[Build] Voice of Hyperion

(Impala) #1
Synergy. Dynamicism. Longitudinal. Words with heft. Words with meaning.

The build

Centered around the Free Enterprise and Greater Good skill trees, this build is all about DPS, precision, mobbing, being active, and hitting hard.

Thanks to Leadership, this build is also highly effective against boss fights, with constant kill skill activation.

Your DPS is enough to take out enemies quickly and efficiently, while Teamwork, Potential and Leadership provide excellent survivability.


The Hero of this Story

  • Best Foot Forward
    Increased action skill duration is always nice, and a lot of skills are tied to it. Thanks to Leadership, a self-destructing Digi-Jack counts as an enemy kill, meaning this will be activated constantly.
  • Just Compensation
    Huge grenade damage bonus, which is also helpful for splash damage weapons, and huge magazine size bonus, which works well with Absolute Advantage.
  • You have My Shield
    Since Digi-Jacks will be dying left and right, a nova shield, especially a Black Hole, will have devastating results.
  • Jack’s Cache
    Since Just Compensation works best with no grenades, this will allow free grenades for every four enemy kills. And thanks to Leadership, self-destructing Jacks will count towards this.

Greater Good

  • Collaborate
    The damage this skill can give as amazing. With Celestial Doppelganger, and Leadership, you can reach +100% weapon damage in seconds.
  • Teamwork
    With Digi-Jacks dying all over the place, this skill provides excellent survivability.
  • Synergy
    Thanks to Leadership, this will be activated constantly. A great DPS skill to have.
  • Commitment
    Just for some reload speed and fire rate. And to get further down the tree.
  • Believe
    As with Synergy, this will be activated constantly. And it gives a substantial bonus to damage, fire rate, reload, and accuracy. Great skill all around.
  • Potential
    The nova damage is really noticeable and will trigger all the time. Also, you are able to activate Digi-Jacks while in FFYL, which is tremendously useful and will, along with Leadership, provide a free second wind.
  • Leadership
    Along with the skills tied to a Digi-Jack expiring, this will trigger kill skills and other skills tied to enemy kills: Synergy, Absolute Advantage, Believe, Jack’s Cache, Best Foot Forward. It will also give you a free second wind. The amount of synergy this skill gives is phenomenal. Truly one of Jack’s best skills.

Free Enterprise

  • High Frequency Trading
    A huge swap speed buff. Great for cryo swapping, and Sponsored By. Not amazing, but very useful indeed.
  • Incentives
    You’ll be swapping anyway, so you might as well get a DPS increase out of it.
  • Marginal Benefit
    Great for insta reloading, especially on launchers. It is awesome with large magazine guns, and Just Compensation boosts magazine size quite a bit. Marginal Benefit is also boosted by Celestial Doppelganger and Best Man, so you might as well throw a few points in it.
  • Money is Power
    No downsides. The more you play, the more damage you deal. One point, in tier 3. This skill is awesome, and there is no reason whatsoever not to get it, if you’re in the skill tree.
  • Company Man
    The whole build started because of this awesome skill. Bonus accuracy and critical damage based on how many Hyperion items you have equipped. Great for shotguns and multiple projectile weapons. It also has lots of synergy with Sponsored By, thanks to all the shenanigans you can pull off.
    It is also boosted by Projection, the new common class mod of the Holodome DLC, which also boosts Absolute Advantage.
  • Absolute Advantage
    This can be boosted by CEO to an astronomical 88% chance for a free shot after a kill, or a digi-Jack dying, thanks to Leadership. Jakobs shotguns and high fire rate weapons gains a massive DPS increase thanks to this. It is Jack’s answer to Nisha’s Tombstone.
  • Sponsored By
    Guide to Sponsored By
    This skill allows for some interesting combinations, effectively countering a weapon’s weakness, making good guns great, and great guns epic.

