[Build] Systems Purge Nisha - now with gameplay videos

Hi everyone! this is my build utilizing and maximzing the systems purge o2 kit on nisha! this setup is very fun, and while it may not crank out the best DPS, it can definitely hold its own in bosses and excels in mobbing. So without further ado, let’s get on with the build.

thanks to @Charrisx for providing helpful tips, gameplay videos, pictures and ideas on how to make my thread look better.

skill point allocation:

links for other levels and such.
###level 70: http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410140515550100050105501005151/higcrapshooter,auto
###level 60: http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410100005550100050105501005151/higcrapshooter,auto
###alternate level 60: http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410140515150100000005501005151/higcrapshooter,auto
###level 50: http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/0100000000005550100050105501015151/higcrapshooter,auto
For bosses you would ideally want to switch the skill Ruthless for Faster n’ You to maximize your dps the same way @Charrisx’s Jakobs Nisha Build skills are set up.

##The Jakobs Arsenal: (best variants in parentheses)
###assume all weapons have the oxygenator luneshine.
Maggie (Dastardly or Two Fer prefix, Jakobs grip). (alt. gear: Two Fer Iron).
Your main tool for killing.
Coach gun (Doc’s or Rustler’s prefix, Jakobs grip, Hyperion stock)
Your backup/ boss destroyer.
Frigidia (Dahl grip and stock, Flying prefix)
For freezing baddies.
Nukem (Torgue grip, exhaust, Tediore sight, Derp or Dump a prefix)
FFYL launcher
###Alternate weapons:
Gatling gun (Jakobs grip, Vladof barrel -must have-, Dahl stock, Boss prefix).
A fun gun to use if you are wanting a change from the other weapons or are out of pistol and shotgun ammo :smile:

##The Automatics Arsenal (inspired by @Chuck80 )
###Utilize a slightly different build and purple COM variant for the autos: http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410140515550100050105411005151/higcrapshooter,auto
####Recent talks with chuck have led me to conclude that automatic weapons get really good, if not better usage out of a systems purge than jakobs do.
(use non elemental variants for hot lead. It stacks o2 regen better than elementals do. having said that, matching elements gives more DPS but not as good synergy with the systems purge).
when using elemental versions of the autos, utilize this build: http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410140515500150050105541010151/higcrapshooter,auto

Purging Anarchist. (Vladof grip, Vladof barrel)
This pistol stacks o2 regen like a champ. careful with your ammo though :wink:
Practicable Thinking. (Old hyperion body, Hyperion barrel, Hyperion grip, Hyperion or Torgue stock)
To be honest im still experimenting with the barrels and manufacturers to see which one gives the best o2 regen for the ammo consumed. so far, im liking this one.
Feral Major Tom. (Dahl grip, Dahl stock)
Best o2 regen for the ammo spent that ive found so far.
Stopping Torrent. (Dahl grip, Dahl stock)
so far, best SMG for this setup.

feel free to suggest weapons for the automatics section, as i am still testing and may have overlooked a gun or two :wink:


(obviously) a Systems Purge. (with a cryo slam and 80870 damage and 800 shockwave radius)
its what makes the build what it is.
A Crapshooter COM. (blue rarity high-rolling crapshooter with preferably a 49% crit bonus, +6 into tombstone, +5 to trickshot)
For maximum crits and trickshots. (note: when using autos, switch to a Purple High-Rolling Crapshooter )
Shield: Shield of ages.
For its stupid capacity, and its efficiency when stacking order.
(alt. shield) Black Hole.
the singularity is nice for grouping up enemies, allowing you to hit them all with one systems purge shot.
Grenade mod: Longbow cryo transfusion. (zero fuse, 8 child grenades)
even more freezing and the survivability is nice.
(alt. grenade mod) Longbow cryo singularity. because the systems purges splash can damage multiple enemies at once, this makes the splash more applicable.

##Here’s how this works:
the Systems Purge will give you damage (80870 with best parts at level 70) when it is above 75 o2 and shooting your gun will consume 50 o2 and give you the damage on your shot, while killing an enemy will give 15 o2. but with the oxygenator luneshine, you will be regenerating that o2 for every time you inflict damage. that means that initial shots, trickshots, hot lead dots, short fused splash, e.t.c. will all regenerate your o2. So pretty much you are getting the damage and knockback on every shot you shoot, making your systems purge into roughly the TPS equivalent of a bee shield, with no knock to your shield choice or survivability. Another thing that makes this build so deadly is the fact that the Systems Purges’ damage can crit off tombstone, making for a bunch of high damage, knockback-inflicting bullets.

