[BUILD] The Black Hole [UCP]

“You are the center of the Universe.”

Black Holes are the most fascinating things in the universe.

Aside from science, it’s been a while since I didn’t post anything !
So, I was messing around with Gaige and some underused items and I tried out building her around the Black Hole shield. And I really got awesome results out of it.
The Unofficial Community Patch went ahead and buffed DoTs in UVHM and OP levels, making them actually very powerful with a bunch of characters (especially Maya, Gaige and Krieg).

This build’s playstyle revolves around DoTs, Elemental Damage and crowd control. Surprisingly, you will not care at all about **Anarchy** since this is not a gun build. All the damage will come from Gaige’s DoT boosts and **Blood-Soaked Shields**. Deathtrap will also help us a bit here.

Obviously the key item to this build is the Legendary Maliwan Black Hole Shield which releases a singularity and a high damage Nova upon depleting. It is a very underused item, but it becomes really great with this build.


First of all, here is the spec that I’ll be using for this setup. You can change some things in function of your playstyle. (click here)


  • Grog Nozzle : this is probably the only weapon you will really need for this build, since the rest is entirely up to you. Use the Grog for staying alive thanks to all the DoTs going on, “Shock and AAAGGGGHH!” and for some easy Slag as well. Rubi can work as well.

  • Slow Hand : it’s not imperative to the effectiveness of this build, but a low level version of this baby gives you another option to strip your Shield aside from Grenades. Obvioulsy as a Moxxi weapon it will heal you as well, making it a more than decent option for this build. Shock element only.

  • Any decent weapon : just look into Gaige’s Top Gear and use whatever you want.
    PLEASE NOTE : accuracy in this build isn’t an issue here at all since you’d be wasting your time trying to build Anarchy stacks when you can stomp with only DoTs and Novas.


  • Legendary Catalyst : probably the best COM for this build to get the most DoT Damage you can get. A basic blue Catalyst COM should do the job just fine if you don’t have the Legendary variant.


  • Black Hole : obviously, it’s the main item here. It provides major crowd control with free Singularities and a Nova that hits like a truck, and **Blood-Soaked Shields** makes it so you can spam it if you strip your Shield and kill someone immediately.


  • Chain Lightning : the best Grenade for Shock DoTs, Shield stripping and healing with the Grog. Also comes with a passive ability that regenerates grenades.

  • Storm Front : arguably one of the best grenades in the game. It provides a lot of DoT stacking, and you still can strip your Shield with it.

  • Quasar : if you want more DoTs and more crowd control, the Quasar is for you ! Decent DoT damage coupled with a Singularity and pretty high Damage.

  • Magic Missile : the best way to Slag enemies : throw and forget.

  • O-Negative : good Slag grenade, but also heals you and homes into enemies.


  • Bone of the Ancients : choose between Fire and Shock depending on how you like it. It’s the best for DPS and more DoT Damage.

  • Grenade Stockpile Relic : since you don’t 100% need full Damage, you can use a Stockpile Relic to get more grenades, allowing you to strip your Shields more often.


So, I hope you enjoyed this build and I hope you had fun with it ! If you have some feedback or advises, please comment down below and tell me what you think of this build, and see ya around ! :smile:


Nice one :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a similar build with a low level shock Slow Hand to strip my shield. It was helpful to spam Black Hole’s novas and allows me to use a slagging, healing nade instead of a Chain Lighting. Probably less effective than the Grog Nozzle / Chain Lighting combo but it adds some diversity.

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I played a lot of Zer0 so I feel a bit more at home when stripping Shields with the Chain Lightning. It’s probably a great option though. Adding it to the loadout !

Thanks for the feedback ! :slight_smile:

Gaige, as my Maliwan rep, has the luxury of playing hardcore shield-offense like this. Between Blood Soaked Shields, Unstoppable Force, and some OP buffs to the shields, it’s a viable playstyle. The Black Hole is an obvious choice, but she also rocks a Flame of the Firehawk and Impaler if she wants different elements for this.

She can even rip things up with a shock spike shield (but you do need a very good one with a lot of OP buff behind it). For melee enemies, once a kill is on deck, she’d got a full shield with Unstoppable Force keeping the spikes sharp. Damage will wear them down with the shield until the next kill when it resets: full shield and Unstoppable Force. Bullymongs, Stalkers, and Skags are great company for this playstyle (shock DoT will hit pretty hard and trigger Electrical Burn… just slag them and let them fall all over your shield).

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I wanted to focus on the Black Hole because of its effect. Singularities indirectly increase your survivability by stunning enemies and Gaige also has a lot of Electrocute DoT boosts (triggering Electrical Burn as well for even more DoT damage) so I thought the Black Hole was the best choice for a hyper-offensive Shield build other than Firehawk Krieg (which is by far the most popular). I’m not saying other Shield playstyles aren’t viable since that’s the second Shield build I post, it’s just that I think the Black Hole is her best option for an offensive Shield.

It’s also easier to use because of the fact you don’t need to get hit to make it work (Impaler) and you don’t need to keep the Shield depleted for it to work (Flame of the Firehawk).

… O.K it’s also because the Black Hole is my favourite Shield in the game … :smile: