[Build] the Volcano

Hey all! I’ve been messing around with Krieg recently and came up with something I think is pretty interesting, I’ll go over the skills and gear first, followed up with a bit of analysis and some tips at the end. I’d love to hear your feedback and/or questions.

Oh, and yes, this build is viable at OP8, I developed it there.

##The Spec

###In Bloodlust:

  • Pretty boring, just the normal gun-centric stuff.

###In Mania:

  • Skip all melee skills, those skill points are needed elsewhere
  • Feed the Meat is great, scales well with the RR and Numbed Nerves
  • Embrace the Pain is some nice fire rate, it’s not 100% necessary, but there’s not much else to do with these points. The shield downtime is nice though
  • Thrill of the Kill is key. It makes up the majority of health restoration in this build. more than one point is unnecessary though, as the heal per rank is reduced and the Reaper COM boosts it anyway
  • Strip the Flesh is a nice multiplicative damage increase, works well with BB and PiP. Unfortunately, not enough points to max it.

###In Hellborn:

  • Burn Baby Burn increases healing, but but there are not enough spare points to max it
  • Fuel the Fire is a nice buff that makes slagging easier, it’s boosted by the Reaper COM so we only have to put one point in
  • Numbed Nerves is 100% necessary, the damage reduction is critical to the function of this build
  • Pain is Power is some nice damage, it’s easy to proc to get the ball running on more important skills, also the crit penalty doesn’t effect this build much (even if you use the swordsplosion), however there are more important skills so it’s not worth maxing
  • Delusional Damage is 100% necessary for self ignition
  • Flame Flare is awesome, without it, this build can have issues keeping the self ignition up, and the alternatives primarily give fire rate and accuracy, both stats that aren’t terribly important for this build (thanks to @the_Nocturni for setting me on to this)
  • Elemental Empathy is some nice passive healing, it really helps smooth out the survivability in this build.
  • Raving Retribution is great for procing Elemental Empathy, it is they key that allows this build to function with the RR

##The gear:

The Bread and Butter of the build, this gun is insane; it procs Blood Bath, has a high base damage (working well with all of the damage buffs in this build and Thrill of the Kill), pretty decent accuracy, a large splash radius. The only downside is that it pulls from a somewhat small ammo pool.

Key parts:
The fore grip (casual prefix) is the most important part by far, don’t bother with versions lacking it, the Kerblaster is much better than them.
After that, a Torgue grip is nice I guess.

Not as good as the Carnage, but a lot easier to get. It has a higher fire rate but lower damage. The child nades may have a tendency to kill you. Even if you have a Carnage, the Kerblaster is useful for conserving ammunition and for dealing with badasses (as it does a bit higher DPS than the Carnage against enemies that don’t die instantly).

Key parts:
I like the Wild prefix because mag size is a non-issue with BFG.
Other than that, A Torgue grip is nice for the reload and mag size.

This is primary slag tool while kill skills are up; with fuel the fire, it has a very high slag chance, combine this with a high fire rate and extra projectiles, and the Slagga becomes the perfect weapon for efficient slagging through the visual pollution generated by this build.

Key parts:
Pretty much whatever, the important parts are fixed. But I like the fire rate accessory (bulets go fasterifed) and Bandit Grip. The level doesn’t matter that much either.

Any very high slag chance weapon will work here, notable alternatives are the grog and sniders. This weapon is here to to slag the first enemy(ies) to proc Blood Bath and start the ball rolling

Key parts:
I like Maliwan grip and fire rate accessory (Banbury) but any slag variant will work.

Half Singularity, Half Storm front, this thing is great for grouping up/staggering enemies and putting out shock DoTs for Delusional Damage. Spam away, the only things that don’t proc BB in this build are the slag weapons.

###Legendary Reaper:
Boosting BB, TotK, FtF, and kill skill time, the L.Reaper is simply the best option for this build.

###Rough Rider:
The massive health and always on damage reduction are exactly what this build, and really just Krieg in general, wants in a shield.

Key parts:
As much health as you can get.

###Explosive relic
The primary alternative is a Blood, but the health is a bit redundant with all of the tankieness from hellborn, this relic also gives a ton of damage.

