[Build] The Slowest Hands In The West

I love the Slow Hand, I have tried it on each character and by far prefer it in the hands of Sal. I have also tried other Hyperion weapons with him but for me the Slow Hand works the best.

This is the build I use now.

Slot 1 contains my Fire SH for fleshy enemies.

Sot 2 is where my Slag SH lives. I like to fire it every few secconds to keep the enemy painted purple while I lay waste with either my slot 1 or 3 SH depending on the target.

Slot 3 holds my Corosive SH for Loaders/Armored enemies

Slot 4 I always reserve for a FFYL weapon so fill it with whatever you prefer.

Class Mod:
Legendary Hoarder.
The LH is great not only for the always helpful ammo regen but also for the boost to Insite

No real need for an explenation here so moving on.

Chain Lightning/Lightning Bolt.
For stripping Shields and because they regenerate their own ammo.

Hyperion Allegiance +39% Hyperion Damage/+40% Hyperion Reload Speed.
Fom what I learned reading some of the other posts on here, the Allegiance Relics don’t affect the weapon in your left hand, this is ok since weapon slots 1 and 3 are your main hand slots and contain your main source of damage and Sals offhand holds his slagging tool.

I find jumping and shooting at the feet of your target with first Slag then either Corrosive or Fire, depending on the target, works best and with Insite boosted to 10/5 your movment speed is greatly increased when you take damage.

This setup isn’t realy good against Raid and some main story Bosses but shines at what it is intended for, Mobbing and supporting your team with the 4.1 Team Ammo Regen.

If you have the nessary gear i suggest giving it a try and i hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Sadly I don’t have the abillity to make a gameplay video but if someone out there does and has fun with this set up I hope to see some footage of the carnage.

Edit: Skill points rearranged on January 24, 2016.

Thanks @Chuck80 for the advice.
His build.

I decided to keep Asbestos because I don’t really need the healing and it seemed more useful since the SH can cause DOT on the user at close range.


I’M the juggernaut sucks real bad, it’s probably Sal’s worst skill… I would drop it. And maybe put those points toward reaching NKLO

Also, 5so6 really shines at 10/5, as you reach the point of theoretical infinite mag. Just pump it all the way, you will definitely see a difference.
Take the points from I’m ready already, which doesn’t stack with Get some… so you get really little out of it anyway.

Money shot is useless on pure splash damage (and not very good on hoarder builds anyway), remove it. Put the points into inconceivable instead.

And last thing: take that point off Steady as she goes: it’s actually HURTING your aim since you are using Hyperion guns

You’re right, Allegiance relics don’t give their bonus to your off-hand, but it’s still a nice choice in this case. If you can find one with another bonus than reload speed (since the whole point of hoarder builds it to never have to reload) it would be better.

Another nice combo you could have going here is a shock SH while wearing the transformer. The SH’s weakness is that you can’t really shoot at anything that is right in your face since you’d kill yourself in the process. This solves that.

You don’t have to shoot at their feet, the SH’s ball will explode on impact with the enemies, just aim center of mass.

Overall, nice build :slightly_smiling:

Edit: sorry, I keep editing this, you might want to read it all again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s what the build would look like if I was making it:


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Thats a shame I thought it would pair nicely with the Blockade. I’ll try moving a few things arround and see what I can come up with.

Asbestos no good?

Good call on FFOH though: having a way to knock back enemies that get too close is a real life-saver in a build like this


Yeah, it’s ok… it’s not terrific though. I just like HTK better personally. Asbestos protects you against DoTs…HTK protects you against everything.

In the end, both are lackluster but you gotta reach FFOH


Thanks for the advice

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After looking at it again I have 1 question. Why take auto loader if you have locked and loaded?

Force of habit
Reloads that Rocket launcher that you use for FFYL so it’s always there to save your ass.


That’s a good reason

Seems like a fun build to bad my sh framing luck is terrible. Is this a good op8 build?

Ya it works on OP8

Great will give it a shot of I can get a good fire and corrosive slow hand.

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You’ve captured my attention with this section of your post. The relic changes things quite a bit. I would typically match the element with a good BOA. your selection negates that a bit, imo. I’m gonna give this a go. I have a full set of slow hands I farmed for my Maya. I’ll have to grab them back from her. I haven’t seen your skill point distribution yet. But i tend to tweak things to my preference anyways. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool. I would like to give it a go. Thanks for the time you put into this. I truly appreciate and respect those that really divulge “time” in creating these cool builds. Some more interesting than others, but all are good in their own rights from what I’ve noticed.

Sorry for my late post. I’m a little late to the game apparently.

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any way we could get some gameplay of this posted on the thread?

Sadly I do not possess the ability.

I’d be willing to help out. :wink: I can try and capture some game play. Your build, your decision. if you would like me to capture game play, please give direction. where you’d like me to mob, boss? just mobbing? I just recently acquired a Hyperion allegiance relic. it’s not max stat…but it should do.

Doesn’t bother me if you want to. It’s not the best set-up for bosses and quickly feels more difficult in co-op, but I find it quite fun for mobbing.

Lynchwood is always a fun place to test things, at least for me but go wherever and kill whatever.

alright, I can start with Lynchwood, since you requested it. I haven’t played with your build yet, but it looks fun. I’d be happy to capture some footage for ya. It will be later tonight. I should be able to provide something for you tomorrow.