[BUILD] The Infinite Hawk

Build type: Gun build
Level of build: Level 72 - OP8
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Med

So this is the gun build I’ve been running and so far it’s been pretty fun.
First here’s my skills

I run this with the chaotic evil rogue com and I swapped the point I used in two fang for precision because I prefer the extra accuracy. The double shot doesn’t make much of a difference to me.

Now for the gear.
Slot 1: Flying Sandhawk any element or none. (I suggest having one of each in your inventory as well)
Slot 2: Grog Nozzle/Slag Rubi for slagging and healing. NOTE: rubi becomes considerably less useful(unusable in my opinion) after reaching OP6 and onward.
Slot 3: Infinity pistol preferably rapid. Any element and have one of each in inventory.
Slot 4: Situational dependant slot. I personally keep a twister here but frequently swap to another infinity pistol here or a DPUH if I find myself in FFYL often.
Shield: Bee shield.
Class mod: Blue Chaotic Evil Rogue (sometimes switch to stalker com)
Grenade mod: Purple magic missile(extra slagging+grenade regen always helps)
Relic: Sheriff’s badge (occasionally swap between bone of the ancients and stockpile relics)

Inventory bag:
Flying sandhawk of every element.
Pimpernel of every element (best sniper in game)
Infinity pistol of each element.
DPUH (double penetrating unkempt harold) for when you need that extra umph.
Skookem Skullmasher
Bones of the ancients of each element.
Stockpile relic of your choice
Sham shield.
Deputies badge.
Transformer Shield.
Blue stalker com (I personally use disturbed)
Chain lightning grenade mod.
Longbow stormfront grenade mod.
Low level droog (for when you switch to sniping spec)

Well that’s about it. If you have any questions about playstyle and whatnot feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Yeah, the playstyle would be interesting to hear about. I also don’t quite get why you list your whole inventory. Are all of those items supposed to be used in this build? It’s also a bit limiting to have a relic that only boosts pistols, when it’s not a dedicated pistol build.

Thank you for the feedback. Well see the reason I list all the items is mainly because they are situational. I like using the sherifs badge when I’m actually using mainly the pistols. 2 of the 4 slots always have an infinity and a grog. Really actually can be helpful in quite a few situations. But I guess I didn’t clarify that I frequently change the relic depending on what I’m doing.
Say I’m fighting terramorphous for example. I’d switch to a fire bone of the ancients and use a fire sandhawk and have the twister/ shock infinity for when he’s in his fire stage.
The rest of the gear is just decent gear to have if you like to respec from time to time…like all the snipers in there are for when I want to spec to a more of a sniper build.
The main part of the build is the chaotic evil com adding the fire rate and critical damage. And having the really high velocity with it (not sure if you knew but the sandhawk fires very slow and the bullets are slow too) you’re gonna get the most damage out of the sandhawk compared to the other weapons.
I hope that cleared things up for you. This is my first time making any build to share on any forum for any game ever so I apologize for not specifying some things I should have lol.

EDIT: @Ronnie_Rayburn also as far as playstyle goes I’m generally using the sandhawk and slagging with grenades. If I take damage I switch to grog and typically go straight to the infinity right after. Generally this is due to my sandhawk needing to be reloaded and not wanting to wait on the reload. Clear out some mobs till I’m safe…bore some more with the twister and then back to the hawk. Also I just realized you have been in these forums for some time now. Disregard that “not sure if you knew bit” lol sorry.

For a build to actually be a [BUILD], it would have to be a more or less permanent build. One or two skills here or there won’t matter, but in general it would have to be more or less immobile. I get the feeling that you shuffle those points around quite a bit from time to time, and that makes it hard for me to follow your train of thought. I also can’t make out if the Sandhawk is your main gun or if it’s the pistols.

What I was looking for regarding playstyle was basically how you approach the enemies. Even if the Sandhawk is a great gun, it’s not a one-shot gun. This means that you have to expose yourself while shooting, and the slightest hit you take will drop the Bee. And Zero isn’t a shield monster like Gaige, Maya or Axton, so you need to duck for cover a lot, I guess, while the Bee gets back online. The Infinity and the DPUH are guns to be used at close to medium distance, and once again… The Bee drops.

I’m not trying to rain on your parade, or anything. I’m simply having a hard time piecing it all together.

