[BUILD]- Terminator Moze- Infinite ammo / SOR build

Hello guys, I set out to make a meme build and have unlimited ammo for a Lyuda just for the sake of fun. What we ended up with was something that was actually viable and can be used with pretty much any weapon you feel like using.

I have taken it through the Cistern of Slaughter, and Slaughterstar 3000 and absolutely destroyed them both without issue with some pretty terrible modifiers. As for Slaughter Shaft(COV), I did not go there as I do not enjoy my screen being covered in rocket spam status effects. I do have my doubts as far as survivability goes there, but I am pretty confident with the right shield and focus on mobility, you could do just fine, a transfusion nade would probably be the boost it needs to breeze through that easily. I do very much enjoy running Anvil with this build as it just melts anointed’s like nothing. *edit- I did forget to mention it will kill bosses like GW very quickly and easily.

The build takes advantage of 2 terror anoints and a purple Marksman com, in order to give us great ammo regen without having to spec very deep into Bottomless Mags. We invest very deeply into SOR for damage and survivability. This build does not use Bloodletter or Deathless, and we will hardly be throwing nades at all.

This build is all about aiming for crits and Iron Bear canceling, to keep the ammo flowing and the shield regenerating. It is a run and gun build allowing us to constantly sprint and never let go of the trigger.

Due to the interactivity required for it to be successful, and the sheer enjoyment of holding down the trigger, we end up having a ton of fun playing it!

Skill Tree link: https://bl3zone.com/planner/AAC5EB4EC2ED5EE1EF3EH3EI5EJ1EK1EL4EM5EO1EQ1ES2ET5FB-ac1BRac2BRau1BUau2BU

Required items:

  • A nade/shield with the terror perk to stack terror every 5 seconds on action skill end.
  • A nade/shield for ammo regen while under the effect of Terror.
  • If you use Lyudas for the build at least a 40% mag buff passive is required.

I apologize if it’s too similar to anyone else’s build as I prefer to do my own thing and wouldn’t be familiar if it already existed.

I made a video to explain the build and to show some gameplay using it-

I apologize that I know nothing about making videos since I am not any kind of content creator. I am aware my game sound is too loud compared to my voice, I hope you are still able to make sense of my commentary.

If you have any questions, comments, or critique’s(about the build not the video, I know that part is ■■■■■■ already :D) feel free to comment here or send me a DM and I promise to reply.

It is important to note I am currently using some Guardian ranks although I don’t think it’s too significant. https://imgur.com/3Uecmot


Neat. I had a similar idea, except it involved getting Forge instead. I haven’t tested it out yet.

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Yeah it’s a ton of fun. I would be interested in seeing what you’ve come up with as well.

LazyData also runs an infinite ammo Lyuda build, here is his vid if you’re curious. He uses forge as his capstone. Similar class mod and some similar ideas though

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That Sin Tee person also has a variation of this. I’m also running a variation.

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Makes me happy to hear a lot of people have strayed away from nade spam builds. <3 As fun as they can be, I prefer to see variety. Sidenote: I finally found +4scorch/+1redist mod so I’m happy to replace that in my build.