[Build] The Lovable Brotrap

Now, before we get into this deeply, this is kind of dependent on your teammates as well if they want the buffs that you bring to the table. It is 100% viable in single player as well and I will have a separate video showing that.


Gear: Now gear is always subject to change, and I change it quite frequently since all of it is pretty viable, but this is just the stuff I enjoy using.


Brisk IVF

Very very VERY good against bosses and badasses. If you need a weapon to take something out quickly, this thing will do the job.

Social Fatale

Excellent fire rate, accuracy AND damage? AND IT FREEZES?! Yes please. This thing can be a real “Bitch” :dukeaffirmative: to enemies.


Instant freeze on critical for 85% of enemies? I think so. It’s also got some pretty good damage.

Intense 88 Fragnum

I like this gun, because I have 2 Cryo weapons. Explosive does insane amounts of damage to Cryo’d enemies. I’m 100% sure a ravager would be better, but this is a pretty good substitute. That or a Hulk.



Basically the Neogenator from Bordelands 2. I’d get one for sure. Helps a lot with stuff like, health, and health regen, and like, elemental resistance, and like…sometimes if you’re lucky it’ll feed you food.

Class Mod:

Inspirational Brotrap

This class mod has all the right things in all the right places. You can get different variants to suit your own taste. I just like this one. I like being Inspirational.

Grenade Mod:

Sticky Homing Bonus Package

This is a placeholder until I get my Stormfront

Oz Kit:


I like Eddie, he’s a cool dude.

Multiplayer Strategies:

When you’re in multiplayer, it’s a good idea to high five your teammates pretty frequently. The bonus Health regen, Fire Rate, and Gun Damage is pretty sweet and it only takes 3 seconds to pull off. When you revive someone from FFYL, make sure to high five them. The 5.5% health regen (7.5% with points from class mod) plus the 61.6 health regen from your class mod gives passively is some pretty good regen. Also you both get bonus damage resistance as well which is sweet. This is completely depending on them for the high five though. Keep a lookout for people that are close to FFYL. If 2 or all 3 of your teammates are in FFYL activate your action skill for a change to redeem your soul and res all 3 of them with full health. If you get medbot that’s fine too because you have a laser that gives pretty excellent healing. Like Maya’s restoration skill.

VaultHunter.exe is pretty RNG based, but you’ll get used to it after a while and it has a chance (a fairly decent one) at pissing your teammates off, so use it sparingly. Try to get into situation where Gun Wizard will show up more often than not and that takes some practice. You can also support your team by picking up ammo and freezing enemies.

Most of this stuff is indeed dependent on teammates and their ability to actually do this stuff with you, like the high fives after a res and whatnot but if you’re playing with a group of buddies and they know what you wanna do they should cooperate with you a good % of the time.

A good thing to note is that when a teammate high fives you, the whole party gets the bonus. It’s a pretty Win-Win situation.

Singleplayer Strategies:

Now here is where it gets interesting, especially when it comes to the high five. You have no one around to high five so you basically get left hanging and miss out on your fire rate bonus right? Wrong. If you have your hand extended and are in an enemies face and he melee’s you, it still counts and you get all the buffs you would get if your teammates high fived you. Pretty sick i’d say. The only thing that really differs in SP compared to MP is that your actual skill isn’t going to piss anyone off but yourself, and even then it has a low chance of doing so except maybe in Rubber Ducky mode if you don’t like that kinda thing.

A lot of the skills you picked up for teammates to take advantage of (fire rate, damage, etc) aren’t being put to use, but most of them have buffs to you as well so they are definitely worth picking up anyway. I do notice that Gun Wizard doesn’t happen as often in SP as well but that’s not really a problem since you have the High Five to compensate for some of it.


Build Overview:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OHI_dhm9mQ
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCYbuuqNhsQ


This is one of the best co-op builds I’ve played with. Gun Wizard is OP as ■■■■

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Gun wizard is my second favorite subroutine right behind Pirate Ship mode. :wink: