[Build] The God of Rocket Launchers





Ever wonder what it would be like to use rocket Launchers nearly infinity?

Well if you have “The Sham” shield any class can answer that question…

However Salvador alone can truly outshine anything else with nearly any rocket launcher. With this build you truly will become the God of Rocket Launchers!

First the Skills :


While any class can use the Sham to restock on rockets, this build will make it so Salvador can fire nearly without ever reloading, gain massive ROF [ rate-of-fire - ed. ] bonuses when getting kills (easy with rockets =P), reload your rocket, get a kill and swap weapons to a free reload as well.

Breakdown of the skills.

A majority of the skill points are in the Gunlust, but those are entirely for damage and ROF. The magic is from the few points we put in Rampage.

Rampage : 17

Inconceivable 5/5 - This gives you up to a 50% chance to not use ammo depending on how low your health is. This means more rockets from a single clip!

Filled to the Brim 5/5 - More Spare Rounds for your rocket launchers and weapons you are using with The Sham to restore your rockets. Also more rounds in a clip lets you fire more before reloading!

5 Shots or 6 5/5 - Getting a kill will give you a 25% chance to gain a round of ammo instead of using it when ever you fire. With a good class mod you can get up to 55% (Note that with rockets that cost more than one round, you will only get one round from this not several)

  • These 3 skills combine to expand your clip and reserve and lower your ammo use by 75% or so. This means that you can fire nearly forever before you have to reload ; with some rocket launchers you effectively won’t have too.

Steady as She Goes - this lowers recoil and gives a small chance to improve accuracy while Gunzerking, its not needed but if you are using certain rocket launchers it will come in handy while Gunzerking.

Double Your Fun - if you need to Gunzerk this lets you toss 2 grenades for every one ammo cost! It’s one of the most powerful skills and can let you toss out a ton of grenades in a single Gunzerking run.

Gunlust : 28

Locked And Loaded 5/5 - If you reload you get a 25% ROF boost. Pretty self explanatory. More ROF = More damage!

Quick Draw 5/5 - Weapon swap speed is useful for this build, thanks to this you can more easily swap to a Rocket Launcher that still has ammo if you manage to run out.

All I Need is One 5/5 - More weapon damage for swapping guns, 40% from 5 points. With the points in quick draw you can very easily swap guns just for this bonus and with the base damage on rocket launchers, well 40% is a lot of additional damage when 100-400k is your base.

Divergent Likeness 5/5 - This gives you a damage bonus while Gunzerking, when you need to Gunzerk and gets us closer to No Kill Like Overkill.

Lay Waste 5/5 - Like 5 Shots or 6 this will give you a massive bonus when you get a kill, with it maxed this is a 40% ROF bonus without a class mod! with one you can get up to 88%! as much as you can get from Keep Firing!

Auto-Loader - This is often overlooked because of its odd functionality, but with this build often slow to reload Rocket Launchers this lets you instantly reload your guns and when you switch to them, you get the Locked and Loaded bonus! it wont reload the guns you are actively using but remember those points in Quick Draw and All I Need is One? This ability syncs with them allowing you to swap guns at a increased rate, get a ROF bonus and increase the damage of your next shot! this is very useful with rocket launchers like the Nukem.

Down Not Out - Being able to Gunzerk while down makes it that much easier to get a second wind. After all 2 Rocket Launchers are better than 1.

No Kill Like Overkill - Considering we are using Rocket launchers constant, which might be considered Overkill in and of itself, this skill will massively boost your damage. with some rocket launchers you can quickly chain kills to constantly boost your damage to some really crazy levels.

Now that you understand the skills, lets go over gear.

The most important to this build…and the only part I really consider this build to be dependent on.

The Sham - This shield lets you restore your rocket launcher ammo using non-rocket launcher sources. Really any weapon that is close enough to a rocket will restore your rocket ammo.

Logan’s Gun - This pistol gives you rocket launcher ammo. A LOT OF IT. With the Sham a single shot from a Redundant version of this gun can restore 4 rounds of launcher ammo with a single shot at your feet. I use a lvl 2 version I got from a garbage bin. With a single clip, this gun will completely restore your rocket launcher store typically.

