[Build] Supercharged Phaseslamer

For this build I focused on melee and phase-slam.
First up the action skill synergies. Downfall is enhanced by Allure, which is enhanced by Ascendant. This means that while Amara is in the air firing her beam down on things, a double-sized singularity will suck in all surrounding enemies, before she thunders down upon the lost souls beneath with a mighty slam. This slam can be enhanced even further if you melee someone first thanks to Jab Cross. Finally, her action skill element and all others for that matter are boosted by Anima. You also get access to all the action skill elements.
Next, Melee synergies. Illuminated fist, Find your center & Blitz. All one pointers, but they increase melee damage by up to 275%. Regular melee attacks will deal 175% melee damage, that is converted to her action skill element. While Blitz attacks will deal 275% Elemental melee damage. (What is the difference between converting melee damage to action skill element and elemental melee damage? We must wait and see.)
Clarity, Helping hands, Samsara, Gaurdian angel, all give survive ability.
More to come some time after release.