Build: The Dragon Of Partali and The Soul Fire Tsunami

Ladies, gentlemen, and every other conceivable point on the graph, welcome to the land of Mayhem. Tonight’s display of majestic wonder is the Dragon Of Partali and her Soul Fire Tsunami.

Announcer voice aside, ya bish gots a build and she’s a DOOZY. So. First off. Soul Fire Tsunami just sounds like an amazing thing to say. Zero denying this. Ever since I was a baby Amara farming Kataballa for my first Tsunami, I knew this gun was the one I wanted to turn into a monster. It shoots Shock and Corrosive pellets, and according to some youtubers, they saw Non-elemental damage in here as well. So this thing punctures shields and armor like nothing. At one ammo a shot, it’s also a really good Elemental SMG as is.

But we’re missing something. So many enemies are flesh! You’re right. That’s where everything else in the kit comes in. But we’ll get there.

For this Mayhemic Concoction we’ll need the following:

The Tsunami- A small, localized hurricane. The main focus of this build is a returning SMG from BL1. This thing kicks out Electricity and Acid, and it’s soooo fun to watch the bullets fly.

Red Skill: Indiscriminate. It’s Chain Reaction, but ALWAYS ON. It gets bumped up when a grasp skill goes live. Let the Mayhem Commence.

Red Skill: Either Infusion or Forceful Expression. We need one of these so that the Tsunami will also do fire damage. Because we’re gonna be running Soul Fire at all not-inappropriate times. (KATABALLA)

Red Skill: Illuminated Fist. A trademark feature of Amara is her ability to do elemental melee damage. I can’t disregard a character skill, as my Claws Gaige builds will surely show you. Also, this is gonna give us a damage boost that’s gonna get better in the end here.

Red Skills: Conflux, Wildfire, Catharsis: I love messes. These skills will keep the battlefield messy af, and I choose to keep them running because it keeps everything low on health to make it easy to break them into tiny pieces. Since we’re doing all three main elements, Conflux will help make sure that if one procs, so does another. Wildfire will pass those to other enemies, while Catharsis will take those and let the occasional enemy that dies out of my eyesight blow up their partners. Mischief Managed.

Red Skill: Tempest and Anima. We’re doing as much elemental damage as possible, so we want as much boosting as possible. I’ll take these all day, every day. All builds.

Red Skill: Sustainment! It’s a build based on an elemental gun, and we WANT TO LIVE. Pop some points here to let every shot bring you up.

Weapon Synergy: The Companion Jakobs pistol is a lovely top off for health with Sustainment. Just fire a clip of that thing into an enemy or five and come alive. (Fun Fact: I used this method to fight Tyreen a few times. Even if she’s immune, firing this thing will bring you back from near death)

Red Skill: Dread! Not just what I have when I wake up for work anymore! This will reload your weapon if you kill the grasped enemy, and boosts your gun damage while doing it! What’s not to love? (as far as I can tell, does not work on Stillness Locked enemies)

Red Action Skill: Fist Over Matter. Honestly? Besides the fact that I THINK this is the only Samsara proc’ing Grasp skill, I chose this over Ties for one reason…I like the concept of the fists smashing stuff to bits. It’s just…It looks cool. I pull out Ties when I need it (…anyone wanna see me pop Katagawa Jr like a zit? …wanna see me do it again?) because the whole name of this game is flexibility! But lemme pop some fists into battle all the time and I’m a happy gurl.

Blue Skills: The weapon swap one, then one in each of the rush stack skills. I like knowing if I need to grab another weapon, I can do it fast. And then I just like the idea of having the rush stack available if I ever wanna use a phasezerker. (I keep one of each Legendary COM on me at all times. FLEXIBLE!) Then action skill cooldown. Then Ascendant. Because!

Blue Skill Augment: We want Stillness of Mind. This will keep enemies off our backs as much as possible and give us time to get everything lined up. My playstyle if planned chaos, and Stillness gives me a chance to plan at random moments. More moments when I think about the main COM.