  • That is for the things I consider this build to require. In general you can ignore them if you can’t get them ; but without at least The Sham you will eventually run out of rocket launcher ammo. Logan’s Gun can be replaced with a Bandit, Torgue, Vladof assault rifle using a Torgue Barrel (the rocket assault rifles). Spiker E-Tech pistols will also do I think ( haven’t tried them myself tho )

For Class Mods, I suggest :

Lucky Hoarder . This will give bonuses to 3 abilities we have maxed out and give 5 to 5 Shots or 6 : meaning another 50% chance to not use ammo. This mod can also up your mag and spare capacity by boosting Filled to the Brim and will let Lay Waste give you a 72% ROF boost when active. Combine with bullet regen for what ever weapon you are using to restore your rockets with The Sham, you really will never run out of ammo! Also a lot of other players really will like the ammo regen^^

Beyond this any rocket launcher can be highly effective, Try any you find and see how you like them!

Here I will go over a few favorites :

I use all but the Tediore launchers myself. Those don’t mix well since the best part about them is firing a single round and reloading right after for that unique reload…

Nukem - has the highest damage from a single round. I used to [ should be two? ed. ] to kill repeat enemies and thanks to NKLO, I can easily get the damage boost to give me up to 2m damage per Nuke after a few enemy kills. Nothing is more fun than chain launching 10-20 Nukes back to back too. I have both a Derp and Fidle Dee for damage and range.

Mongol - holy crap, this thing is just asking for a lag-based lock-up of your game. This monster will rain so much explosive death that all you have to do is fire in the general direction of enemies and watch the chaos. against big bosses like the Warrior or Badassasaurus, you can easily kill them like the old Bee + CC combo. Ironically, this rocket launcher does really well with the current Bee, thanks to the unlisted spawning of additional rounds while in midflight.

Badaboom - its a shotgun rocket launcher, against small badass enemies this thing will leave little more than bits left of enemies. This thing has a massive mag too, it will almost never need reloading with the skill set in particular.

Hive - Freaking crazy blue rocket launcher, with this build you can easly have 6+ active at once sending out their deadly corrosive homing rockets. Quite fun to use and very effective against robots.

Pure Vladof Launchers - I have one Vladof Launcher with all Vladof parts. The fire rate on it is crazy and with this build will almost never use ammo. Think of it as the Infinity in launcher forum : all thanks to this crazy build.

Vladof Topneaa - the one I have is slag and like the normal one, all Vladof. Its slightly slower and the projectiles are horribly sluggish but just holding down the trigger with it and you could swear that it shouldn’t be able to fire like that. It just never runs out it seems, everything always dies before I actually use more than 2 rounds in the clip - thanks to the build. The one I have does slag damage. The way it looks when you fire it, scares me that people think its hacked or something because it honestly looks like what you would see in a hacked weapon… Here is the one I use, recreated in Duncanfoggs gear calculator… stat for stat…In use with this build it seems to fire like a SMG more than a rocket launcher >.> I wish I could post a video of this in play, it really is out of control crazy looking ; but its not the most powerful with this build.

Norfleet - Pure Power, a single shot will kill everything in front of you. With this build you can keep using it forever and kill everything in existence. It lacks the combination of power with NKLO that the Nukem has but you wont need that. The 3x 200k damage ignores walls and has a range that is just terrifying. when you start going around with this using the build you will get bored. Its that over-powered… when push comes to shove I pull this out ( I have one of each element ) and just unleash. Of particular note is that when using this gun on targets closer to you, the sham shield will absorb the rockets more times than not even if you don’t take a direct hit. Usually this is to the point you wont even need another weapon to restore your rockets, you will almost always absorb at least 1 rocket back when using this gun unless at extreme ranges. This weapon was intended by design to be a rarely used weapon, but in combination with this build it can be used forever to kill everything… Truly Terrifying and boring. I only use the Norfleet with this build when i am getting annoyed by enemies - and I mean REALLLLLLY annoyed.

Disclaimer : in its fully glory this build is outrageous enough that people might think you are using hacked weapons. While this is not true, it can appear that you are firing a gun that seems clipless. Use with care. The very first time I tried this in a public game, I had someone who though i was hacking.


nice work, only one sal build left now, good work @Jefe