[Build] The Toybox


#A build for kids of all ages

Welcome to @Afro_Samurai and @Chuck80’s clubhouse!

Here’s a list of what you will find inside. If you don’t like these, you are sad and I have no desire to speak with you further…and you should probably look elsewhere for a build:

  • Shotguns …Lots of them!
  • Explosions :boom:
  • Fireworks :fireworks:
  • Colors!
  • Elemental weapons :fire: :boom: :snowflake: :zap:
  • Emojis :relaxed:
  • Immaturity :poop:
  • Guns that swear
  • Kids (COM)
  • NO Jakobs shotguns
  • Or any other gun types

You’ve been warned

—> Skill builder link <—


Favorite toys :gun:

These 2 are our bread and butter, our go-to weapons:
Party line :fire: …and :fireworks:
Torguemada :boom:

They were picked for 2 reasons:

  • They work against most enemies.
    Fire :fire: works against 90% of enemies you will encounter, and explosive :boom: is even more versatile
  • They are very ammo-efficient.
    Between the Flakks and the splash, they get the most bang for your buck, and limited ammo supply.

You could probably get away with getting only one of them, but we still recommend getting both.

In both cases, the Vertical grip prefix is BY FAR the best choice (So gentle for the party line, and casual for the Torguemada) and it should be your number one concern.
Matching grip is the best choice in both cases, followed by the Jakobs grip, then the scav grip.

The ice cream parlor :icecream: :ice_cream: :shaved_ice:

To complete our selection of guns, things are a bit different: I’ll give you 3 different cones, and you pick the flavors yourself. As long as you get all 3 remaining flavors covered, it doesn’t matter which is which, or if you picked the same 3 times…

  • Thinking
  • Boganella
  • Sledge’s Shotty

These 3 were chosen because they pack a more serious punch, but they are not nearly as effective when you’re managing an ammo supply, so using them all the time often leads you to ammo shortage. Luckily in this case, we’re looking at utility:

  • Icy mint :snowflake: to freeze badasses to set them up for explosive :boom: or crits
  • Shocking raspberry :zap: to strip badasses and boss’ shields.
  • Tangy pistachio . to deal with the few bullies that are weak to corrosive.

So take them out when you have one of those issues, usually a couple of trigger pulls should do it, then go back to your staples.

Matching grip is usually the best choice here too, with Jakobs being a decent second.
The Thinking and the Boganella benefits from a crit accessory (Critical and Bloody oath prefix) if you have the patience to farm for it. The Sledge’s has a fixed blade.

Honorable mention: The Octo
We’re mentioning this one because it can be a useful addition to your arsenal. Although it’s got slow bullet speed, because of it’s fixed pattern, it’s capable of very long shots. Worth carrying a shock :zap: or cryo :snowflake: one for a few situations, just in case.

The rest of the dress-up

  • Purple Kid COM
    The heart :heartpulse: of the build. Bonus to shotgun damage, to fire rate (twice), to crit damage, to showdown duration and to reload and swap speed. it’s a perfect match for what we’re doing here. Any purple should do, the difference is minimal as we’re not relying on any of those skills specifically, so that one extra point could go anywhere. We prefer the Rough-and-tumble prefix (Bona fide grit) but that’s probably more because it sounds cooler than anything else. :sunglasses:

  • Snowball :snowman: :bomb:
    Because it’s fun, fun for the whole family. :boy: :girl: :man: :woman: :older_man: :older_woman:
    Alternatively, for fuddy-dudies, any grenade would work, but cryo ones are especially deadly considering you’re carrying an explosive :boom: gun at all time and you can auto-aim to crit points. Vladof cryos and cryo transfusions are great choices. Of course, if you feel so inclined, the contraband sky rocket :fireworks: is also very cool.

  • Shields
    Adaptive shield … BOOOORING! …Yet, it’s the most efficient shield we have found for this build…
    it’s probably more of a personal choice here at this point, so feel free to pick YOUR favorite.
    Some other choices worth considering:
    Sunshine :sun_with_face: has decent stats all around, a powerful nova, and a guaranteed fire immunity, which is kind of a big deal with Nisha. Turtle shields :turtle: are great for quickly stacking Order, but you get less out of them in return… So perfect for short fights, terrible for longer ones. The Sham, In conjunction with the Party line can allow you to replenish your shotgun ammo if you shoot at a nearby wall or at the ground and let the shield absorb the fireworks, so it might be a good idea to carry one in your backpack.

  • Oz Kits
    Depending on how far you want to push the “Kid” theme, the Cathartic Oz kit :toilet: is a perfect match. For the more performance-minded player, a Precision strike is probably the best non-unique choice, as it’s effect on shotgun spread is pretty significant. 3DD1-E is also a great all-around choice, and a good imaginary friend substitute. A System purge can add a serious punch as well as great toilet jokes :toilet: opportunities . Pack an Ack Ack in your backpack for when rakk attack! Flying targets are a bit harder on this build, since we’re relying on the ground for flakk and trick shots most of the time, so this could be a big help in some situations.


