[Build] Tediore Amara with Pistol

Essentially abusing the interaction between terror ammo regen and the Hangin’ Chad to quickly regen pistol ammo. She can instantly recharge her hp and shield at any time, while dishing a ton of dmg and having good cc. Don’t even need to aim.


When terror reload came out I went to test this with regular CoV pistol, but it didnt seem to work as well as it does for you. Is this interaction only possible with Hangin Chad since its technically like a CoV infinity?

The “magazine” the regen is calculated from for COV weapon is the number of shots to break. If you look at the Chad that value is 999. That’s why other COV don’t work as well. FYI this also work with Moze forge.

Ah, I didnt know that Chad had that rating. I did notice a difference in ammo regen between different CoV pistols and assumed that “shots to break” is the CoV equivalent of magazine size. I got rid of the Chad pistol though so I couldnt test it, now I regret that. But ill get another one with a different character. This is a nice alternative to Tediore Shotgun build as you can equip a different Artifact instead of Cutpurse.
Cool find MDNmtg.

Btw the number on the Chad is not for show, if you keep firing for long enough it will eventually break.