(build) Tediore launcher krieg

Im mostly curious to see if theres a build on this forum for the tediore launcher krieg build?

if not i will gladly make one as in my opinion this is one of his best builds and most unknown one since every hit on slag enemies does over 400M wich makes for epic bloodsplosion chains too

Edit: this is the build or at least what ive come up with so far:

The reason why to me this build is very very good is because there are two ways to run it, either be a tanky mofo or a mofo who heals alooot. ill explain the main idea and then ill show what are the two different variations of it.

Basicly the whole build revolves around chucking tediore etech launchers because they dont consume ammo when you throw the magazine for some reason, so unlike every other type of chuking, you dont run out of ammo and launcher chucking deals way more damage than gunnerang and babymaker.

lets start with the spec and then gear and then ill explain how this build works in battle.

this is the skill calculator link: http://bl2skills.com/psycho.html#55000500055100550200000051405050051

5 points into blood-filled guns because this is your damage with tediore reloads
5 points into blood twitch because swap speed is nice and nothing else is usefull
5 points into blood bath to get grenades back because that will be your slagging… plus all your kills are with explosions so you could throw a gun on there but honestly just the launcher is what i do
5 points into boiling blood for obvious reasons
5 points into nervous blood for massive reload speed wich is amazing for tediore relaods
1point into bloodsplosion… because… REASONS!!!

Mania tree: basicly since youre gonna be dealing soooo much damage, you rly want to get thrill of the kill
5 points into feed the meat because health stacking on krieg isnt bad and even with 1 point in thrill of the kill youill always get all your health back even if you have 3M health
5 points into embrace the pain… basicly its the only one that has something usefull, the shield delay
then you want to spec into thrill of the kill… i put 2 points in but honestly 1 is enough
(if you want) youill have 3 extra points you could put in strip the flesh

Hellborn tree:

5 points in burn baby burn because youill want to be on fire
always put 1 point in fuel the fire because youre either going to use a torch mod or psycho mod wich will both make it 6/5
4 points into numbed nerves because damage reduction is good on krieg, especially if health stacking with a rough rider
5 points into elemental elation for magazine size again
1 point into delusional damage because you want your slag grenades to set you on fire
4 points into fire fiend for reload speed/ or 4 points into flame flare because the reload speed is only 35%, so staying on fire might be more benefitial…
5 points into elemental empathy for healing with raving retribution/ flame of firehawk
1 point into raving retribution… because its awesome

you will have an extra 3-4 points… usually i put them into either flame flare/fire fiend(wichever i didnt get) or into strip the flesh wich is great for the chucking damage. my issue is that most of the time even with this, youill once shot everything. i killed an orc captain, wich bloodsploded on the king of orc and another captain and king of orc died… 9% extra damage isnt that amazing but it makes a big diference on 400M hits wich if what you do before bloosplosion


basicly the only weapon you need is a Tediore etech launcher

tediore sight
tediore grip
etech barrel
torgue exhaust

these will make the reload super fast and give you a mag size of 5

shields: there are two diferent builds

rough rider for health stacking/tanking
flame of the firehawk… this one makes you heal alot but the build i use with it does less damage

explosive relic is the best
you could use a blood of the seraphs


any rarity slag bouncing betty with a 0 fuse time

class mod:

with the rough rider ill use legendary psycho… this one will get you load of health, the 37$ mag bonus helps and it boosts blood filled guns wich boosts mag size by 250%… amazing for damage

with the flame of the firehawk ill use legendary torch wich will boost elemental elation wich will give you 100% more mag size… this one has weaker damage but it has the survivability of the hellborne krieg we all know

you can also use flame of the firehawk with legendary psycho wich is the best in some situations… honestly better then FOTF with legendary torch but idk i just like the Torch mod…

i mostly use the Psycho/Rider combo but when in creature areas, i prefer the FOTF setup because chucking a 400M dmg launcher at a %&%?#%$#?% Rabid skag or stalkers thats jumping iin your face might not be the smartest thing to do…

How it works:

when you get in combat, chuck 1-2 slag betty, youill slowly gain bloodlust stacks, slagging the enemys will set you on fire wich will make you throw raving retribs wich will make you heal and start up elemental elation… when elemenatl eleation and blood filled guns start going up, your mag size increases… what that does is it gives you the option to reload without having to shoot because you magazine isnt full anymore since it grew… so you can just keep reloading without firing… so you never use any rocket launcher ammo because for some reason, chucking launchers doesnt throw out all your ammo… you will proc blood bath so youilll keep getting grenades. basicly as long as your stacks of bloodlust and elemental elation arent to the max, you can just keep reloading without shooting… if they get maxed out, you can chill out a sec or switch to a gun while blood bath is up and wreck havoc.

LIke ive said a few times, when everything is maxed, your mag size should be something like 32-33 if i remember… those chucks will do over 400M on slagged enemys… the bloosplosion that it does will always do damage cap if you have over 35-40 stacks of bloodlust…

thats my Krieg build, i hope you enjoy it, and i would loove some feedback on it, thanks


No, but knock yourself out. :dukecheese: If you do make a thread, I’ll add it to the build list.

do i absolutely need pictures btw?

Nope. You can add them if you like, but all you really need is a write-up and a link to the bl2 skill calculator page. Take a look at the other build write-ups if you need examples.

alright edited first post, thats whole build… anxious for feedback

Clever! I’d love to see a video if you can publish one.

…does it work with the Bunny? :laughing:

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it probably does ive never tried but i wouldnt recomend because the bunny will kill you… and i dont have anything to record as im on xbox360… sorry… if youre on 360 i can give you the launcher so you can try it out, its pretty awesome… im currently farming handsome sorcerer and it takes under 45 secs to kill all 3