[ Build/Unique ] TwoFer (Melee/DPS Hybrid)


Similar idea originally posted here.

Greetings Zane forums! So I’ve been fooling around with some random builds on Zane, trying to find one that I truly enjoy playing on our boyo. His dialogue is far too good to pass up.

That being said, I have stumbled onto a build that I find quite fun (and surprisingly effective), and I wanted to share it with you. So most of us (at this point) know that Zane’s clone shares his shield, and with Double Barrel, his gun. What many of us (including myself prior to two days ago) do not realize is that it shares his RELIC as well. I know, mind blowing. And hey, if you already knew that, forget you.

This led me to test whether certain combinations would function on the clone - specifically, the Facepuncher shotgun and the White Elephant relic. Spoiler: it does. Oh boy, does it. You may already see where I’m going with this, but I’m going to spell it out anyway because that’s the whole point.

To quote a badass: “So without further…that fancy word for waiting, here it is!”

Da Build


So the important things here are, of course, Double Barrel, and, somewhat surprisingly, Digital Distribution. I’ll get into why that is in the gear section. Largely the talents here are open to adjustment and can be modified to your particular taste. The second action skill slot can be used for SNTNL, or Barrier, or left as grenades. It honestly doesn’t affect the build one way or the other.

Da Gear

So, as I stated in the introduction, this build primarily revolves around the Facepuncher legendary and the White Elephant relic, but there are some other pieces to consider. I’ll lay them out here.

  • Facepuncher - Preferably of the Redundant variety. Anointments don’t matter all THAT much, but some notable ones include Weapon Damage/Reload on Clone Swap and Ammo Regen with Clone active. This shotgun translates all melee modifiers onto its pellets, including melee % increases and special effects like the one found on…

  • White Elephant Relic - We want +grenade damage, +area damage, and +melee damage ideally. Has a 30% chance to attach a bomb that scales with +melee, +grenade, and +area damage on melee attack. These bombs can crit, unlike a standard melee attack. When combined with the Facepuncher, each pellet has a 30% chance to attach a bomb, which is why we want a Redundant Facepuncher with x14. Any prefix roll will work here, I personally prefer a Cutpurse roll for the ammo recharge, but if you need the survivability Knife Drain is a solid choice.

  • Infiltrator Class Mod - We want +weapon damage, +grenade damage, + area damage, or + melee damage in some combination on this. This class mod gives you 20% weapon damage/movement speed when your shield is depleted. It also depletes your shield on action skill activation, which pairs well with…

  • Shooting Star - While this shield is depleted, it fires off a missile from the sky on melee attack that does its damage type based on the resistance the shield rolled. This missile ALSO scales with area damage and melee damage, and although it only fires off one time with the Facepuncher, it routinely hits upwards of 40k for me. Although this is my favorite shield for this build, it does not always function, particularly in indoor maps (because of the ceilings), anywhere on Eden 6 (because of the trees), and Athenas (for…some reason). Thus, we need an alternative for those places.

  • Ward - The alternative to Shooting Star for the aforementioned maps. Although it no longer ALWAYS rolls with the Brawler prefix, that is the one we want. This shield gives a solid +300% melee damage (which as stated before affects everything we’re doing) and the 4% extra health regen is nothing to sneeze at either.

Da Playstyle

At the start of combat, you will deploy your clone, breaking your shield and allowing the depletion effects of Ward/Shooting Star to take effect. Then just join your clone in firing shotgun pellets into the faces of your enemies (aim for crit spots, as I said, the White Elephant bombs can crit). Digital Distribution will cause 75% of damage dealt to you to transfer to your clone, also breaking his shield, at which point the effects will also come into effect for him.

Enjoy the rain of missiles from the sky and little tiny bombs exploding on people’s faces, boyos.

Proof of Concept


I already knew that because I was the one who told everyone two days ago.

Also cool build, but I wanna know if it does damage or not. So far I have not been able to get it to work in any meaningful way.

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Sorry I must not have seen that post.

I only play TVHM M3, and I’ve had zero issues. I have not yet done a SS run on it since I’ve been playing the Halloween event, but Konrad’s Hold, The Anvil, and Heck have all been farmed, even with bad modifiers it rolls through.

Edit: Tried to link to that post you referenced but I’m on mobile now so it came out a bit weird. I’ll fix it later.

I’m not gonna hound you for not lurking the forums, just curious as to what numbers you’re getting.

I have some good gear for this purpose but haven’t gotten past ~8k damage a shot. Haven’t tried White Elephant critical hits yet, but body shots haven’t done almost anything.

I only aim for crit points really, the damage from facepuncher itself is fairly negligible from what I can tell. But I also have some godly rolls on my relic and class mod. I’ll try to record something for you when I get home, though my PC isn’t exactly set up for that kind of thing.

Thanks for the effort, good job on the build

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Put a link to a brief recording at the bottom of the post. Sorry its not longer, my PC was screaming at that point, still using an i3 8100 and it does not like multiple programs that use 3+ cores running at once.

That gear could not be any more godly, but it does indeed work with the damage coming from the scaling grenades.

Well done.

If you want more consistent damage off of your shield anointment, you can use the Dopplebanger anointment to end the digi-clone. You don’t seem to need the clone for any specific purpose in this build it seems.

Yep. Was super happy to get the +5 and then it was a bunch of +rolls I figured I’d never use…threw it in the bank until I had this idea (which you had first!).

It’s not super apparent in the video, but the clone fires off the missiles from Shooting Star as well as the grenades from White Elephant, its quite a bit of extra damage.

Granted with the anointment on my Facepuncher I might get more damage from canceling it, but I like the double missiles visually lol.

Always play the way you find most fun, just a suggestion to pump out a little extra DPS.

I need to get me one of those class mods. The moment I find it it’s literally GG for any build I run currently.

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If you’re on PC I’d be happy to dupe it send it your way.

I practically have the dame build and it is so fun to run it, will try your variation of the build and see how it is.

Face puncher Zane for the win. Too bad shooting star doesn’t work in some areas. If i got good modifiers radiation static charge and rad planetoid also works for me. Only prob i have is anointed especially the militants.

Also i killed graveward in 1 face puncher clip.

I think we got the melee zane build right here.


Yeah it is disappointing. Tbh it feels like Shooting Star doesn’t work in more maps than it works. Obviously haven’t tested all of them yet but even in the open areas in Konrad’s Hold it seems to not fire. It does work in Shaft, but doesn’t in Slaugherstar. The interior areas I can understand, but there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to why it doesn’t work on certain open maps.

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Graveward with face puncher Zane TVHM M3

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I was wondering how Pestilence works with Elemental Projector, but haven’t found one yet.

Assuming the damage is a combination of Rad Shooting Star/Elemental Projector/white elephant’s occasional rad bomb?

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fire is better i think, but those damn sky bullies don’t drop a fire version to me.

It is good, some of the gamma fl4k build use those combination.

for graveward, i find a planetoid is better since you do not hit graveward’s crit spot for the white elephant. for mobbing, that is overkill. lol

you are on PS4 right? add me nat_zero_six

Saw this on Reddit too, well done.

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i link this thread on others asking for the build. will try your variation of the build when i get back on.

I guess this class mod would work best with this build, graveward gives me the items I dont need ofc but thanks to this thread I might make a Zane bec of this class mod, if I was not finding this thread I was dumping this item on the floor lol

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