[Build] TP4-N0-v4 (Trap-a-nova)

TP4-N0-v4 (Trap-a-nova) is a true romantic who likes big butt slams. This build is based on getting as many novas of multiple flavors as possible. Primarily by using butt slams to vent your coolant (cryo nova from Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold skill) and burn stuff (Meteoric Oxidizer) so you can catch the rainbow fairly often (Rainbow Coolant skill).

I’m only up to level 29 with my Clappy, so here’s his build so far. TP4-N0-v4 (Trap-a-nova) skills @ 29 So far I’m having a blast with this build. I’ve finished the main story in NVHM and am currently finishing off all the side quests then will hit the Holodome before moving into TVHM.

Here’s the plan for this build at level 60. TP4-N0-v4 (Trap-a-nova) skills @ 60

Whatever non-explosive weapons you prefer.
Quasar grenade mod
Black Hole shield (preferably Grounded for the shock immunity) this lets you be like a quasar when your shields drop.
Meteoric Oxidizer Oz kit. This gives health regen in vacuum a high ignite chance and flame resist in atmosphere with a fire slam damage.
Eridian Vanquisher class mod. This gives a boost to elemental effect chance for all elements that’s equal to the cryo chance the Chronicler of Elpis gives.