[Build] The Lady of the Chronospheres (lv 72 added)


This build is for pure crowd control while applying slag to large mobs. The key is disabling enemies with multiple phaselocks and converge.

Mod: Legendary Binder (+5 Suspension, +5 Wreck, +5 Sweet Relese, +5 Reaper, +5 Helios. Increases team cooldown rate)

Shield: Blockade. Other options: Antagonist/Neogenator/Evolution/Bee. Depends on what you’re doing.

Relic: Bone of the Ancients, all versions (shock/fire/corrosive).

Suggested weapons: Heartbreaker, Bitch, Conference Call, Butcher, Hawkeye, Interfacer, Twin Hornet, Hellfire and purple Jakobs SRs. Also carry a good rocket launcher like Badaboom for easier seconds winds.





5/5 Ward
5/5 Accelerate
10/5 Suspension
4/5 Inertia
1/1 Converge
5/5 Quicken
5/5 Sub-Sequence


10/5 Sweet Release
10/5 Wreck
1/1 Res


5/5 Foresight
9/5 Helios
5/5 Immolate
1/1 Cloud Kill
5/5 Chain Reaction
10/5 Reaper
1/1 Ruin

Build notes:

  • You’ll only need your Phaselock to slag in most situations, the +cooldown rate from the mod and from Quicken will help with that. So equip mostly corrosive and fire weapons.
  • Try to snipe any enemy that isn’t near others before Phaselocking so Sub-Sequence won’t go crazy. A Jakobs SR with +80% damage from Reaper will do the job.
  • When Phaselocking, you can run toward enemies like a fat kid in a candy store. Use and abuse of shotguns at short range. With a 9.5s phaselock duration, Converge, Ruin, Subsequence, Helios, Sweet Release and Chain Reaction will proccess a lot, usually 3 times in a solo game no matter if badasses are included.

Video made by me (OP8 gameplay):

Full WEP run by me (OP8 gameplay):

Thanks for reading!


Gonna give this a try

Well, after having installed Digistruck Peak (now that my Gaige, Zer0, Krieg and Maya are all lvl 61) I was looking for a binder build and was struggling to find one by myself, I tried yours at 61 with a couple modifications because I don’t have the same gear yet :

  • replacing the hearbreaker with a fire conf.call because I don’t have a lvl 61 heartbreaker yet (lol).
  • using neogenator because I have 0 Seraph crystals.
  • using chrono-binder purple mod because since I just installed digi-peak I still need to go tubby hunting
  • homing stormfront because I don’t have a longbow one
  • etc… But trying similar gear…

= Had so much fun :blush: with the few little tests I did (little frostburn canyon run / Scorch then Zed’s abomination) so thanks ton for sharing the build and the very impressive videos : WEP run whoa :open_mouth: !

Edit : Ha ha, speak of the devil, just found a legendary binder com lvl 62 while playing on my Krieg. :smiley:

Glad you liked it!

The only problem of the Neogenator/Evo is the capacity, you get tanky against elemental dot for sure, but not against other attacks. I hadn’t updated this properly after Tiny Tina DLC, but the Blockade is most likely the best option for this build now. It drops from the Ancient Dragons, so you’ll need a party to farm it or get in trades. Until then, using purple Anshin adaptive shields is a good option for you.

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Yeah well, I don’t think I can get a Blockade, and even if I can, I won’t be able to keep it updated from 61 to 72, let alone OP levels ha ha…

So far I’m using an Impaler, I also have a Flame of the FireHawk in my bag. In Fact the Neogenator I used to use when I was in matriarch leech mode last year when I got to 61. (didn’t install Digi-peak since I wanted to do it only when all my 4 toons would be 61 and farm gear in a controlled environment in the meantime).

I think I’m going to try to find a Black-Hole as well and swap between Impaler/FlameOTF/BlackHole and see how I do :blush: !

Anyways… I’ve been having loads of fun, especially when trying to find a Butcher (I want to try this, hopefully I get a fire one) in WEP. I did die a few times, since I’m not used to the build yet but what matters most : tons of fun I had. I can’t believed I overlooked the convergence/chain reaction combo, and even more that I had never tried subsequence
What a relief to get 1 point in Wreck at lvl 63 (bumped to 6 with the com) I was missing it. Should have put one less point in quicken at 62 but I didn’t think about it until I got to 63 : lol whooops !

Also my Gaige got a corrosive Tattler by trading last year and never uses it so my Siren stole it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so right now I’m doing tubby runs and LLMs WEP runs with this one and the fire Conference call.

