[Build] The Bloodslapper/Shield Maiden Moze

The Bloodslapper/Shield Maiden Moze

Because who needs Vampyr, amirite?

Tired of putting together a hard-hitting 1HP/Bloodletter Moze build, but going down all the time because Vampyr cannot deliver sufficient healing in the clutch? Interested in stacking 400k or more shield health with the potential to heal it in an instant? Want to use a grenade capable of dishing out millions of points of damage? Well, then I have the build for you.

Skill Tree



The only critical skill pickups here are in the red tree – 3/3 Thin Red Line, 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity, 3/3 Desperate Measures and 5/5 Phalanx Doctrine; these will ensure a healthy amount of base shield health. I would strongly recommend going all the way down the blue tree in order to pick up Short Fuse because it currently benefits from Mayhem scaling and double-dips on damage bonuses, but it is not required. If you’d prefer to split your points between the green and blue trees, I’d suggest something like this. If you’re not using splash weapons and would prefer to invest more in Bottomless Mags, I’d recommend something like this.

In terms of IB hardpoints, I recommend using railguns – either both sabot or one sabot and one capacitive armature.

In terms of gear, there are only three required items:

Class Mod


You are primarily using the Bloodletter for its legendary effect of healing your shields instead of health. I’d recommend looking for class mods with skill points in Thin Red Line and Phalanx Doctrine, but any of three available skills are going to be very useful. In terms of stat rolls, look for things that complement your gear set – e.g. increases to shield capacity or max health, splash damage stat rolls if you’re using splash weapons, charge time stat rolls if you’re using charge weapons, etc.



The Knife Drain Deathless (KDD) will double your shield health and heal you for 75% of damage dealt – I will explain why this is important when we get to the next item. I would strongly recommend looking for KDDs that have at least bonus magazine size and, if possible, bonus area of effect damage. Other than that, look for increases to max health and shields and damage rolls that compliment your gear set.



Don’t let the damage on the weapon card deceive you – since this grenade’s damage counts as melee damage, it benefits from both Mayhem level scaling and the Guardian rank perk Groundbreaker – which means that this level 57 grenade, for example, can easily do millions of damage on M10. A little trick I like to do with the Fish Slap is focus down a large enemy until they are at about half or 2/3 of their final health bar and then the toss a Fish Slap to finish them off. It can post some frankly silly numbers once you get going:


Yep, 5M hit on a basic Maliwan trooper.


This one of Cpt. Traunt is interesting because I think it proc’d Short Fuse as well? Either way, because I am using a KDD, I am healed for 75% of that damage, instantly refilling my shields.

Other Gear

To paraphrase the rapper T.I., you can use whatever you like. That being said, I do have a couple of recommendations for gear that complements this build well.

For shields, go with a Hyperion shield that has a lot of capacity like an Old God or Transformer or even a Front Loader; my recommended shield anoints are bonus health and shields on exiting Iron Bear or Iron Bear cooldown reduction.

As for weapons, my ‘go-to’ weapons are the Plaguebearer (for groups of enemies) and the Beacon (for single target damage). The Backburner, Flipper and Lightshow are good alternatives to these weapons, particularly for builds that have spec’d points into Bottomless Mags. My recommended anoints for launchers are 300v2, uRad, and 160% splash; for the Beacon and other single-target weapons, I’d recommend uRad and 160% splash.

An early test of this build:

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post


its cynical ofc.
i have played 1 hp moze for the longest time
but its funny that the thumbnail of this video is moze in FFYL^^
because thats basically the fate of a 1 hp build XD


FFYL is just a part of life. Doesn’t count against you unless you fully go down.


especially for double downer people :smiley:

Just FYI, that grenade is modded. Max lvl for Fishslap is 57 M0.

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And here I thought you made build centered around the purple COM shield maiden.

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Ah, you are correct. Need to rummage through the loot to see if I have another.

UPDATE: Found one with OGT; only two parts though :frowning: Still hits really hard.

I’ve done that in the past, but it is hard to say no the bonus effects of the legendary COMs.

I was thinking about trying a fish slap time. I’ve been keeping a Facepuncher equipped now because any time I do a lot of damage to a crowd, I now know that I can simply swap to the FP within a few seconds and one shot anything in view with it. Glad to know the Fish Slap has a similar mechanic. I might need to grab it out of the bank now.

Yeah, I only really pulled it out the bank to help with a chuck build, but when saw how much damage it was doing, I just had to see how far I could push it.

Been running this with a Brawler Ward with the ASS anoint. Pretty damn fun and surprisingly tanky with Tenacious Defense and the Ward skills/parts

ASS is useless on Ward shield.

ASS is also useless on Moze, unfortunately.


It triggers the damage (not sure about melee), regen, and tenacious defense. Seems to work for me

Although, come to think of it, I’m probably just triggering tenacious defense

Second Edit: I need to be a bit more thorough when I test things out. TD is definitely the only thing being triggered.

That’s funnier than it should be…

I am determined to get some use out of an ASS anoint with this build, so I swapped to a stinger I had with the anoint. Probably still not efficient. But is is fun, and the nova has a decent range, making short work of trash mobs outside of the takedowns

I’ve heard tell that the rumored fourth skill tree for Moze will be designed with ASS and ASA anoints in mind. I’ll be looking forward to 150% grenade damage.

Also, you can hit absolutely insane damage numbers with the Fish Slap and Moze – skip to about 12:40 of this video and you will see a grenade hit the Better Half for 112 million damage:

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