Green Skill: Personal Space. The plan here is to wear enemies down while we close the gap to do two things: Get more Crits…and punch them. This will make each step, a step closer to their death. Then grab some points in clarity for some survival.

Green Skill: Samsara! It’s like…my name…if I was also have named Sarah. But really, bonus gun damage and health regen while we wait between action skills is never a bad thing. Just make sure enemies hit the fists. Helping hands is here to help us survive a bit too.

Green Skill: FIND YOUR CENTER. Punch. With MAGIC ARMS. Forget how good it is, it just looks cool. (I swear, I’m the reason they make purple mouthwash). But bonus punch damage and bonus punch range? Yes. Please. I neeeed it.

COM: A legendary Dragon COM with at least a point in Remnant. The other points aren’t super important. But let’s talk about this for a second. The Special Ability of this COM is that Melee Kills activate your AS Augment. So, punch a bish dead, everyone around goes up…and they stay there! I SWEAR Traunt popped in the air multiple times from this the other night. I WILL TRY TO CATCH IT AGAIN. Lousy Maliwan troops.

COM PART TWO: Remnant. Freaking Remnant. Get overkill damage and send it off to another enemy. Between super close up Tsunami Bursts and a good fist kiss at the exact right time, these fools go down, pop, and bring eachother even more down. Making sure to kill enemies at peak damage is a little tough, but it’s my favorite part of these kinda builds. Claws Gaige had a timer between kills where her kill skills kept her roid shield from being down. So here, I try to punch an enemy on their last bit of health to send them into overkill hell.

Artefactually speaking, we’re gonna go with Unleash the Dragon. Because I’m a sucker for naming things, but also, because it helps melt anointed jerks, and it gives us some weird moments of just watching things burn while we find the best moment to end them. I just really enjoy the concept. And…it might conflux? Hard to tell. I like the vibe.

Shields: Uh…this is up to taste? I guess. I’m looking for a Berner that’s not terrible, but I honestly don’t think it’s gonna work out. I currently have a Throw Back anointment on a Black Hole…and that’s been fun. I don’t really know what I want yet. ALWAYS HAVE A TRANSFORMER. It’s gonna save you someday.

Shield update The Black Hole rips souls asunder. Let’s call it a Black Hole Tempest.

Other Weapons: I’ve learned we should always have a Lyuda in the bag, cause, duh. I have a Dictator because it’s good for a lot of situations, and if SMGs get dunked, AssRifes get a boost. I Keep a Recursion on hand because it can do things to crowds from a distance that I never thought possible until the other night. If you find one, try it. The Companion is a fun one. A Wagon wheel for when elemental gets dunked. Just…whatever you think can add to this is great. I’m still playing with it. I…I didn’t find the facepuncher that fun for me, but other’s might. See if you like it! The Brainstormer can be fun for some occasions.

Weapons Update I am now running a Kill of The Wisp, Thunderball Fists, Tsunami, and FireStorm Sniper. Comments below for Color Commentary.

Grenades. I’m seeing if I can get better at using singularities to get enemies closer to my fists…and…blowing myself up with them too. If I can find a singularity Storm Front? Might be what I want. Idk yet. Grenades are tough. And I don’t enjoy the Hexes much.

Grenade update I have moved to the Red Queen because it just feels fun to throw…and it’s also the only grenade that doesn’t make my already exploding battlefield even more deadly. Use a hex if you want, because it won’t hurt you either.

But anyways, the basic gist of this build is to run in, Tsunami firing, until you can punch an enemy, and let the Remnant ball take another one down. I took a really messy video here with all the best modifiers (it was my first load in, I swear), where you get to learn that my entire playstyle is me getting blown up to come back up. Ignore the first few seconds where my damn map decided to tell me Derch was on the same map. Wtf use is that, game?

