[Build] UraniuMoze: Radiation Moze Build

I have been working on a build for a long time that I have called Bottomless Shields. What I was trying to accomplish was combine my two favorite Moze things…Bottomless Mags and huge shields. I have tried using many different combinations and while it’s easy to get the big shields I found it difficult to have the big shields + go deep into BM tree and still have enough damage to be great on max difficulty (this was prior to 2.0).

With the newer content and specifically the 150/50 Rad anointment I think it’s much more viable now to go for these two trees and still have great damage. This is still a WIP but figured I would share. Considering the focus of the new anointment I decided to change the name to UraniuMoze.

To be completely honest, this build sort of leans heavily on the power of Kaoson and the new anointment but I’m hopeful after the mayhem re-balance it will still be viable and I hope the anointments/cartel content doesn’t go away. While I’m being honest I’m also shamelessly stealing some of what Joltzdude did in his Firehawk Moze build by incorporating a Frozen Snowshoe and Snowdrift Deathless.

In the video below I show my gear and skills but here is an overview of what this build is trying to accomplish.

Weapons: I’m mostly using weapons that have the 150/50 Radiation anointment and primarily an M10 Cryo Kaoson with that anoint. The benefit of using this particular weapon is the combination of full time Cryo and Radiation damage which handles most health bar types fairly well. Add into that incendiary damage from skills and if needed Corrosive damage from shield ASE effect. However, IB is rarely used or needed. You could also add a corrosive grenade for added armor damage if required.

I would like to incorporate an M10 Nopewpew and OPQ with the same anoint but I haven’t found them yet. I have an M6 version of the Nopewpew but it’s not really cutting it well enough on M10. I keep an OPQ handy in case I run into a particularly nasty shield that needs added damage or just want something with a bit more range.

Shield: Frozen Snowshoe Shield. Idea stolen from Joltzdude and this is really fun to use. Sliding into enemies freezes them, drains shields to do damage and immediately refills shield. When used in combination with a Snowdrift Deathless artifact you can use the snowball to hit enemies even far away and trigger this effect almost at will. This is really good if you are good at sliding but still pretty good if you are not good at sliding like me. lol.

Grenade: Doesn’t really matter. Nades are not working that well for damage so I would just use something that heals shields/health for utility purposes and if possible something with +25% damage to weapons anointment so you can at least get a weapon damage boost from them.

CoM: Bloodletter CoM with whatever rolls you feel suits your playstyle. I would get one with +3 to Desperate Measures because that will get you +100% Gun Damage 100% of the time with a Deathless Artifact.

Artifact: Snowdrift Deathless. Snowdrfit Otto Idol was always my favorite Artifact but now this is my favorite. I have only ever found one of these so along with the specific Cryo Kaoson this might be the hardest item to come by. If you can get lucky and get one with 50% mag capacity like I got…even better.

Skill Tree:

Damage Overview:
In addition to the insane damage of the Kaoson with the effectiveness of full time Cryo, Radiation there are some skills adding lots of weapon damage.
Armored Infantry: full time 15% gun damage while shields active (always active).
Drowning in Brass: adding 20% gun damage per stack.
Desperate Measures: with +3 on your CoM this will give you full time +100% gun damage.
Phalanx Doctrine: CoM likely provides at least +1 in this so with 6/5 in this another 12% gun damage per stack.
Tenacious Defense: Utilizing the Snowshoe + Snowdrift you can continually deplete your shield (and instantly refill it) which triggers TD and gives another +30% gun damage pretty much full time.
Scrappy: 30% weapon damage while moving. Don’t stop moving!
SRPMs: 20% critical hit damage. Added fire rate is a bit of a problem because it empties your clip fast on a gun like Kaoson but we not too worried about reloading so doesn’t really matter too much and worth it for the added crit damage IMO.
Added Incendiary damage - several skills boosting incendiary:
Stoke the Embers: +30% Incendiary full time
Fire in the Skag Den: I took 3 points from Click Click and put it here. It seems better but I may try putting 2 points back in Click Click and leaving just one point here.
Experimental Munitions: +15% incendiary damage when scoring crit hits. Easy to score crit hits on frozen enemies!