##Alternative Gear:

This is the highest damage non-launcher weapon possible for this build; it does the highest burst damage and the highest DPS, has low ammo consumption, and is pinpoint accurate. Unfortunately, it is at least as efficient at dealing self damage as it is at damaging enemies

Key parts:
The fore grip (casual prefix) is the most important part by far.
After that, a Torgue grip is nice I guess.


  • low ammo consumption
  • pinpoint accuracy
  • creates a raging swordnado of death, eviscerating everything inside a massive radius


  • somewhat unreliable BB procs
  • creates a raging swordnado of death, eviscerating everything inside a massive radius

Sacrificing some damage for ammo efficiency, the omen is a very viable alternative to the Carnage. Though it does make the build somewhat more difficult to play. Unlike most of the other good weapons for this build, the Omen does not do any self damage, making is useful when fighting rabids, ironclads, and the like.


  • low ammo consumption
  • works well with the fire rate from EtP
  • no self-damage


  • competes with the Carnage for a weapon slot
  • less damage output
  • weaker TotK healing
  • less reliable BB procing
  • less upfront damage without BB
  • can be difficult to use



  • a somewhat less powerful version of the Kerblaster


  • a somewhat less powerful version of the Kerblaster

###Slow Hand:
This weapon can replace both the Pimp and the Slagga, opening up another weapon slot, but doing so will result in massive ammo issues, and there aren’t really a lot of good options for that open slot anyway.


  • can replace both the pimp and the Slagga in this build
  • moxie


  • cannot proc BB
  • draws from the same ammo pool as some of the most powerful weapons for this build
  • moxie is mostly unnecessary for this build
  • not a lot of good options for filling the weapon slot it opens

##Traps/Weapons to avoid:

Puts out competitive damage, however, the ravager requires very short distances to be effective, directly countering one of the strongest points of this build. Additionally, it has very inconsistent TotK procs. Combined with even worse ammo efficiency than a Carnage, there is no place in this build for this gun.

###Unkempt Harold:
It’s essentially the same as the Ravager, though it suffers less from the ammo efficiency and more from the poor TotK procs.

It’s a shame it doesn’t proc BB, this build would have been the perfect excuse for me to actually learn how to use the flakker


The playstyle is pretty simple really, to begin an encounter, just toss a few Quasars and paint a trash mob or two with the pimp, then swap to your chosen primary weapon and go to town. After that, just alternate between the Slagga and your 2 damage weapons as necessary, spamming more quasars to group up and stagger enemies.


When I read the title, I was so confused with the spec because I thought this was an OP8 build based around the Volcano :laughing:. That would’ve been something to see.

Nice build though, if I may ask. if TotK is your primary source of healing, couldn’t you spare some points from anywhere to pick up StW? I would imagine it would help with the carnage, and a slag slowhand seems like a good fit for this build as well.

There are a couple reasons I didn’t take StW:

  • you lose all stacks when you hit max health (everytime you kill an enemy in this case)
  • there’s already a ton of addative damage in this build anyway

I haven’t actually tried this build with moxie, I’m sure it would smooth out the gameplay, but I’m being stuborn…

Edit: come to think of it, swaping a slow hand for the slagga would totaly solve that problem :dukefp:
guess I should give it a shot.

Torgue! Torgue weapons should always have a matching grip because even though K has mag size and reload bonuses, the extra mag and reload come in handy while you’re building stacks.

Glad somebody answered that.
Good point. Hmmm…I think I’ll stick with the Torgue grip on the Carnage, but swap to Jakobs on the Kerblaster just because I rarely use it without all or at least most of my stacks.

Also, I’m going to have to swap to the Slow hand for slag, the life steal just makes that first little bit so much less risky.

Not a bad build at all.

Though…nothing boring about Bloodsplosion, the most interesting skill in that whole tree.

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I’ll be honest, I’ve not been much of a hellborn player in the past, but holy crap I was not expecting Raving Retribution to give that much surviveability.

I updated the spec and added a gear combo.

I’m also open to 4th weapon suggestions, I don’t think it’s really nessesary because these three can handle pretty much everything I’ve thrown at them, but there’s a slot there, so might as well use it i guess.

My first sugestions for the fourth slot would be either a Twister or a Flakker but since you’re already on heavy shotgun usage other options could be a Hellfire, Tattler, Plasma Casters or a Bitch.

Also, you might want to have a weapon for buzzards or surveyors such as a Conference Call or a Hornet.