I would be happy to clear anything up in the comments section. If you enjoyed the build, feel free to drop a like on the thread. It lets me know that people appreciate my build and gives me more motivation to update it, do more testing and such. Thanks for taking the time to look at my build!


Similar to Jakobs Nisha. With System Purge and oxy maggie, it is a solid variant of it.

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Yeah, this is not too bad

Well done :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback, everyone! also, if any of you could take some video footage of this against EOS and eclipse and post it to youtube, i could link it here. i feel as if a video would make this thread more respectable. (btw, try this with the maggies on EOS, i think its faster than luck cannons, but i cant do timing).

As I am slightly familiar with this build of yours I would likely be able to do it great justice showcasing a video of it for your thread :smile:

As long as that’s ok with you of course. And I promise it will be as quick a kill as is possible. Just let me know what weapons you want used against both Eclipse and EOS and I will annihilate them for you.

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use a purple coach gun for eclipse and the Maggies for EOS. you should be fine using your own build in your jakobs nisha thread, i just like obscenely long showdowns in mobbing :smile: . if you could also show pity’s fall (for mobbing with no atmosphere to show how it holds up with no constant source of Regen and for the bosun fight) that would be fantastic.

also, if anyone wants an explanation of skill points, i could do that as well. just trying to improve my guide/ build/ post as much as possible.

I’ll use your exact build if you don’t mind. Unless your planning on changing it to match mine exactly the video should match your build that’s posted IMO. Even though its only one skill that differes, the oz kit, and the weapons to support the oz kit I’d like to make the video displaying your style of the build and not mine you know?

Also in your experience fighting Eclipse do you ever run out of ammo using the coach gun? I have tested the systems purge with my build in an atmosphere but not tried it with a purple variant of the guns.

i get the first part completely, just saying that my build is more for mobbing and i do occasionally change it to your build for bosses but whatever. as for ammo not really, but i get very close to maximize short fused as well as not using my coach gun for kill skills, only using it at max damage potential. having said this, i do occasionally run out of ammo. in that case, Maggies for the rest of his health ( which usually isn’t much in my experience). the o2 is more for outside but it still helps for mobbing in an atmosphere.

I’m at a loss here. From what I am seeing, this is Charrisx’s Jakobs build but with power removed.

Removing Faster 'n You dropped DPS because of the reload speed, and in your case with the rocket launchers and the Frigidia, fire rate.

Removing the Tranquility Oz Kit reduces the amount of gun damage done, and therefore the damage of your weapons, crits, Hot Lead, Short Fused, etc.

The Frigidia and your rocket launcher negates Hot Lead (massive power loss) and not having Faster 'n You reduces weapon swap speed, which hurts when you (presumably) swap from the Frigidia to another weapon.

Also, there’s the fact that you’re using purple guns for the Luneshine bonus instead of glitched guns. Glitched guns have higher stats than their purple variants, again, lowering power.

All in all, This feels like you’ve taken Charrisx’s Jakobs build, made it weaker, added a gimmick, and are claiming it for your own. It doesn’t seem right to me that you wouldn’t credit his build when (to me) you clearly have used it as the basis for “your build”.

I am sure though, that if you were to credit Charrisx for his build being the basis for yours, and to credit him if/when he helps you out, that he would be happy to make videos for you and help you our with your thread if desired.

while @charrisx made a build similar to mine, i have been using this build before he posted his, i just posted it later than he did (no disrespect to charrisx, of course kickass build man). i am planning to credit him in the videos he is making. my frigida and nukem are just to fill the slots in case i need them, frigidia for freezing, and nukem for panic, i feel no need to build around them to maximize their damage. nishas reload speed, fire rate and swap speed is already very high with skills like raring to go, quick shot and obviously, showdown, so i feel that the points in faster than you can be moved to ruthless for more showdown, which is probably more DPS than faster than you will provide. not using a tranquility but instead opting for a systems purge was the original idea behind this build, taking it off would make it near identical to @charrisx 's build. and you cant use luneshine on a glitched gun, so in a vacuum, your systems purge would be active less. sorry for the rant and seeming pretentious. and all told, i roll this build for more fun than DPS, but i can still kill eclipse and EOS is under 4 minutes with the lag that comes from xbox 360 (i cant spam bullets as hard, thus reducing effective fire rate), so not as strong as @charrisx 's build, but still efficient and a ton of fun. EDIT: just ran EOS and eclipse today, with gear and spec above, time: 3:45 with mistakes and lag. ANOTHER EDIT (sorry for so many edits): took denial subroutine on, had trouble getting the kill skill, but with it i took him from full to zero in a single showdown (and that’s in a vacuum, where this build should be weakest, but the o2 Regen pulled through, giving me a systems purge shot for every trigger pull).
[i will admit to get denial from full to zero in a showdown you have to get lucky with tombstone and hells coming with me, and i did. but still, no health gate on a denial run is quite difficult]

I will say this, there is no way to prove or disprove what you are saying in terms of how long you have used the build, but seeing as how Charrisx’s thread has been up since April it’s asinine of you to post such a similar build, no matter how gimmicky, and claim that it’s original. I was being kind earlier, giving you room to maneuver, to give credit, and to get possibly get positive feedback, but since you didn’t take that opportunity, I suppose I’ll stop holding back.