Survival Overview:
This is essentially just a typical Deathless Bloodletter build but with the twist of using the Snowshoe to freeze enemies and instantly refill your shield. The nature of this constant mobility also pairs well with Rushin’ Offense to provide constant life steal and Redistribution which also provides health regen which both go to shields instead. Shield depletion also constantly triggers Tenacious D which restores 40% of shields.

Continuously moving and shooting and sliding will continuously keep your shields up and enemies frozen and damage flowing. Frozen enemies are also easier to get crit hits on so bonuses from crits are easier to achieve.

Bosses: You might need to carry a more defensive minded shield for big bosses if there aren’t a lot of enemies to slide into. A good Stop Gap or Transformer is probably good to keep handy.

Depending on boss you might also want to use a bigger hitting weapon. I have a beefy x2 M10 YC and an M10 Krakatoa both with the 150/50 anoint which I use for anointed enemies or sometimes shielded enemies. To be fair I haven’t really tested this on a lot of bosses so YMMV.
Timing: Another thing to consider is bad timing. When you slide it depletes your shield and there is a small moment when your shield is low before it refills. If a grenade goes off right at that moment it can down you.

This has also caused me to stop using Pool Party. I found that sliding into enemies and getting hit in the face with any element pool would down me instantly. It’s still doable but you will go down more often. Other modifiers like Lava Floor would likely have similar problems.

Cryo Enemies: Since getting hit by cryo damage prevents you from sliding this can put a real damper on the whole sliding mechanic.

Closing thoughts:
I don’t have extensive time using this yet but it’s a really fun build so far and considering it doesn’t really rely on IB or AS anointments at all it works well right now while IB/AB are not scaled properly for M10. It’s a fast paced build with good survivability peppered with some sketchy sliding moments for added dramatic effect. :smiley:

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I’m always looking for ways to fine tune. I was working on some missions to try and finish maxing out my GR perks and made a quick video of this build in action. Try to imagine this with someone who is better at sliding than I am. lol.

Special thanks to @korben44 for gifting me the elusive Cryo Kaoson with 150/50 anoint and @Joltzdude139 for the cool Frozen Snowshoe interaction I shamelessly stole from his Firehawk Moze build video.


Have you tried Lunacy instead of Deathless and +5 PD Bloodletter instead? 1 HP wont allow TD and Stop-Gap to proc, while 40% would if the hit does not one shot you.
Also, Red Card Re-Charger may be a good option too. Does not have the freezing CC but one slide and full shield.

One more thing I always wanted to see with this kind of setup is the +Capacity amp on shield break annoint.
Should work with the Frozen Snowshoe. :thinking:


Actually, yes I have tried a Lunacy with Stop Gap. I also tried using the Pearl with a Stop Gap and the Stop Gap with an Atom Balm Victory Rush. I think the Atom Balm worked the best for that setup thanks to all the Radiation bonuses and added weapon damage on kills but the cool thing about the Snowshoe is that you can still trigger TD even with 1hp and it stays up pretty much all the time. I assume the Red Card would also work but then you don’t get to freeze enemies.

Not to be a downer here, but Noelle confirmed in this weekend’s hotfix note thread that the new annointments were indeed tied to the Cartel event.

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Yeah, I know. I’m just trying to be positive and hope they change their mind. I’m actually hoping they change their mind about a lot of things…

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The only one I want is the 150/50 rad anointment. I sent you a few more guns to try out.

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I just made a post asking to keep the “Cartel” annointments permanent. Hopefully it gets seen.

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Considering the sad state of IB/AB…taking away a game changing anointment for Moze is pretty cruel. :frowning:

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Agreed, I main Fl4k but have played Moze enough to know that annoint is gold for her.

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Thanks man! I been looking for one of these OPQs forever and it’s even more insane than I imagined with that 150/50 anointment. It’s also very dangerous…I have gone into FFYL more times using it than I have using the Yellowcake I think. Shooting enemies that are too close with that is very dangerous to your health…but easy to get out of FFYL so I guess it doesn’t matter!

I never tried a Good Juju so that was interesting. Sadly, I think it’s another gun that didn’t make the scaling cut. It just doesn’t compare to other stuff and I’m not personally a big fan of burst fire mode.