Fair enough I see what you mean. Well actually I was shuffling around a bit for a while but I keep coming to this. It’s what I’ve been sticking with for a while now. The main gun I use is the sandhawk. The reason I have it set up the way I do is because I try to initiate battle from a distance due to the bee going down instantly. If I end up in a situation like you said at close to medium range I tend to use deception to gain comfortable distance again. I suppose it would be easier for me to make a video example to show people how the playstyle works. Also I appreciate the criticism. I’m going to try and upload a video later and edit the build thread so it makes more sense. Any suggestions on what would be an ideal situation to record @Ronnie_Rayburn?

Considering how many of the Sniper skills you hit have you tried it with either a L. Sniper or L. Hunter com? I like using the L. Sniper + Infinity on Terramorphus (with a CC to take care of his tentacle phases…)

I have. I don’t prefer the L. Sniper because of how weak the shield is anyway and the L hunter is okay for survivability I suppose but not what I prefer.

Like i said… I’m not out to bash you or anything. Just some questions to see if your idea is solid or not. :wink: Keep that in mind!

This is precisely the part I mean. Unless ou switch to a sniper, you’re gonna have a hard time with the guns you listed in the OP (Sandhawk, Grog, Infinity and DPUH). Sandhawk can do the job at semi-long range, but you need to expose yourself. The other guns aren’t an option at long range.

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This is true…hmm I’m gonna play around with it a bit and update the build when I can provide a better description. I swear whatever it is I’m doing is working though lol. Definitely gonna record some stuff so I can show what mean.

I’m not sure you’d need the bee as an “all the time shield” given you’ve already got a grog… probably would just be for really big health tanks, I’d suggest an Antagonist for mobbing areas… With that build you could also use a Leg Killer or Leg Hunter mod to similar effect. I don’t rate infinities personally, I’d rather have a hornet or stalker (depending on enemy type), but I know lots of people love them… I like to the BOTA with Zero for the faster recharge of deception combined with the health regen on the Leg Hunter and Innervate, gets you out of a lot of tricky spots even though you sacrifice some DPS with his top row skills not being the greatest for most gun builds

Yeah I noticed the infinity is one of those love/hate things. You could easily replace the infinity with a stalker/hornet or even a stinger/anarchist for that matter. I certainly don’t disagree with what you’re saying but I prefer the whole glass cannon thing. Makes it more of a challenge. Not so much as to run with a L Sniper com on this build but still fun none the less. Haven’t even thought about trying the L killer. I’m gonna have to go farm one and try it out. Thanks.

BOTA is the Bone Of The Ancients relic, I thought of the Leg Killer just based on your skill spec, you’d get boosts in all 5 skills it affects I think making it worth a look… for me, not one of my favorite COMS even though I love the red text quote/reference and it sounds so cool…I’m not the strongest Zero player though, which is why I like the Leg Hunter and Innervate for when I (often) get into trouble with him… I’m also a fan of the Leg Sniper, but would use it for more of a shotgun based build with the spec you have, also because I love shotguns

Yeah caught that right after I typed it but thank you lol. I didn’t actually think about L Killer because I’ve only had 1 drop before and got rid of it like a dumbass. So that’s one mod that completely slipped my mind. I always get ninja, hunter, snipers. But that killer just never wants to drop. Shotguns are nice too but not what I particularly like to run with unless I’m switching to more of a melee build.

I also should have edited too, Leg Killer boosts Two Fang, which you don’t have (though I don’t think it’s necessary with your setup)… The other four (Velocity, Headshot, Ambush, Killer you’d get 10/5 plus the base 50+ % crit bonus, if that’s part of your playstyle)… Although it boosts accelerate (edit, meant Velocity), I don’t think that would affect your infinities…those are fast firing guns anyway… would help with the sandhawk… I’m not great with crits and I prefer more survival or flat damage boost skills which is why I don’t use it much…

Oh I absolutely need one then. I live for crits! Ha yeah I have the rogue com just because of the fire rate, crit bonus and velocity. Mainly because the build is centered around the sandhawk. I can sacrifice the fire rate for the other boosts.

Good Man! :acmaffirmative:

I’m interested to see what you come up with. I’ve considered a non-sniper Bee build myself for Zero, but always gave up on it because it’s really hard to keep the Bee up. If you can make it work, I’ll be “borrowing” your build for myself. :smiling_imp:

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Haha well that certainly is why I posted it here. Got a pretty busy week ahead but I plan to have this updated by the end of it.