[Build] The True Hyperion Hornet

I’ve been wanting to do a true allegiance build for quite some time now, and now I’ve finally done it. A true Hyperion build. Using nothing but Hyperion gear and a Hyperion allegiance relic. I know that relics are Eridian tech, but the allegiance relics are kinda obvious in an allegiance build. But I digress…

The Build - No real surprises here. At first, I went down the Motion tree to get Quicken, since I have no cooldown buffs from COM or relic, but I abandoned that strategy quickly. The need for Scorn was greater, since I hardly ever use slagging weapons anymore. The extra healing from Sustenance and Life Tap was also a welcome bonus.


The cornerstones here are the Bitch and the Conference Call. The Bitch is amazingly accurate with a Hyperion relic. Even at sniper distance. So, I skipped the snipers completely.


Hyperion allegiance relic with accuracy and damage buffs. A purple Amp shield and the Bee from time to time. Legendary Cat COM, and also a Quasar.

This build is well suited for level 72 in general, but I doubt that you’d have enough survivability at higher OP levels. The shield options are just too squishy for that. The damage output, on the other hand, is very high, and with the high accuracy, you’ll be landing crits most of the time.


And there was me going to call you out on the fact that the Hornet is, in fact, a Dahl weapon!

I would still like to see a suggestion for a sniper though - I always carry one, but I’ve never really found a Hyperion sniper I felt I could rely on. The Invader’s not bad once you adjust to it’s gimmick, but it is ammo hungry. The Morningstar is a great weapon, but the joke wears a bit thin after a while. Anything else?

Longbow all day every day. :slight_smile:

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The Morningstar is a great sniper, imo. But I always seem to transfer the voice to the other guns as well, and I don’t care how good a gun is. That nagging voice is just too much after a couple of minutes.

I know that the Longbow is a great gun, but I just don’t like the Hyperion snipers. Bottom line! In any case… The Bitch becomes so accurate with the allegiance relic, that it’s almost like a sniper.

As for other guns… Sure! Butcher, Lady Fist, Hyperion PC’s. Any hyperion gun will get the job done, just not as fast as these.

Hyperion Hornet is a skin

I know. According to the programmers in Helios, “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” Very irritating.

I did not actually know that, but then again I usually don’t pay too much attention to what skins are called. Also, I was being facetious :stuck_out_tongue:

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I rock a Hyperion allegiance Siren, but she goes down the Motion tree for Thoughtlock (instead of Harmony for Scorn). My favorite bits about this playstyle:

  • Fibbers and other weapons with unlisted pellets are nice to use with amp shields since the damage isn’t divided (with Chain Reaction throwing them around too). I particularly like using the shotgun-barreled Fibber because the shots move relatively slow with those long tracers, so you can see Chain Reaction tearing a mob apart.

  • Inertia with amp shields and sniper rifles; your reward for a kill is a shorter delay before the next full shield.

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I was going to suggest the Fibber as great gear for this.

It’s something I didn’t think of till recently, but Amp shields work really well with Kinetic Reflection, particularly with 10 points (though I think that only comes with a Vladof com so you’d need to bend the rules).

The Conference Call earns its crown but I love all Hyperion shotguns, especially Heart Breaker and Butcher (the latter is awesome with Wreck and Chain Reaction).

Does anyone use the Yellow Jacket? I love plasma casters but that one puzzles me.

Also, this build needs a Bane… it does… :smiley:

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I can chime in on this thing, however, not from the perspective of a Siren.
I’m sadly not a fan of its projectile behavior, But when it hits the enemy will feel it. Due to this, I have a difficult time recommend it myself, but it is definetly rewarding once you can handle it.

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That’s it, I’m disowning you. :dukejk:


[quote=“hattieinduni, post:7, topic:1550901”]Does anyone use the Yellow Jacket?[/quote]Yes, and as @MidnightNova says, if you can land the shots, it hits hard. With Maya, even though I’m using Thoughtlock, with Sub Sequence and Converge, the enemies are usually in a seething mass in front of me, and it’s easy enough to just spray that sprawling pile of enemies. Hitting moving targets at long distance (like adult Varkids or Buzzards for example) is quite hard, but hitting stationary targets (like Threshers, Constructors, or even slow-moving Loaders) is relatively easy.

What throws people off, I think, is that we’re so used to using the bullets as tracers for tracking targets, which you can’t really do with the Yellowjacket; ignore the path of the shots and use the crosshairs instead, and they’ll hit. Leading targets is only marginally more difficult, since the rounds take a moment longer to get downrange; think of them like slow Torgue shots.