[Build Video] 9 New Amara End-Game Builds and General Commentary

With all of my currently-viable builds compiled here:


See you next Summer Swan. (trying to make a joke about Swan migration, not a snarky comment)


tips hat :slight_smile:

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I’ve been watching your videos since before Mayhem 2.0 dropped. I always enjoy your commentary, since I have a similar non-meta philosophy. Not to mention I found it rather informative too, because you brought up a few things I wasn’t aware of such as Grasp not activating ASE anointments when used on large/boss enemies. I also liked the info on Phasecast variants which I had no idea about (looks like my Cryo Phasecast Amara has some adjustments to make). All of your suggestions about Melee & Action Skill additions and rebalancing were all very thoughtful and well reasoned.

I admit I’m holding out a little bit of hope that you’ll change your mind and come back with some more builds one day, but if it’s not to be that’s okay too. I just hope that despite any frustration or demotivation you feel that you’re still able to enjoy Amara and the game, because the community benefits from having people like you (at least in my opinion).


Great work. I too play EVERY SINGLE GAME I PLAY OFF META. I have built very similar builds as you and I want to share some of the differences with you by editing this post, I’ll even include video (quick snippet of gameplay).

Again, great post. Love the thought and effort put into this.

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Ok so I’ve been a bit delayed on posting because of personal stuff but finally have had some time to cap some video with the new content. The video includes 2 quick Seer runs where I’m playing around with different ways this build can pop the boss. Basically you can remnant kill the boss (thats pretty straight forward) or you can group mobs around the boss and just blow her up with body explosions. The new grenade that mind controls mobs is great for grouping them around the boss. Obviously remnant kills are the easiest/fastest, but hey… its fun. I’ll post other builds/gameplay when I have time.

First the build:

The build has a few points to move around here and there but the must haves for this to work are Revelation, Indisicriminate, and Catharsis. I have a 6th point in the frozen tree to use for mobbing with a cryo Slow Hand that absolutely slays and gives me a nice damage boost and some run speed but can really float anywhere. Indiscriminate is a good alternative.

Secondly the gameplay video:

The skill tree link didn’t seem to work - it just takes me to a blank tree :confused:

Anyway, nice use of the Mesmer, and I see you had a few good “footcast” techniques. You’d clear it even faster by switching your AS element and Coil element to shock. :slight_smile: The Slow Hand is definitely a favorite of mine as well.

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You’d clear it even faster by switching your AS element and Coil element to shock.

Oh for sure. I pulled this gameplay from when I was testing to see difference between stacked elemental explosions on boss

Try this link: Amara

Just seeing the post…but this video is awesome, and you are a class act sir :+1: Only thing missing in the intro is some Mozart :face_with_monocle:

I’m going to drop this in as an example of getting a quicker kill on Seer. The fastest I’ve killed Seer with this build so far is right around 30 seconds with the first spawn with a Remnant Orb. This build shreds mobs and is amazing against bosses with adds. Gun damage is pretty decent but there are definitely better builds for single target boss fights.

Edit to add performance of build in M10 vs mobs and bosses. First example is VIP Tower, second is TTM Midnight’s Cairn