[Build] Torgue Toast (80-OP10) and the Terrahawk (UCP 5)

:boom: The Torgue Toast Triple Threat :boom:

This write-up is a request by someone on my steam friends list after they viewed a video I posted to Youtube recently.

When I thought up that name it sounded way better in my head then when I said it out loud to my friend. So it’s 5T or Torgue Toast. This is not an allegiance build. Torgue just has the best explosive weapons. Plenty of non-Torgue in my backpack.

Torgue Toast is a Hellborn/Explosive gun build for mobbing. The heart of the build is the +150% gun damage from 10 into Pain is Power. Leverage that into high damage explosive weapons and mobs melt. The up to +250% from Bloodbath is gravy.

Level72/OP8 gameplay

Builds and Comments

5T Rough Rider/Toast OP10
5T Firehawk/Toast OP10

The Rough Rider build uses 10 points in Hellborn tier 1 to self-ignite as often as possible. The Firehawk build has no problem self-igniting.

I do not use Elemental Empathy with the Rough Rider. The Rough Rider builds only have shock grenades, Hellfire Halitosis, Fire Fiend melee strikes, and Raving Retribution for delivering DOTs (with my standard loadout). I prefer to spend the points elsewhere and just Moxxie or TotK heal.

The Firehawk is the opposite. Constant novas with constant fire DOTs make E.Emp well worth it.

  • Pro tip : If you are Firehawking, always carry a Rough Rider with you. If you go into FFYL, if you get back up and are still in combat, open your inventory and equip the Rough Rider. It will make things so much easier until you clear the area and can re-equip the Firehawk.

Spam slag shots and shock grenades until you are on fire then splatter them onto the pavement with lots of lovely, lovely explosions. No mercy on those grenades too. To rip a line from Axton, “You get a grenade, and you get a grenade. Everybody gets a grenade!!”

As I lead into gear, something to remember : You have negative synergy with sniper rifles with the heavy investment into Pain is Power.


COM : Power Toast (+5 Pain is Power)

Shield : Rough Rider or Flame of the Firehawk

Grenade : Quasar, Electric Chair, Stormfront, Chain Lightning. Your preferred shock grenade.

Relic : Explosive Elemental :boom:

  • Replacement : Blood of the Seraphs or Blood of the Ancients if you are feeling too squishy and want more health.

Slot 1, Slag Healer : Booze Cannon (Grog Nozzle)

  • Replacement : Any slag Moxxxie

Slot 2, Bloodbath Generator : Casual Carnage

Slot 3, Wrecking Machine : Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold

Slot 4, Utility : Casual Flakker


er, sorry.

  • Replacement : Whatever. Extra slag. Kitten, Butcher, or Conference Call for Flyers. Something from the replacement lists for slots 2 and 3 to add variety, a different ammo pool, longer range, or something for FFYL (like Tediores and launchers). Interfacer to inter their face. Bekah cuz awesome. You get the idea.
    Top Gear for Krieg’s got you covered right here.

Unofficial Community Patch Version

I had thought about posting a new thread for the UCP version, but decided against it. It’s just the Toast part of the name is out the window because I use a different class mod with the Firehawk version. It’s still basically the same build though, Hellborne/explosive, so I’ll just put it here.


5T Rough Rider/Toast
Terrahawk Firehawk/Slayer of Terra

The one point into Blood Overdrive is for double-dipping Blood Euphoria on your bullet impact kills that don’t trigger Blood Bath.

The Slayer of Terra/Firehawk combo gives slightly less health than the Toast/Rough Rider combo while the Firehawk is pounding everything with AOE damage. It’s glorious! Rough Rider tanking with everyone screaming and burning!

The playstyle is the same. All the gear listed above is as good or better in the UCP.

With the extra health and healing of the Terrahawk, I often drop the Slag Healer and just go with a Slagger and let Elemental Empathy do its thing (using the Stormfront adds a high degree of safety). The Slagga and slag Pimpernel stand out, but the UCP has made the Chulainn a BEAST for this roll. It doesn’t slag you anymore, and its stats have been increased. Slag and shock without the slow bulletspeed of the Florentine… fargin kickass!


Good to see you back, Ged. :dukeaffirmative:


This build is loads of fun. This is why we all love Krieg :slight_smile: !
Really good work.


Thanks for some great Krieg build ideas. What’s the reason you don’t spec into elemental empathy in the first two builds? Simply not enough points or do you not need the extra healing?

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The Rough Rider builds only have shock grenades, Fire Fiend melee strikes, and Raving Retribution for delivering DOTs. I prefer to spend the points elsewhere and just Moxxie or TotK heal.

The Firehawk is the opposite. Constant novas with constant fire DOTs make E.Emp well worth it.

I will edit this blurb into the main post.

Did some edits, changed the formatting and prettified some of the text.



I’m pretty new to the game and i want to give your build a shot.

Still, i’m wondering how to level it. Could you pls help me find a way to build it ? I’m playing in coop most of the time with a maya support :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help man.


If you’re new to the game I’d stick to melee or blood-lust gun play. Hellborn really kinda sucks without raving retribution, which is not available until level 31.

This is an end-game build stub, not an in-depth guild.

I think there are still some leveling guides in the stickys.

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Did some edits of the original post and added the UCP version.

Been a while. I always come back.

Adding skill build for the redesigned Slayer of Terra COM in UCP 4.

UCP 4 changed the Slayer of Terra yet again. It’s still killer, just slightly different requiring a different skill build. It now boosts fire damage instead of just burn damage (yay), and it boosts Blood Filled Guns, Feed the Meat, Burn Baby Burn, Pain is Power and Elemental Elation.

So grab one and do Mr. Torgue proud!


I noticed an interesting synergy with Krieg’s killskills and Blood Euphoria. Blood Bath, Blood Overdrive, and Fuel the Blood all run on different timers. When any of them run out, Blood Euphoria procs and you get health (usually full health). While I’m almost never getting any melee kills with this build, I get plenty of bullet impact kills with the Harold and the Flakker which triggers an otherwise useless Blood Overdrive. Well worth one skill point.

For all versions of the UPC build, move a point from either Boiling Blood, Blood Twitch or Blood Filled Guns to Blood Overdrive.

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UCP 4.1 in Firehawking + Slayer of Terra ??

I was planning on following the UCP 4.2 version of this build but are there any changes I should consider or is it still current? And what would I spend the extra 8 pts we get into?

Oh Herro! Anyone home?

The same friend from my steam list who got me to post this build originally notified me of the lvl 80/OP10 update yesterday. New stuff and more skills?! Yeah I’m re-installing BL2 right now.

So I’m necro-ing this thread for some updates! I’m going to re-write the main body of the guide over the next few days (I hope), but I can leave the new skill trees right here.


5T Rough Rider/Toast
5T Firehawk/Toast


5T Rough Rider/Toast
Terrahawk Firehawk/Slayer of Terra

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