[Build] The Droogist

(Sir Cranburry) #23

It’s literally just a better Droog with more ammo consumption, therefore making the Droog mostly unnecessary.


No, it is not

It has way worse base damage. It’s inferior by a lot on anything without shields and since it has so much lower damage it’s not even all that much better on shielded enemies. It also has worse reload speed. Less damage and more ammo consumption is definitely not “literally better”.

EDIT: I will concede that I should try that out on Zarpedon and maybe DSR and EOS.


Holy crap, 1000 views on the build?

Had I realized it’s being looked at so much I would’ve updated that link in the first post into what I currently use, although it is mentioned in the messages in this tread and it’s really minor changes.

Should probably also make note of the ammo drop weight somewhere up there. Skimming through it now I realize I never put anything about that in there but knowing it will definitely help with Droogs. I’ll look into that later.

Almost makes me want to fire up this game again for another reset, it’s been quite a while.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #26

Now you’re talking. :acmaffirmative::grin:

(Is this thing on?) #27

I’ve used a shock Longnail on Deadlift. It’s a great starter weapon for that fight, but that reload… Let’s just say it’s much better to switch to something else once you’ve emptied the magazine.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #28

Deadlift is kinda a push over. His health is really easy to take down once you get passed the shield. Longnail penetrates so that is why it works well for that fight. I personally use the Cryo Longnail as it’s pretty much 100% chance to freeze with it bypassing the shield. :slight_smile: but it is the least desirable weapon to freeze and swap to another weapon. the weapon swapping is super slow with that weapon too, not just the reload.


With the shock Droog you can take his shield and a good chunk of his health down pretty much right at the spot where he spawns. It’s quite easy to hunt him down and finish him off from there. Sometimes he doesn’t immediately jump to another platform and he just ends up dying right away after you get to reload once.

Well, for this I’ve got something of a solution. The Longnail is after all a sniper rifle so you can activate Warning shot with it. There’s swap speed on that.