If he did this, he would be using his build, not “yours”. If you want to showcase what you believe to be yours, showcase it as you stated it. If he used Faster 'n You, it would place more power into your itemization that it should have with the build you have listed.

Just making it clear that despite that @onlyin_kansas’s account was created 21 hours ago (in the same hour that he posted this thread might I add) he has been reading the forums at least long enough to know about and use Charrisx’s Jakobs build.

“Your build” is one skill different than Charrisx’s Jakobs build. You took 5 points out of Faster 'n You and put them into Ruthless. Looking on past builds, NOBODY had a build that incorporated skills to the way that Charrisx did that I could find. People usually completely overlooked Hot Lead and instead took Crack Shot, and with maybe one or two exceptions (and I’m not even certain that the numbers are that high), I don’t remember anyone that took the Law & Order tree to its final skill, and on top of that, nobody took the skills exactly like Charrisx did in that tree. Most people who used that tree stopped at Blood of the Guilty and/or put 5 points into Wanted. I’m just saying that you should credit those who have come before you, and done so much work to get to the point that they’re at, instead of just swooping in hoping to get some of the spotlight.

This is, by the way, exactly how this thread seems to me. The way that this thread was put out there seems like someone who saw Charrisx’s Jakobs build, liked it, and is trying to get some “credit” for being original. This seems like something that should have not been a build thread, but instead been an itemization thread.

“Your build’s” thing is Systems Purge. It’s your itemization, NOT your build that makes this happen. The build could be done on any character with any skillset, it’s the weapons and Oz Kit that are vastly different (and inferior) to Charrisx’s setup, and it’s the gear choices that should be emphasized on.

I will give credit where it’s due. Cool, you “figured out” how to min/max the Systems Purge Oz Kit. For the sake of argument, I will give you that. I might be able to look elsewhere on forums and see if someone else has already come up with exactly that same thing, but assuming not, cool, grats.

Alright, let’s be fair here for a second.

There are so many skill points available that almost all builds look the same. It’s entirely possible that he thought it out on his own.

A Nisha Jakobs build is never gonna be truly original.

This one is very close to Charrisx’s build, but that’s not such a big deal: What Charrisx mostly did is thoroughly optimize the archetypical Jakobs Nisha build. You can’t really fault someone for following his advice.

That’s actually untrue. a lot of builds went down to the bottom of the L&O tree, many of them did before even the last level cap increase (My own (completely obsolete now) Deputy Nisha build did as soon as level 60), and they nearly all took exactly the same route.

The main reasons that there were no builds exactly like Charrisx’s when he posted it are
A: the level cap had been increased not even 2 months before, so very few level 70 builds actually existed…
and B: Most people didn’t spend as much time and effort maximizing their build’s efficiency as he did, so the builds were a bit different (Most went with crack shot since it wasn’t knows at the time that Hot lead would proc off itself if tombstone made it crit… Even Charrisx didn’t know…he just tested enough to know that hot lead gave him better results)


I really was hoping to avoid drama on your thread honestly. I know my friend Retrodenizen has already responded while I have been busy driving home and hopefully there wont be cause for a long debate or drawn out drama here. I see in this quote you say that you use my identical build against bosses. That said this thread probably could have been avoided entirely as a build thread, since mine already exists. And It would have been easier, less drama-like, and far simpler to just reply in a post on my thread that gets a lot of views, and traffic through it stating that you’ve also used my identical skills for a build you use for a long time and you have found that using it with the systems purge oz kit and purple Jakobs guns with oz luneshine is an equally fun alternative to the build I use.

I have been equally using my build I created long before I posted, and whether you or I were first in that respect to use it, it really makes no difference at this point, and there would be no way and also no reason for either of us to prove who was first. However as I was first to post it, and many months ago I should add. It would probably make sense at the very least to acknowledge in your build thread should you intend to keep it that is vastly identical to my build and that it is exactly identical to my build as you switch it up when you fight bosses.

