Build the Ultimate TPS Character

Ok, fhe challenge is to mix and match any skills / abilities from any TPS character and use them to build 3 skill trees.

You can either be creative and come up with a brand new character and action skill to use these 3 skill trees with, or you can use any existing character with their regular action skill.

Also, if you like, please list their optimum weaponry & gear.

Oh, also, please name the skill trees.


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This belongs in the Fan Creation section.

Skill: HaHa!
Effect: Kill everything in one shot.

Skill: Boom!
Effect: Perfect Accuracy with every gun.

Skill: Look at all the blood!
Effect: Tons upon tons of gibs for every kill.

Character attitude: Nelson from the Simpsons



Smart arse!


That’s my job

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I know this is an involved one, but im looking forward to some epic reolies here, guys!

In before Broccoli posts his Dr. Ted PC thread.

If only my computer posted faster.

Beat ya by one minute. Skin O’ my teeth.

No derailment, please!

I’d really like this one to stay on track!

But thank you, Doctor!

Do you have an actual build from that thread you could post here?

Just you wait a moment.

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So do i just pick some skills from his trees, and add weapons to the build that would fit in with the play style?

EDIT: Yep, pretty sure i do. Hold on for real now.

@Psychichazard @Kitty_Jo

I would just like to re-itterate this for the mods to easier see.


There are…other…sections?



You can pick skills from ANY TPS character…

Im confused. Can you go more in depth with what i am supposed to do?

Do i need to edit my original post?

Maybe i worded it confusingly.

Take skills from across all 6 TPS characters and create 3 new skill trees for an ultimate character.

Either have one of the existing 6 characters use these new skill trees with their existing action skill, or create a new character / action skill to use these skill trees.

(In your case, Ted)

Does that make sense?

Yes, that makes more sense, but i just want to make sure i got this right. My mind is being stupid right now.

Take skills, from all skill trees to make 3 new ones, and make my own action skill.

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Dump FTH tree

Add Athenas CS tree

Boom winner

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