Damage, making it easier for you to trigger Fuel the Blood, giving you more Damage in some situations. Though if you can’t get a Melee kill, you’ll get less Damage than with an Explosive Relic.


  • Bearcat : self-damage and AoE Slag makes it a perfect choice for this build. Slag version can help you Slag enemies and down yourself, but an Explosive version can deal serious Damage to enemies.

  • Slow Hand : same thing here, but this one can put you at max health, allowing you to pull of a Nova from the Deadly Bloom.

  • Topneea / Norfleet : massive AoE Slag potential for the Norfleet, decent ammo consomption for the Topneea and high self-damage, allowing for some awesome Damage through your other damaging skills and weapons.

  • Rapier (MELEE ONLY) : why not using the best Melee weapon in the game when you have Roid Shields and a Melee Build ? This will give you insane Bloodsplosion chains if you have the Roid boost on.

  • Decent Explosive weapons : if you want to play around with guns, you can use some good Explosive weapons. Torgue weaponry is your best bet overall (Carnage, Flakker etc …)


Since this was inspired by @bew_'s video, here is it :

Here is my gameplay of the video running around with the Melee version in The Fridge :

Here is some raiding gameplay, against Pyro Pete :

And against Vermivorous :


I hope you enjoyed this build, feel free to give me some feedback, gameplay and advises to make this build even better ! :smile:


Whilst i certainly don’t have much experience with Kreig other that my first what i can vouch for is this …

bew_ = :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I have just started a new Meat Man (“sir Loin”) and not really sure where i want him to end up, i do plan on making melee the focus as i relied on guns in my first K, and tried the Mania tree, but at OP6 and at the Peak … not the best place to learn it so that’s where i’m headed now.

The Deadly Bloom wasn’t changed in the patch other than a skin correct? What sort of figures should i be looking for on this shield as it’s always been just a “Purple Reign” BAR challenge item for me.

Will an inflammable shield be preferable seeing as you don’t spec into Hellborn?

Looks like a lot of fun and can’t wait to see it in action :thumbsup:

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Melee Krieg really doesn’t like the Digistruct Peak, he’s not built for that at all.
You can totally complete the Digistruct Peak with Melee Krieg, but you will have a hard time doing it. Just keep practicing and you’ll eventually succeed !
Though if you plan to do the Digistruct Peak with this build, I highly doubt you’ll get past the first wave ! :joy: This is made for mobbing in tight maps such as The Fridge, Southpaw Steam & Power or Bloodshot Stronghold, not the Digistruct Peak ^^

No it wasn’t, but it has a lot of synergies with this build so I fit perfectly well here. :smile:

Unfortunately, neither the Black Hole nor the Deadly Bloom come with a Maliwan Capacitor that provides immunity to ignition. That’s quite unfortunate. :confused:

Thanks for the feedback ! :smiley:

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#UPDATE : just released a gameplay video. It’s available here :


UPDATE : uploaded a gameplay video against Pyro Pete. It’s available here :