[Build] The Bandit Incinerator (a.k.a The Foxy Fire Lady of Doom)

This build is intended as a fun build, one where you are in the middle of all the destruction. You shouldn’t hold back, as it’s a tanky build and best when face-painting the enemy. I rate it as an easy play style, and fairly flexible with gear. Anyone should be able to pick it up and go.

The heart of the build is :fire: Fire using Helios :fire: plus any weapon really. I use the Heartbreaker. What we intend to do is use the following skills to basically destroy them with little fuss:

Phaselock >> Converge + Ruin + Helios >> Sub-Sequence v Slagged targets + Cloud Kill from shooting
& Shock Singularity (Quasar or similar)

Once the targets are slagged and without shields, Helios starts pumping out serious damage. Using Thought Lock takes the heat off us, and we kill that target to proc SS. The more the better. If done right you may only have to shoot one or two times. Best to pick on the small guys for maximum effect.

Note: This really isn’t about weapons, it’s about Siren Skill Power and Control whilst mobbing.


##Skill Tree Overview


:no_entry_sign: Only tested properly at Level 72. I no longer have an OP8 Siren to test viability at the higher level.

##Skill Breakdown

  • Accelerate 5/5
    Not essential, could be put in Ward. Just gives a wee bit more gun damage and bullet speed. Depends on guns really.

  • Kinetic Reflection 5/5
    If using Antagonist not essential, but very effective in bullet areas after kill. Enemy may proc Cloud Kill else where, but it comes around pretty quick so i’d rather take the deflection and damage reduction. A sniper style wouldn’t need KR.

  • Inertia 5/5
    IMO fairly essential for quick reload and shield generation; helps stave off DoT damage and light damage. One of my favorite skills in the game, particularly when playing aggressively.

  • Converge
    Essential. Is heart of the Siren’s control power. Excellent skill.

  • Quicken 5/5
    Essential part of the build, as using our Action Skill (Phaselock) and what it imparts is the main focus.

  • Sub-Sequence 5/5
    Very much part of the build, as it is this skill that imparts the high damage from Helios proc’ing on slagged enemies, converging and throwing them around making them unable to attack you too much. Not good in Hyperion areas due to Surveyors flying off.

  • Thought Lock
    Though not essential, you can see how effective it is when nothing attacks you…allowing you to stand amongst the mayhem picking off your targets.

  • Sweet Release
    Though not essential, it does provide a lot of incoming health allowing you to go crazy ape insane :smile: and not swap over to Rubi or Grog too much.

  • Wreck
    Bit of extra damage and shootin’ speed, yee haa! Could be put else where.

  • Flicker 5/5
    As it’s an elemental build, best to have this maxed. More chance of Fire the better.

  • Immolate 4/5
    Could be in Foresight, flexible. Being in the middle of warfare tends to bring on FFYL now and then…

  • Helios 5/5
    Basically one of the builds top skills. Bring the boom baby :fire: !!

  • Chain Reaction 5/5
    This isn’t essential buts adds to gun DPS when needing it. Though this could be put in Foresight or even Blight Pheonix :blush:

  • Cloud Kill
    Because it’s mad crazy and kills nasty metal bandits. Serious, it adds to the grouped up enemy damage. Marcus loves corrosive stuff :acmbarf:

  • Reaper
    Super damage against enemy with lots of health, nice. Gets the party started :birthday:

  • Ruin
    God amongst Siren skills and pretty essential. Although slag weapons can be used, it helps with alround DPS, taking down shields, and corrosion to add in there. Slags all enemies near Converge area, thus helping Helios whack some big numbers when Sub Sequence rolls on.

##Play Style - Tactics

Essentially what we do is find a few enemy, use Phaselock and Singularity to group and strip shields. Once converged Ruin & Helios go KABOOM :boom:

The enemy in Thought Lock takes the heat, but we kill them so Sub Sequence can initiate, thus starting the cycle again but versus slagged enemies near by and Helios and other elements become the focus of power. Sub Sequence helps to proc our Converge thus throwing enemy around and they are disabled momentarily. Using a well timed Singularity grenade gives you a moment of respite until Phaselock is back in play.

With this aggresive style it’s best to not stand back, if things go wrong then FFYL is hard to get out of. Close to the action means easier targets to get our second wind.

##Weapons / Gear

Weapons are not defined, but as it’s a Fire focused build, any Fire weapons can be used. Could even go as far as not having any priority, choose your own. It does help to cover FIRE and CORROSIVE, shock isn’t needed but a Rubi or Grog Nozzle can be pretty handy as we don’t use Harmony skills much.

I like the Heartbreaker, a relatively powerful shotgun with minor healing properties being a Moxxi weapon. Easy to get hold as it’s a mission reward. Good critical damage and great up close or medium range. Others like; Hellfire, Butcher, Fire Infinity, Plasma Caster and others could be used, but the Heartbreaker fits this build and play style.

  • Shield - Antagonist
    This could be swapped for a Sham, Blockade, good Adaptive shield, Big Boom Blaster, maybe a good Nova shield.
  • Relic - Bone of the Ancients Fire
    Pretty essential being a Fire build
  • Grenade - Quasar :zap:
    Shock Singulairy would suffice, though the Quasar just kicks butt butt.
  • Siren COM - Cunning Fox or Hell Fox
    It’s about the Fox. But, a similar build could use a Binder, especially the Legendary binder.

Video 1 - Bandit Busting in the Bloodshots

Video 2 - Bandit Busting in Sawtooth (not so great in Sawtooth, but still good)

Video 3 - Bandit Busting in Lynchwood


added Sawtooth

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Damn, that build seems so cool ! Gotta try it !
Really good work, carry on :slight_smile:


Added Lynchwood. Still looking for Fox with +6 Helios and Reaper. Have tested it with +6 Helios and better relic and does 1150K burn DoTs. With the highest relic and COM, should be around 1200K which destroys anything slagged.