[Build] The Lucifer Effect (lvl 72)

Celebrating that I have Krieg back at cap, wanted to share the build I run.

Now, keep in mind that I’m not sure how it’ll work on the Op levels, but feel free to try it out.

-Do you like the elements?
-Do you like Shotguns?
-Like using BXR, and releasing your inner beast?

This build is based around that, with a bit of ranged combat pepperd in with a rifle that works great in his hands.

The build
With some help from @xmngr & @Chuck80, so kudo’s to them!


Empty The Rage 5/5: More melee damage, more effective BXR.
Feed the Meat5/5: More health is good, same for recharge delay.
Embrace the Pain 5/5: Firerate ads to the DPS, recharge delay is always good.
Redeem the Soul 1/1: Help a friend in need! And even hwen you do solo, that extra time comes in handy.
Salt the Wound 5/5: One of my favorite skills for him since it makes for an excellent use with shotguns.
Silence the Voices 5/5: Drastically increased melee damage; pro’s outweight the cons even if it gets annoying.
Release the Beast 1/1: Our button when ■■■■ goes awry, more melee damage, damage reduction and giving a new meaning to being a badass.


Burn, Baby, Burn 5/5: Pretty much one of the staples to make a powerfull elemental beast.
Fuel the Fire 5/5: More chance to proc the elements is always good, setting K on fire aswell.
Numbed Nerves 5/5: Damage reduction for surivability.
Pain is Power 3/5: Beneficial to the loadout, crit reduction isn’t that bad.
Elemental Elation 11/5: DPS boost, Will make the loadout happy.
Delusional Damage 1/1: Since the build isn’t just based around dealing fire damage this is a must have.
Fire Fiend 10/5: Kicking the downside of shotguns in the ass while increasing reload speed and adding the ability to use the Buzz Axe as a elemental weapon. Definetly handy.
Flame Flare 5/5: More time that enemies are on fire. Possibly making his buffs last longer.
Elemental Empathy 5/5: “Rampage and heal, heal and rampage”
Raving Retribution: Pretty much dealing more fire damage. Crippled against armored enemies but it still comes in handy to possibly keep the rest going.

The gear:

Twister: Jakobs quad that does shock damage, best from both worlds. Used against large shields, really tough bastards and Nomads.
Sawbar: Our ranged tool when shotguns don’t cut it, knowing the sweetspot decimates your enemies.
Sledge’s Shotgun (Fire): Our general mobbing tool next to the Sawbar, the double barreld that wants to be a Torgue barreld shotgun.
Butcher (corrosive) For Buzzards, armored enemies and Hyperion scum in general.

In backpack:
Rustlers Orphan Maker: When a nasty, far away fire resisting target needs to be dealt with.

Shield: Neogenator: More health, low capacity and yet protection from the elements.
-Alternative: Rough Rider: Pretty much made for him.
Grenades: Longbow Storm Front: The tool to set him on fire. Used for its very large area of effect.
COM: Razed Toast*: More burn chance is always good, more chance for the Buzz Axe to set things on fire.
Relic: Blood of the Ancients Since we run 3 shotguns more ammo is great to have. Same goes for having more health.

Gameplay video’s:

Thanks again to @xmngr (he did this one), now I feel obliged to make a few myself.

Things to do in revisions:
-*The COM might change
-Maybe getting him to the OP levels
-General clean-up of this post.

There might, and will be better builds out there.
Raiding is probably out of the question.
Build name is a double reference once again.
Running out of grenades happens often, since it is used as a catalyst. Twister works around that a bit.



Finally ozzy. Pretty solid build.

I might do a video on Bloodshot with this build ozzy.

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Many thanks my friend.
If you do I make sure to at it to the OP. :slight_smile:

I haven’t done a Krieg playthrough yet so I know too little about this to contribue in any meaningful way, so I give you instead rainbows! :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

This needs to be fixed fast. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yay for the rainbows!

Nice man, I’ll try this if I ever manage to get my Krieg to lvl72.

Also, nice cheeky reference to Anaal Nathrahk, that song has got to have the heaviest non-deathcore breakdown in it!

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I wish I could’ve used a fitting title from my favorite album. But glad that atleast someone manages to gett one of my references.

Gett him there. Krieg is quite possibly the second best vault hunter of the bunch in the second game!

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Not using slag with this build? if the stormfront is mainly for self-ignition what about a sluj biddy instead?

Also, since you’re using Pain is Power weapons with splash damage (preferably 100% mod) should work better at Sledge’s shotty slot.

Since it is non-OP slag is extremely redundant.

Went for Sledge’s Shotgun since it is pretty much a quad barreld with extra pellets and more accuracy. On the Op levels it will fall of probably but on 72 it works fine.

Couldn’t bother trying to gett a Blockhead. It is more of a pain to gett than Sledge’s Shotgun which works well at this level.

In my experience, albeit playing with two others on OP 8, I only needed UBAs to be slagged in order to take them down quickly. Everything else fell readily to my weaponry and/or BXR. I would use a slag BB if I was going to take on the Peak again though, because the SF just won’t cut it in MP. I did use one in Pete’s bar, but that was because I was playing SP.

Haha what’s your favorite song/album?

I dunno, I like him but I like Axton and Sal more…

I want him on atleast OP4 eventually. But since he is currently my co-op character for 72 things it’ll have to wait.
At that point I don’t think that the build will change, Twister rips through badasses with easy when the SS doesn’t cut it.

But do have to thank you for the reminder, I have enough crystals to atleast gett a slag Crossfire which might come in handy eventually.

Toss up between Vanitas and When Fire Rains…

Gaige is No. 1 for me. Does not make Krieg less of a badass though!

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I would’ve given this a thumbs up on properly deploying Sledge’s shotgun alone.

I like all the shotgun play, and I like the RtB panic button. Really excellent solo play build.


I am honored to have my build aproved by you :D.

Wise man on choosing the Sawbar. Went for a run with one I have and it’s WONDERFUL.

If you’re going into the OP levels, give some serious thought to a Legendary Sickle for the extra melee damage.

Embrace it! This AR redeems their whole line of AR’s for a tiny bit.

I’m farming for a Leg. Torch and a better Toast COM. But I will keep it in mind!

As I told someone else, if you’re going to be hitting yourself in the head, you might as well make it worth your while. :dukeballs:

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Op updated. First gameplay video is there.