BUILD-The close quarters vampire

i know that people in this category already know me as a playing dirty lover but i come from competitive fps gaming and doing highest dps is my second nature. today i will drop down the idea that does not revolve around burst damage but is all about taking the fight to the baddies and shooting them in the dick!

here is the skill tree

note: stiff upper lip was a mis click put it wherever you want. you can also go down the path or rise to occasion and really expensive jacket and take the points out of donnybrook and synchronicity, just do not touch hitman it is perfect!

here is a showcase with unoptimized gear still tearing up mayhem 3

now i do not want to do a fancy write up full of linked images so i will make it plain. we use 2 action skills, both of their primary purpose is to activate salvation when we do not have a kill going. skills must be self explanatory but if you have questions i will answer. only reason we spec in synchronicity is to get donnybrook. we do not use both action skills at the same time! unless we are safe or agasinst single badass enemy.

barrier, the primary function of barrier is to activate kill skills on demand, always pick it up for this build.

digi clone- same as barrier, we do not need extended duration of our action skills as it does not effect the kill skill time!

augments are also self explanatory, more reload and more aggro relief- they are not needed but still.

play style: as the title implies this build is for in your face play style lovers, run up to the enemy and melt him while being healed.

how to pull it off:


  1. long musket smg- ammo efficient check, dps through the roof? check, fast reload? triple hecking check
  2. now i am not gonna write down a longass list but any alien barrel ar’s with either beams or puke sploosh shooting style will do. any high damage high magazinsize high fire rate guns like lucians call rowans call etc etc you get the drift… shoot them shoot them a lot and be quick about it.
    3.nighhawking in cryo just in case.
  3. randomass fun gun like rocket launcher for second winds or whatever you like or repeat N2 with different element and gun type (ammo is a concern)

as you can see build is fairly not demanding it has no requirements for any red text guns you can pull it off with alien barrel weaponary (smg,AR)

oh god yes yes yes you can use your rough rider if you want to (people have boner for 0 capacity) now since our shield will be always breaking, you need the ones that give you something in return for either breaking or while they have any capacity at all. so the list is long again : black hole or burner or any decent nova shield or any reflective shield or any absorbing shield (as long as they are 1% full their absorbtion chance does its job) any shields that give you bonuses when broken and depleted, like shocking nearby enemies, god there is plenty of options.

again not demanding .

nades: i do not recommend using nades, since two action skills used at different times guarantee that your life steal is always on even when you do not have the enemy killed in past 7 -10 seconds. but you can go for either healing or cryo nades or good ol hex mirvs, anything to your hearts content.

artifacts: grab one that gives you either mag size, movement speed fire rate or reload speed. mag size is preferable. if you find otto idol with mag size boost you are in sugar.

class mods: grab the one that has fire rate or reload speed or mag size in passives, for actives seek donnybrook skill or boost to salvation or ready for action (5 in salvation is enough tbh) if you chose to go down the path of rise to occasion and really expensive jacket look for boosts in violent speed or preamunitus or the very same rise to occasion.

how this will work: jump into the area, drop clone, fight without actually being killable for 10 seconds. if you notice that untill the next fight you do not have the kill skills active, drop barrier, rinse and repeat. you have the speed to run from enemy to enemy, you have survival to shoot them in the face with great chance to freeze! high dps guns freeze more often through brainfreeze especially flame throwers and lazers ( yes u still need to focus on crits but all you have to do is run around and hip fire)

so unlike other builds, i suggest a fairly non demanding very fun to play playstyle any zane can pull off with even non unique gear . this is meant only for mobbing. if you find a problem killing badasses keep in mind you can throw long musket 2-3 times and then start shooting this way you have dps of hefty 4 damn guns! other than that keep a strong second wind weapon if you like, or just u know… don’t die :smiley:

now this build is not for highly competitive areas, unless you have specific gear apart from musket like other strong laser weapons with no charge and in different element.

tl’dr activate salvation and shoot them in the dick!

p.s. regarding stupid questions like will muh flakker be good with this, yes any strong gun will still be good but do not go into slow firing single shot gun category, other than that even bekah is fine but that is not why you play this build.