Since both of your staple guns spawn flakk, they require a bit of adjustment when it comes to aiming. Since flakk spawns at the point of impact, these 2 guns are more effective when there is something behind the enemy to catch the stray pellets while the enemy is within the blast radius. So to maximize their effectiveness, you should, jump and shoot from above and/or aim low. Enemies with their backs to a wall are also easy picking :smile:

Concerning ammo shortage

Yes, you could run out of ammo in certain situations, namely the Sentinel and the Holodome.
When visiting those places, We recommend you carry an additional gun that use a different ammo type (in shock :zap: if elements are possible, for versatility).
Great choices would be the Hail (if you can deal with it’s firing pattern) the T4S-R, Tediore splitters, Maliwan blasters, Mining laser, Torgue slapper or Spitter, Jakobs Iron, Maggie, Gatling or Hammer buster II, or the Frigida.

You can also, like mentioned earlier, put on a Sham and shoot at a nearby wall or the floor and let the sham absorb the fireworks. This technique works best if you have a bit of time, like between rounds in the Holodome, though you can certainly pull it off between the Sentinel’s change of phases.

In most other situations, if you mainly stick to your 2 main guns, take the time to open a few crates, and refill at vending machines before facing bosses, you should not run out. That includes Felicity, RK5, Zarpedon, Bosun, Iwajira and Deadlift, all of whome can be disposed of with your normal ammo pool if you match elements.

There isn’t much else to tell… point the business end of the shotgun toward enemies, aiming at their feet if at medium or short range, and aiming at their face if at point blank.
Use Showdown all the time.
Switch to shock to take shields down against badasses.
Or switch to cryo and freeze them before using your Torguemada on them.

it’s pretty simple… A kid could do it :wink:



20/10 one of the best I mean the best build thread I have ever read


Pressed like.

  • Sledge’s Shotty always has a blade (therefore will never have a prefix).
  • Bloody Oath (Critical) is by far the best prefix for Boganella because of its completely ludicrous pellet count. Plus that makes it more accurate (which Triple Barrels need to perform well).
  • Please make the note about Systems Purge a dirty joke. It could be a euphemism for:
  • Number 1
  • Number 2
  • The Thing You Do At Night That Makes God Kill Kittens
  • “Pack an Ack Ack in your backpack for when rakk attack”

Is that a pic of you as a kid, chuck? Looks like you are practicing gun safety.


Fixed the sledge and Boganella, thanks
Best I could do with the system purge at the moment… I’ll edit that again if I find something funny.
Added the Ack Ack rhyme :slight_smile:

How’s the Viral Marketer as another corrosive shotgun option? From the looks of it, it seems pretty similar to a corrosive Bullpup, other than the magazine size.

Sure, it’s pretty decent too.
The Bullpup is 100% better though.
If you happen to already have a VM, you can probably save some time with gear farming and go with that :slight_smile:

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All right, I’ll keep that in mind.

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I don’t know whether I like the actual build more or the OP. All the pretty pictures/colors.
Your posting skill are on another level…


:blush: :sunglasses: :sweat_drops: :thumbsup: :cool:

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I’ve played co-op with Afro using it, it did seem quite good.


Ran a few maps and bosses with both all morning, and the Deputy suffers a bit from UVHM’s increased health and shields.
Oftentimes, that extra shot you have to take also means an extra reload. It’s no longer in the DPS “sweet spot” like it was in TVHM.

While the Toybox thrives on the new elemental modifiers.

Very cool build guys. I didn’t realize the Party Line was that good.

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I used it in the baddass round a few times over the past week. I had found that the only limiting factor is ammo. By wave 4, you are constantly opening those boxes.

In this specific case, there’s no harm in having another weapon type to swap to. I had a tediore cryo spitter as an occasional backup.

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Usually if a shotgun has splash damage its pretty good.

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Really fun build as I am a total shotgun junkie but I seem to run out of ammo quickly. I have to swap in some other weapon types until i can search some crates. Need a legendary hoarder com. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hoarder com would be absolutely major on nisha.


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The ammo regen cocktail in the bar helps but it just doesn’t cut it. It ticks soo slow.

That’s funny, I never run out, unless i’m facing a boss or i’m in the holodome. (I use a Cryo Tediore splitter too as a backup :stuck_out_tongue: )

Holodome doesn’t really count as it makes me scrounge ammo with ANY build anyway.

Are you using the Party line as your main weapon ?
If you’re mainly using the Bullpup or the 2 scavs guns you WILL run out.