[BUILD] The Bandit Specialist

Become Steve Austin the Bandit Specialist!!


This started as a gag but ended up turning into a pretty badass little build (but is still a gag, right @paulothead?). There was a thread that touted the excellence of the Specialist COM, which surely is the worst COM in the entire game right? However, this individual stuck the Specialist together with the Lascaux and it got me thinking…:thinking:

The Specialist’s only variable is increased SMG accuracy :roll_eyes:
It also boosts :

  • Duty Calls (+damage for non-elemental guns)
  • Ready (reload)
  • Forbearance ( -status effects / +health ).

So I got to thinking, other than the Lascaux, the Tattler and Bone Shredder are perfect candidates for this : extra reload and the accuracy increase from the COM is actually ideal for multi-pellet Bandit SMGs.

Safe to say Bandit guns (SMGs especially) suffer from four problems :

  • #1 : slow reload
  • #2 : slow fire rate
  • #3 : mediocre damage
  • #4 : poor accuracy

Only four problems you say? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an accuracy comparison with/without the Specialist COM :


That fixes problem #4. That’s pretty good, right? RIght?? Tell me I’m right :laughing:

So here’s the build :

It’s a build. Do what you like (Resourceful :arrow_right: Expertise for example), but here are the highlights :

  • Duty Calls : this is the foundation of the build. True story. At 10/5 you get +50% gun damage and +30% fire rate which takes care of problems #2 and #3.
  • Ready : at 8/5 reload is +64%. That’s problem #1 taken care of.
  • Metal Storm : pretty obvious this is a mobbing build, so more fire rate means more of Bandit’s problems sorted, right?
  • Pressure : more reload.
  • Forbearance : there’s no advantage to going with a blue Specialist, so might as well invest one point to be boosted by a purple COM. Well worth the point.
  • Preparation and Able : only Bandit guns, so no Moxxi.

And the gear :

  • Specialist COM : of course. Go purple : ideally Military (+5 Duty Calls).
  • Bandit allegiance relic : this is intended to be a casual Bandit allegiance build and the relic is the cornerstone of allegiance. Bandit relics will boost damage and reload or fire rate (I’d personally opt for damage + fire rate). If you don’t have one, a SMG aggression relic will do.
  • Tattler : I really hate this gun, but there are ways to make it shine and this build takes care of most of its problems (bullet speed being the only thing that can’t be fixed here). Obviously it needs to be non-elemental. Otherwise it has fairly decent accuracy to begin with (for an Anarchy) and has very respectable damage.
  • Bone Shredder : an easier to get Tattler that uses twice the ammo (who cares?), decreased accuracy and despite the decreased damage is still pretty badass. It can at least have an accessory but again, must be non-elemental.
  • Slagga : because…Slagga, duh.
  • Badaboom : you’re probably going to need this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Shields : go for a roid if you want to stay closer to allegiance. I recommend a Punchee due to its extremely good recharge rate. Again, no Moxxi means you want it recharged ASAP. Otherwise, whatever shield you fancy. I went safe with a Blockade.
  • Grenades : same as shields really. Go Bandit…or not. Recommendations : Contraband Skyrocket, tesla, shock singularity, explosive transfusions.

There you go. You are now OP8 ready!! :rofl:
(In reality, this is a very strong build at low OP levels)

Stay frosty troops!!


So about the image comparing accuracy… That is a Slagga, right? I can see that you managed to hit with two out of three projectiles. Did the third one miss completely? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::innocent:

OK! I’ve gotten that out of my system now. Apologies!

The Allegiance relic improves accuracy quite a bit. Did you have it equipped when you did this test? In any case, it’s pretty damn good accuracy for a Slagga. What happens if you spec in Steady? It improves recoil on all weapon types, iirc.


er…no? Damage, reload, fire rate. Is there some hidden feature I don’t know about?

I can’t remember - probably. My Slagga does not have the accuracy prefix for what it’s worth.

It’s either Steady or Battlefront or split them : I’d rather have the added damage from Battlefront. Although the flat launcher damage is nice to have.


Happy forumverssary @Ronnie_Rayburn - four years of jackass! I made you a cake



No sawbar?? :disappointed_relieved:


Doesn’t fit. The COM centers on SMGs and Duty Calls centers on non-elemental - so three slots are Tattler, Bone Shredder and Slagga ; the fourth is a (non-elemental / explosive) Badaboom for those frequent moments a bullet won’t cut it (nomads for example).
Which reminds me : Contraband Skyrocket is a nice choice for grenade. Added that to the OP.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Yes, it does! If it’s a Hyperion relic. Which ofc it isn’t! Let me just remove the foot from my mouth.

Bending and squeaking noises There! All better!

Thanks, Jefe! :+1:t3:


Sure, why not? It’s worth a laugh, but if things die while you laugh that’s better, maybe even bestest, right? :wink: The Kittyzerker build was a gag too, but it has seen plenty of serious gameplay now. Of course, I like Bandit guns anyway and smgs in particular, so maybe I’m a little biased. Either way, I’m glad you posted this because I wanted to see it, so thank you. :nerd_face:


I like it, always liked bandit smgs.


Better put, “The Bandit SMG Specialist” :wink:

You are specifically using SMG’s only, from what I gather. nit picking…I know. :wink:
I like playing with the Non-popular and sometimes wonky/gimmicky builds before reaching end-game. they are much more viable/effective pre-UVHM. Does this hold up at OP8? have you tested at OP8?


I haven’t. It probably could in the more basic areas, but since it’s non-elemental I can’t really see it being any fun. It would be like running Jakobs allegiance at OP8 without the crits. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


shesh… I need my crits! :sweat_smile:




It was good while it lasted.


I don’t know what are you talking about.:wink:


i missed it. :disappointed_relieved:


It was some report about inflammable shield and Krieg’s self ignition… Nothing.