The other thing that I like a lot in this build is the heal reward that you must work for with only having sweet release. This, since I was used to playing with full Harmony tree up to Scorn. It’s the change I’m having to adapt to, but again it’s rewarding agressiveness, so to speak.

The only thing I don´t like in your build…Helios.
In NVHM or TVHM it´s a good skill but at UVHM/OP it doesn´t do so much. Try it out and you see that it don´t do so much damage. Maybe you can safe one or two bullets but that`s all.
You could give a try to Fleet or Elated for more sustain and repositioning or Mind´s Eye for a higher damage output.

But all in all… nice and useful build!

Helios is a useless skill (Flicker too), but if you remove it, you can’t get Ruin, and Ruin is essential for this build.

Ups, didn´t see that you just spend 26 points in Cataclysm.
But then i would prefer Flicker more than Helios. You´ll do damage with your guns, not with your phaselock and so higher elemental chance is quite better.
But that´s just my opinion and you´re right. Both skills wouldn´t get any point if you could reach Ruin in an other way. ^^

Edit: Meh, your COM gives +5 to Helios. Then Helios is way better. The only thing you could try is spending 1 point in Helios and 4 in Flicker or 2/3 maybe. Don´t know the damage output with that but it could work… or not^^

Well I’ve been trying some more. Started with Impaler, then tried flame of the firehawk, then Black-hole, they’re all fun to use but yeah they kind of don’t fit the play style. Recently I just found a nice adaptive shield so I’m going to use it. Also since a couple days I practiced the bloodsplosion of raid Pete and now I get him consistantly with my Krieg so I think he’s gonna get an antagonist for my Siren and I’ll try that as well ha ha :blush: !

Also i’m swapping weapons a lot and trying different ones, earlier my two main phaselock weapons were a fire Avenger and the Tattler, then I found a Stalker which works very well for it but sadly no element. And just recently I found a nice purple hyperion corrosive double barrel I’m going to try as well.

Anyway : the fun continues and I’m sure I’ll keep that build up to Digipeak and OP levels :grinning: it’s extremely active/reactive and very rewarding.

I’ve been using this build (I’m at 62) and I’m loving it. For weapons I mainly use a Shock Sandhawk and Shock Pimpernel sniper. They work so well with Converge. In UVHM I am killing Badasses with little effort. I also use a Quasar to help pull them together during Phaselock refresh. I’m still trying to get the Legendary Binder Mod and Bone of the Ancients, but so far this is working like a charm! Can’t wait till 72 to see it in full power.

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I’m trying to follow this build, but at 24 it’s tough, lol.

I’m tearing through enemies and loving the character as a whole, but struggling to fig out what kind of guns she wants at my level and why and if elemental guns are better. I’m not taking flicker bc in nvhm I’d rather have reload and mag size.
So why go ele Guns?

Overall I’m rocking a few ele smgs bc of cat mod. Got converge, sweet release and now working down cata to really make converge shine. Might end it off with either wreck or sub sequence .
What’d ya think?

Elemntal Guns are better in TVHM & UVHM.

As long as the guns near your level use whatever you want

Due to October 29 patch, the build suffered a minor changed: 1 point was taken from Helios and added to Cloud Kill.

I still have to test the other abilities, but 9/5 Helios triggering multiple times per Phaselock is probably still a better option than other element skills (Flicker/BP).

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Did they improve the damage on Helios and Ruin any?

Did they improve the damage on Helios and Ruin any?

From what I’ve heard, yes, but not Phoenix. At least, Phoenix is still meh.

According to some reports, Helios was improved too, though not as much as Cloud Kill. So it can be 9/5 in this build, or 10/5 if taking a point from Immolate.

To give you an idea of what Helios does now: I play at OP2, and with 10/5 Helios, I can kill unarmored “normal” bandits with just a phaselock (like psychos, marauders or anything weaker)

It’s still not spectacular but it’s not just an afterthought anymore.

Ruin didn’t seem to have changed, BP is still the worst “cool-looking-to-efficiency” ratio in the game… It didn’t change at all… Or enough to be noticeable.

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So, would you say it is worth putting points into Helios if you are using a Legendary Binder and can get to 9/5 or 10/5, but not worth putting points into Helios otherwise?

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I think it’s worth it in both cases. 5/5 Helios is more noticeable than 5/5 Flicker pretty much always IMO

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Is the legendary binder the best class mod for maya?