The Clairvoyance is another one I have never tried. It’s actually quite good for single shot but still just doesn’t quite compare with some other guns or maybe just doesn’t fit that well with this build being that it’s single shot with only iron sights and I’m moving around so much.

Anyway, thanks again for gifting the guns.

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My Moze is still in an infancy stage at this point but would a monarch work as good as the nopewpew. I believe it can come in all elements as well. I know I have a plain one x4 with no anoint that’s great. I’m gonna try to get my hands on some elemental versions and some x8 ones soon hopefully.

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I think it would work great…especially with the 150/50 anoint. I just haven’t found one of those. However, one of the big bonuses of the Nopewpew is the huge mag size. The Nopewpew is slow to get started but once it does it really shreds. It’s not super accurate but if you have a lot of enemies you can sort of line up you can just shred multiple things at once so it’s great for clearing bunches of enemies…especially with that 150/50 anoint.

Even my M6 version does remarkably well on M10. The only real problem is how poorly CoV weapons work with the BM tree. Most of the bonuses in BM are focused on mag size and ammo regen…not overheating (with the exception of Matched Set).

So if you are trying to synergize Nopewpew with Click Click by not overheating it’s tricky and IMO sort of broken. I hope in the future they add some overheating buffs to more of the ammo specific skills so CoV guns work better with the skill tree.

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Yeah, the Good JuJu is right at the cusp… Once the balancing patches happen, I think it’ll be a much better alternative. I do not like the burst mode either, but it’s doable.

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Yeah, even in PUBG I hated burst mode. I prefer either single or full auto. Burst is just…meh. Not accurate like single and not good like full auto (at least for me). The M16 burst mode in PUBG was terrible and scarred me for life.

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My only hope is that they add or modify current anointments so more work with iron bear. Post 2.0 my main build was a 100% IB uptime build, mayhem 2.0 really made me sad with how much IB seems to have been ignored

I got downed a lot with this setup. So I played around with some variations. I had a lot of fun using the 3 points in TRL to proc the 150 rad under 50 then used that same shield with a Cutpurse Rocket Boots artifact.

If I recall, just like the snowdrift snowball, the rockets will give you range on that shield trigger. Plus there’s no cooldown on the rockets. And the 40% hp helped prevent as many FFYL right after sliding. Tradeoff is less DM damage and lower shield capacity. But maybe a 75% shield/hp after IB could offset one part of that.

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I’m curious…were you using the Snowshoe and did you have the SoR capstone? Also, what weapon are you using primarily?

I’m still using this and I have over 60k base shield and when I slide the TD capstone keeps 40% of my shield instead of it depleting completely which is like 26k. Most of the time that is plenty to keep me from going down.

That being said it is susceptible to some bad luck in timing and it might not be the best for some bosses. It also doesn’t go well with some modifiers like Pool Party because those pools can hit you in the face right when you are sliding and losing shield.

I have never really used the Rocket Boots before. Will have to check that out more closely.

Ya, it was the same snowshoe shield with amp damage that Joltzdude used. And I took TD. But I remember my shield depleting completely with the snowdrift deathless. Maybe I’ll toss it all on again tomorrow to test more. But I think I was getting downed by enemies outside the freeze range before the heals reached me. I was using the Sandhawk, so maybe the Kaoson would be safer cuz it can’t hurt me.

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I haven’t used the Sand Hawk but I noticed that when using the OPQ I would down myself frequently because of the shock splash damage. I would slide into enemies and then when I shoot them I was too close and that thing does massive damage so would down me. However, the Kaoson doesn’t do self damage. So you definitely need to be careful what weapon you use when sliding. Not sure if Sand Hawk behaves in a similar way. I still use the OPQ but only at distance.

I tested it out again. I took TD, yet I never seemed to see my 40% shield factor in when I used a slide to proc the Snowshoe. More often than not I would get downed immediately. I generally only saw the TD shield when I lost my shield from damage.

The Cutpurse Launch Pad worked well, but there’s a delay for the heals to reach you at range that’s dangerous. I ended up switching to a One-Shotter shield with the Cutpurse Launch Pad. I had hp regen on com and artifact for my 40% hp. Used a cryo Plaguebearer with the 150 radiation anoint. That was very effective.