This is very much un-true, as I have extensively tested all aspects of this build and I know for a fact having Faster n’ You increases my builds dps output by 100%. Whether on paper that is prove-able or not, the fastest I was able to kill Eclipse without Faster n’ You was 30 seconds, and with Faster n’ You it is consistently 15 seconds and in my video I squeezed out a 14 second kill. Thats a huge difference and should not be overlooked even for mobbing.

I played on the 360 before I got my Xbox One recently and ported over my characters. My kill time with my build/gear setup was still 3 minutes just like it is in my original video I made on the pc for my build. Since right after making my thread and video I swapped bottled courage for Faster n’ You my kill time for Eclipse/EOS is down to 2:40 for my best run times. Being on the 360 shouldn’t hinder your firing finger on those controllers as I hardly doubt I can mash it much faster than any other person.

With your spin on my build and with my build, this is something I have found is very possible with the right Luck. The true test of your Systems Purge w/ the Luneshine guns to tell your builds dps will be against Eclipse, as EOS is just a joke to Nisha because she doesn’t care if bosses have a crit spot, and she abuses The Unforgiven skill in showdown against all of EOS’s turrets.

I am going to dinner as I just got home from driving for nearly 7 hours straight. When I get home I will work on the video for you if you still want me to. Just respond when you can before I get home and let me know. Thanks.

ive been using this build since level 50, but have not been on the forums (at all) until the dlc dropped, to see the new legionaries. just going to have to trust me. i said what i said about charrisx using his own build because maybe it would be more suited to him. i did say it does not matter. as for creation of account, i did not know how to sign up for the longest time (i am not computer savvy). i also overlooked hot lead, but until i found that o2 regenerated off of it with a oxygenator luneshine, i only took it for the o2 regen, with 1 skill point, it was only till level 60 that i invested 5/5 into it, having no idea the damage it could cause. i actually got the L&O idea from Chuck80, maybe on your jakobs shotty build, i dont remember. but i did not mention him because i thought that it was common to invest that far into L&O. perhaps you are right about an itemization thread, but like i said, i had different skills and gear, so i thought, “maybe its different enough to make a seperate build”. I’ll give you that one for sure. and the build does make the systems purge better, nisha has the best bullet and damage tick output of any character, so maximum regen from o2 luneshine. also, nisha can make the systems purge crit, no other character can do that. sorry for any confusion i caused with this thread.

sorry for the confusion, should not have made a separate build, but just posted on yours. if you still have faith in my concept, please make a video for me showcasing my builds potential. if not a powerful build, its still fun. feel free to use it under your build as an itemization variant, i feel so stupid for not thinking “maybe people will see the similarities and accuse me of copying”. eh whatever. also, when i fight EOS and Eclipse, for some reason, my game lags, and when i mash the trigger, i do not shoot one bullet for every trigger pull. also my trigger finger is slow (nothing i can do about that :frowning: ) anyway, maybe a more proper display of this build is against bosun and the mobs around him. its in a vacuum, so the o2 regen is more noticable, and the boss fight is fun, but tends to be short due to hot lead.

i think my real problem is saying how similar mine and charrisx’s builds are. i swear, no copying used. i hope you all will forgive me for being dumb. EDIT: changed OP to reflect how my build and gear is similar to @charrisx . not really sure how i should phrase it.

Yes I do have faith it’s powerful because I know the skill points invested are very solid. I did mention I tested the systems purge with my build and it wasn’t as effective as the tranquility. I have tested all the oz kits with my build. the most consistsnt in all situations was tranquility which is why I went with it. I have not however tested the purple luneshine guns with my build with the systems purge. And I of course am happy to make a video so don’t think I am offended in any way. I will work on it later tonight when I get some down time :smile:

I’m still at dinner on my phone so sorry for not addressing everything. just wanted you to know I wasn’t angry with you or anything like that.

That is nearly fine with me just a minor change would be good once I get the video done for you, which I am planning on doing right now. Maybe just copy and paste the following.

“Thanks to @Charrisx whose build is very similar to mine for the supplying the gameplay video of my build.”

Just be sure to type my name correctly like that :smile:

thanks for the suggestion and not being mad. also, feel free to complete the video whenever you have time. Im not on a schedule :smile: i think my build is more meant for mobbing. its holds its own against eclipse, and i think (but am not sure) it can take out EOS faster than luck cannons, but as you said “EOS is a joke to nisha” XD. also if you like the concept feel free to steal it or post it on your own build, i don’t mind. ive also been meaning to ask, i recently checked your build after all the talk about it, and you don’t take ruthless. i understand you want to be efficient with skill points and would like to have faster than you, but i think that longer showdown means more of its buffs and skills that are only active in showdown like the unforgiven and jurisdiction. what do you think or have found out by testing?