Big thanks to @Arsonist @Slif_One and @nat_zero_six for talking Amara stuff, and big ups to @Derch for the videos on Remnant.

This build may not be optimal, But it’s fun af.

Also…I spent too long on Traunt because I was TRYING to make him fly again. I swear it happened.


that is some good fast-paced amara build.


Weird fact…Deep well isn’t working on the Tsunami? Every other gun yes. Tsunami, no? Is 44 important?

Edit: Tsunami’s elemental characteristics are Unlisted. Therefore, it’s “not an elemental weapon”

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@Maximum_Jackson here’s what I wound up doing at the cap :slight_smile:

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Haha! Ace! I just watched a large chunk of your video. So many bright melty Maliwan puddles! :joy:

Great write up too, appreciate the tag.

Fair way off levelling Amara to that point myself, but rest assured, I’ll be diving into to some of that goodness if I can find myself a Tsunami along the way. Looks like a blast!

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wot, how?

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Hey! Watching your video yesterday inspired me to level my Amara using just the FotE tree today.

Best. Decision. Ever. :blush:

Admittedly, I’m only on normal/normal (L27 maybe?), but the last time I saw this much melting, we had to pour all the Pandoran bandits back into the same jug.

Wanted to say thanks for the inspiration anyhow. Much appreciated! :blush:

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Omg, 27 or 28 is the best level. It’s when you can finally get Forceful Expression so I respecc’d and took my points out of Infusion so they could go to other skills in the tree.

Early game. I loved a com with a bonus point for a Illuminated fist. Made last ditch punches get me out of FFYL so much.

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I’m right with you! Still half a level away from hitting that cap, but how good are Maliwan puddles?! :joy:

Coincidentally, I’ve just been looking at the CMODs again now.

Using a purple Master so far, mostly because I nabbed one with +3 to Personal Space, and a small Weapon damage buff. I’ll definitely keep a beady eyeball peeled for that +1 Illuminated Fist though, ta! :+1:

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Puddles are amazing. DoT stacking is just a wild ride, so next week during Mayhem event with Increased Anointed Drops (according to CoOp Couch) I’m gonna farm for some new Tsunamis. Bonus Cryo or Radiation. Hopefully a blade.

When I was in Jakobs Estate I got my first Legendary COM. It was an Elementalist. It lit all nearby enemies with my action skill element when I grasped one. That was beautiful at that point in the game.

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Updates: I have added the Thunderball Fists, Kill of The Wisp, and Firestorm Sniper to the build.

The thunderball fists is good for deadly accurate hits. It stacks overkill sometimes, and is great for when you can see an enemy, but the Tsunami will miss a lot. Great for when a group of enemies is together, and reaally lovely on a grasped enemy so that you take their shield down while fire fist does the rest.

Kill of the Wisp is great when there’s a bunch of stuff and you just wanna chunk them down so that they’re easier to deal with as you begin to focus. It breaks shields, and if you get an overkill before this, it can kinda do some funny stuff. It melted a whole bandit! I was kinda confused at first, honestly. Also, it’s great if we need to Nimbus cheese something (yeah, this is The Dragon, but some times you’re just sick of an area and need to get through it).

Firestorm. I REALLY wish I was using the Storm Storm, but I’ve got enough shock in here it makes no sense. I’ll grab the Storm Storm on two occasions: Guardians. and when I decide to grab a shockwave instead of the Kill of The Wisp. I’m really going all in on Maliwan here, but that means I can hunt for a dragon com with maliwan buffs! But anyways. With overkill this thing gets deadly, plus, it drops fire orbs to create more chaos. and I am the queen of chaos.

Annnnnd that’s what’s new, y’all!

Build note, re theme: all of the guns feel like abilities a Dragon would have. Lol.

The build goes down a lot (thanks, Catharsis) but it’s a blast. When I get to TVHM Athenas, I’ll do some new footage