[Build] Unstoppable Deputy

Hello Again! As I recently posted my Axton build, and that was generally well received, I though it might be a good choice to eventually post all of my three main builds! Enjoy my electro-anarchy build!

This build revolves around shotguns, and Unstoppable Force. Spec-ing into Electricity to get some of the crazy shock/fire damage onto a jakobs shotty, and putting out as much damage as physically possible, however, without the tanking that you can eventually get DT to.

Best Friends
We don’t spec much into BFs, only enough to get Unstoppable Force and take maxed Close Enough and Cooking Up Trouble.
We max Close Enough because Anarchy provides a minus to accuracy, and bullets hitting the ground will ricochet up to hit enemies, and we max Cooking Up Trouble for HP regen, which never hurts.
Then we pickup Fancy Mathematics for the shield buffs, which again, never hurts.
We max Unstoppable Force for the insane shield regen at 10/5, and the move speed to get up in enemies faces faster, so we then deal more damage, killing them, then we chain to a nearby, ect.
And we pickup Upshot Robot to keep DT up longer, so he can attempt to draw aggro to him.

Little Big Trouble
Ah, my personal favorite of the skill trees, coming in with some of the strongest elemental buffs next to Krieg and Maya, I wish this tree was a tad stronger though, as this tree is usually passed for DT buffs.
We 4/5 More Pep for the extra shock chance, and for some points to go into the tree further, and we take 5/5 on Myelin because is synergizes well with Fancy Math and Unstoppable Force, and the shock resist helps.
Shock Storm is extremely broken on a Doc’s Striker and a good aim, otherwise, this perk is taken just to have that chance, or would be well spent elsewhere if you can’t aim. Like alot of Gaige Players, me included.
Eletrical Burn one of the fanciest skills for gaige, having a 20% chance to set someone of fire with the same damage as the shock, effectively doubling her DoT, and with Shock and AAAAAAGHHHHHH you can start to apply two elements with your jakobs shotgun, which starts to be insane damage, because its based off gun damage if I’m not mistaken. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Wires don’t talk Is where you would put the Shock Storm points if you can’t aim, because the extra damage affects Shock and AAGH’s damage, which then affects Electrical Burn’s damage.
We take 5/5 into Interspread Outburst to get another element added to our shotgun, and slag is one of, if not the most important thing in UVHM, so having slag ontop of all the damage will never hurt.
Finally we take Make it Sparkle and we carry around a slag gun of our choice, so that not only are we applying slag, but DT is too, shock is also decent on him if you decide slag grenades over a Quasar.

Ordered Chaos
The most broken tree hands down for a gaige, x7 damage is broken on a gaige, and if I’m not mistaken, slag stacks with Anarchy multiplicatively anyway, which starts to make insane, if not one-shot levels of damage.
Anarchy & SLF Both of these require maxed to move down the tree, and anarchy is down-right broken so I ain’t arguing with it, because even with a single point in this tree, this is broke.
Preshrunk Cyberpunk is arguably gaige’s strongest skill, maxed, it provides +250 max anarchy, making 450 max anarchy, which is a x7 damage buff, which is crazy.
Bloodsoaked Shields is another really strong skill, but I don’t think it gets the attention it needs, getting max shield after killing someone? Imagine that on a turtle pre-Digistruct, and the Evolution or another high cap shield in the OP levels, it provides gaige the tanking that this build needs to get in people’s faces and blow them off.
Typecast Iconoclast is taken purely because I’m lazy and I don’t feel like grinding up to 450 anarchy, and could easily be put into something else if you are patient to grind out that many stacks on marcus’s dummy, same goes with Rational Anarchist.
And we take Discord to provide that extra tanking that gaige needs on occation. If you keep Typecast and Rational you can actually outpace the anarchy drain that Discord does, so keep that in mind.


  • Pre OP-Levels
  • Any Purple Turtle Shield
  • Neogenerator/Evolution
  • The Bee
  • OP-Levels
  • Neogenerator/Evolution
  • Blockade (No personal experience, but from what I can tell its provides a buff at full shield)
  • The Bee

Class Mods

The Legendary Anarchist
Pretty good, lasted me through all my OP levels, and provides some buffs to anarchy, meaning more damage quicker, and stronger

Terra’s COM
Extra anarchy stacks, enough said, and extra fire damage helps with Electrical Burn.

Ultimately up to you, but I prefer the Magic Missile to back up my immense DPS, or I a take a Quasar during areas full of slag enemies, or against bosses that cannot be slagged.

Deputy’s Badge, enough said.
You want more explanation? Gaige works off anarchy, anarchy is gained through auto-reloading and killing people, jakobs shotguns are really good at both of those things, thus we run Deputy’s badge to get bonus reload speed and damage on our shotgun.

The topic everyone has been waiting for, what are the primary weapons that my gaige build uses?

  • Shotguns
    Our shotgun of choice is either the Doc’s Striker, providing MASSIVE damage is you can manage to aim with all that anarchy, or a Texas Coach Gun, giving insane burst damage, that which even a Zer0 build can’t match! (I wish, but it very effective)
    Other choice shotguns include the Butcher, Pellet Prefix, the Heartbreaker, reload prefix, and the Tital Wave, your choice of prefix, but I recommend the reload prefix.

  • SMGs
    Gaige works surprisingly well with SMGs, my prefered SMGs are the Florantine and the Commerce but that is a niche weapon.

  • Rocket Launchers
    Gaige and Rocket Launchers are weird, your either gonna 1-shot what your aiming at, or insta-kill yourself, that being said, my prefered launchers are Purple Vlad Launchers, or the Norfleet, flavored Shock.

  • Other Weapons
    Other honorable mentions involve any Hyperion or Vladof weapon, both of which are very strong later on, especially if they are flavored in shock or slag, ah I forgot the Harold! The weapon that is exceptionally strong with nigh-any build, especially with Gaige.

My group of idiots I lovingly call friends, for helping level my gaige up to OP8
Gearbox, hopefully obvious reasons.
You for taking the 10-15 minutes to read through this.


Not bad, although with BSS Fancy Mathematics is kind of redundant- have you tried putting them somewhere else like Evil Enchantress?

I have no idea what you mean by BSS, thus can you explain further? Would like to know what you mean so I can consider it.

He’s referring to Blood Soaked Shields.


That is true, but it helps before you get your chain started, after that though, it is redundant.
I would most likely put them into Evil Enchantress, or put them into Wires don’t Talk

Thanks, and I’m stupid -.-’

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