Sure ! But you didn’t picked it in your build :wink:

yeah, I realised right as I was going ot bed last night that I had forgotten to update that part after I changed the skill around.

@Maveco yeah, I’ll try some of those out, I’m particularly interested in the hellfire, hornet and mabye a pocket rocket

Just a general update, hopefuly the formating changes I made make it a little easier on the eyes.
I also added some gear stuff, I’m not sure how much of it I want to keep, but it seems alright for now.

I’m still trying to find a 4th weapon that I like, though admitedly I spent most of today, and part of yesterday, working on other builds. I wish some of the stuff in Bloodlust was easier to proc (notably Blood Overdrive or Fuel the Blood).

Updated again, I’m moxieless once again, have 4 weapons, and have eliminated some stuff that really didn’t work that well anyway. I think this build is finalised now. I may have some small tweaks to add but no more overhauls at least.

As per usual: I thank you in advance for catching my typos and idiocy (I promise it isn’t that contagious)

a few typos I found:

Hellborn section:
for Flame Flare

Flame Flareis- space required
and later in the same section
alternitives primaritly- should be alternatives primarily I think?

on Slagga section

Fuel the Rampage-shouldnt it be Fuel the Fire instead?

Omen section

irnoclad- should be Ironclad I think
and on Cons
less FotK healing- should be TotK

sorry for being all picky and stuff, but…you asked for it :stuck_out_tongue:

also its the least I could do for being mentioned haha

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I don’t know if the original author is still around, but I’m enjoying this build so far. I never got that far with Krieg, and I wanted to play gun Krieg but don’t like using Flame of the Firehawk. So this build caught my eye.

A couple of things I’m doing differently. I have a slag Slowhand. It’s more versitile than a slag Pimp, and it hasn’t lead to any ammo issues so far. I also found Elemental Empathy lacking for bosses that are resistant to fire. A Fastball in my backpack and a slag Slowhand fills in that hole nicely.

Thinking ahead, I’m a little concerned with rabid animals. Hoping Quasar can carry me through those. Also hoping Carnage can kill surveyors for me.

A Slow Hand is a great weapon for the Build
Its mentioned in the Alt gears as well after all haha

And yeah Elemental Empathy can be lacking against DOT resistant bosses and being Moxxie a Slow Hand does help

Quasar is awesome against rabid enemies
Get them away from you and start blasting em with your gun haha

As for surveyors I personally carry around a Hornet in the backpack for when I really need them gone quick
But I found that usually Ogre or Kerblaster is accurate enough to take them out(unless you have the Wild Prefix)
I dont have much experience with the Carnage(I use a SWORDSPLOSION!!!)
But i found that when i did manage to land a hit with it Surveyors went down quickly so I imagine itd be similar for the Carnage

sorry about the necro

but this build(and its variations) is my favorite
and I was playing around with other variations

and came upon one I found satisfactory


so the reasons for the change

was my previous variation

I had said before that I wasnt really getting that much Elemental Elation stacks which is why I had given up on it
but after the 3 points in Flame Flare, the burn duration was long enough to shoot enough fireballs to keep the stacks going

which made Elemental Elation appealing again
and I decided Bloodsplosion, while great, wasnt needed(unless in specific situations, but this one is for general mobbing anyway sooo)

The problem I had with Nervous Blood/no Fire Fiend was that when you were trying to get the ball rolling, the reload was painful (I reload pretty often so especially so)
so I moved points from Nervous Blood to Fire Fiend(accuracy is just a nice added bonus)

I also took points out from PiP to make room for Elemental Elation and Fire Fiend
and therefore EE does the ‘get the ball running’ instead of PiP
However I did find the current state of the build slightly damage lacking
e.g. one shot from a carnage often leaves like 10% hp left on a enemy after blood bath, meaning another shot is needed…thats quite the ammo inefficiency

so I may take some points out from Nervous blood/Fire Fiend/Elemental Elation to give a few points to PiP so that I can get that one shot kill back

as for the gear I use Carnage as the main weapon
Slagga as a slag tool
currently a Topneaa in the third slot

and SWORDSPLOSION!!! on the 4th slot
reason? 1. its my favorite weapon
2. combined with a quasar it

  1. it consumes less ammo and deals higher damage so its a better badass killer than the Carnage

  2. I have 2 free weapon slot so why not