[Build] The new Sheriff in town

I thought I’d do an RP build for a change. Most builds are all about gear and effectiveness, but this one focuses on RP. This means that the choice of gear is highly questionable from a dps perspective. So, let’s have a look…

The new Sheriff in town likes to keep up appearances, but sometimes resolves to despicable acts. She will not touch equipment from manufacturers like Vladof or Torgue. One being an organisation that sponsors revolutions, and the other being an outlaw biker gang. But what about Bandit gear, you say…? Well… No! Not a chance! Hyperion, Jakobs, Maliwan, Dahl, Anshin and Pangolin all have spotless reputations, so that’s what she uses. Pistols is the weapon of choice for the sheriff, since the badge requires it.

Lets have a look at the pistols:
Lady Fist & Thunderballs Fist - The Sheriff likes to beat the information out of the bandits. and for that you need to use your fists… and also hit them where it really hurts.

Judge - Passing out death sentences on a daily basis.

Law - Her inspiration.

The Sheriff’s Badge authorizes her to carry these guns, and uphold the law with them.

Catching the bad guys is sometimes tricky. Sheriff Maya has developed some unique skills for this, but she also needs some equipment for this. Criminals that try to escape after taking a few pot shots at the Sheriff, will quickly feel their bodies being pulled back to the Sheriff when her Black Hole shield activates. This will also strip the criminals own shild, making them an easy catch. Sometimes the need arises to pull them in from further away. The Quasar grenade is an excellent tool for that.

Let’s have a look at the Sheriff’s skill set now, and also the Legendary Binder COM that goes with it.

As I mentioned earlier, the Sheriff is no stranger to putting her adversaries through terrible ordeals in order to get the information she wants. She will also use informants to wreak havoc behind enemy lines.

The Cataclysm tree:
Foresight, Flicker, Helios, Chain Reaction, Cloud Kill, Reaper and Ruin - The Sheriff likes to shoot stuff, so more ammo, multiple targets and crippling blows is the name of the game. Law enforcement is often referred to as “the Heat”, and when that Helios blast goes off, they’ll feel the burn. It’s also said that these officers leave a stink behind them, which would explain the acid cloud that lingers after the Sheriff has shot someone.

Harmony tree:
Sweet Release, Wreck and Elated - Whether it’s because of secret substance abuse, or accidental inhalations when she blows the criminals to bits is not verified at this point, but observations have been made to sustain the fact that the Sheriff seems stronger when she comes into contact with whatever it is that falls out of the criminals pockets when she grabs them.

Motion tree - The Dark Side:
Ward, Suspension, Converge, Inertia, Quicken, Sub Sequence, Thoughtlock - Badges are also known as shields, and having a bigger shield means more power. The true darkness behind the Sheriff lies in the fact that she will haul every last bandit into her holding cell, and expose them to all kinds of torture. Electrocution, acid, burn damage, or simply covering them in nasty purple stuff. She will aslo spread false rumors among them to make them turn against each other. All this seems to coincide with the Sheriff’s unconfirmed “highs” that were mentioned in the previous section.

The Sheriff carries a book, called The Legendary Binder, with her at all times. This leads us to believe that the Sheriff has developed such a need for this “high”, that it’s only a matter of seconds until she’s ripe for another fix. From what little is known about this book, it seems that it also increases the time that the Sheriff can keep the criminals in her holding cell, and since it also seems to increase her damage output heavily, the amount of unspecified chemicals that fall from the criminals pockets is also heavily increased.

And there you have it! The new Sheriff in town. Gonna try this build out, but it would be fun to hear your thoughts on it. Is it all for laughs, or do you think it might be able to put up a fight?


Is that a weird build? It’s fairly close to my Hyperion allegiance build. I can categorically tell you that this build will crush mobs (especially with Cloud Kill).

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The build itself isn’t weird. It will work just fine. But the choice of guns… Law and Judge arent exactly considered top gear around here. They will do the job, don’t get me wrong, but there are other pistols that I prefer over them. Lady Fist is fantastic as long as you get crits, but with regular hits, it’s rather weak. T-Balls Fist is a solid gun, however. I like it a lot, but it too has it’s drawbacks. Black Hole is a shield that some people love. I’m not one of them.

The whole idea behind the build was to get an RP twist to it.


Just my two cents but i like it, especially the Role Play aspect to it. As you said there are plenty of good guns and some much better than yours for this, but there is nothing wrong with these guns. I love the Lady Fist, it teaches you some patience as do some other weapons, rather than just mass coverage weapons and can improve you as a player, and i think Maya could do it, hell i no she can do it with lesser weapons than your choices for this build so if taking your time to choose your shots as you “lay down the law” and “uphold justice” is whats required i say sounds like fun.

So the next time my Maya strides authoritatively into the saloon, and the gamblers at the table, the seductress at the bar and the bad guy sulking in the corner variously address her as “Sheriff” , they’ll take one look at my Ladyfist, finish their drinks and mosey on out of there discussing “The new Sheriff in town”.

Thanks @Ronnie_Rayburn , i like it :thumbsup:


The Thunderball Fists and Logan’s Gun will be awesome here: enemies usually wind up in a seething ball of chaos with Sub Sequence re-triggering Converge and Ruin. My favorite parts about these pistols is the extra splash damage, which is tricky to get on target sometimes; this play style lends itself to getting the most out of this.


I’m running a Thoughtlock build with my new Maya- I might have to give this a try, especially if it helps her finish the third round of Horde of Horrors…

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Whoops - linked to the whole playlist, not just the video (sorry 'bout that). My favorite part is at 0:12, where Sub Sequence catches that airborne bandit (launched by a previous Converge) for just a fraction of a second, killing him, and continuing on its way towards another enemy. It’s like it bounces off him for the killing blow. :metal:

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