Sponsored By & Weapon usage

Guide on Sponsored By
Hyperion weapons gain bonus critical from Company Man. Most non-Hyperion weapons are used for swapping to Hyperion weapons. Some non-Hyperion weapons are used in place on Hyperion weapons, due to better performance or lack of Hyperion weapons in that category.

When swapping weapons, care should be taken to the bonus you receive.
Hyperion to Hyperion does not do much. Swap to a buffing weapon and then to your preferred weapon to receive an appropriate manufacturer buff. This will also give you bonus fire rate thanks to Incentives. Swap speed is also buffed by High Frequency Trading.

  • Too Scoops --> Fremington’s Edge, for damage.
  • Flakker --> Fatale/other cryo weapons, for explosive splash damage on a cryo weapon.
  • Snider --> Anything, for Iceelement You will be able to freeze enemies with non-cryo weapons, giving the highest possible critical hit bonus on frozen enemies.

3DDI.E counts towards Company Man, and can give money when you kill an enemy, which will help towards Money Is Power. It also boosts laser damage, like the Bulwark, which helps Excalibastard/Mining laser.

Quasar can strip shields, group enemies together to take advantage of Excalibastard’s novas. Grouping enemies also makes second winds a bit easier, if things get messy. It also counts towards Company Man.

Remember not to buy anything, since it will remove your Money Is Power stacks. Dying will also reset the stacks, but enemies will have a hard time killing you with this build and Digi-Jacks drawing aggro.


Secondary Gear

Prismatic Bulwark
Source: Grinder/Health Vendors/Dropped by Colonel Zarpedon.
Advantages: Hyperion item. Bonus to laser damage, laser absorb chance, laser damage resistance, decent capacity.
Usage: The laser damage buff is currently bugged and does not apply, but you can easily fix it using this method.
Alternative: This can be substituted by a shield that offers better survivability, like the Sham or Reogenator, or better synergy with your Digi-Jacks, like the Black Hole or Avalanche (throw a skill point into You Have My Shield for the last two), or just amp shields, since they’re Hyperion items as well.

Source: Grinder/Ammo Vendors/Dropped by Felicity.
Specifics: Longbow sticky prefix for placement precision.
Advantages: Hyperion item. Largest singularity pull in game. Shock element (no penalty in vacuum).
Usage: Group enemies together for easy pickings, especially if low on health (to make Second Winds easier).
Alternative: Purple singularity grenade mods, since the Quasar only comes in shock, and all singularity grenades mods are Hyperion anyway.

Source: Grinder/Health Vendors/Dropped by CL4P-LK
Advantages: Hyperion item. Bonus to laser damage, air control, shield capacity, can restore shields, shocks melee attackers, drops care packages which include money (boosting Money Is Power), ammo (since buying resets Money Is Power stacks), and health.
Usage: The laser damage buff is currently bugged and does not apply, but you can easily fix it using this method.
Alternative: Support Relay for damage, since it is also Hyperion. Bomber/Systems Purge/Precision are also good choices.

Support Relay
Source: Reward for To Arms.
Advantages: Hyperion item. Bonus to gun damage tied to O2 units you have. Improves O2 consumption by 20%.
Alternative: Tranquility/Systems Purge for damage. 3DDI.E for survivability and building Money Is Power stacks.

CEO of All CEOs
Team weapon accuracy
Team critical damage
+6 to Absolute Advantage
+5 to Synergy

  • Having your Digi-Jacks die will activate Absolute Advantage, Synergy, Believe, Collaborate, Teamwork, Commitment, Jack’s Cache, and Best Foot Forward.
  • Walking away from your Digi-Jacks makes them disappear, which counts as them dying. So, run all over the place.

Gun damage
Slam damage
+5 Absolute Advantage
+6 Company Man

  • Requires Holodome DLC.
  • This could possibly replace the CEO class mod, since it also boosts Absolute Advantage, but also Company Man. It also boosts weapon damage, and the slam damage boost is nice too.

Shrewd Entrepreneur
Reload Speed
Shield Recharge Rate
+6 to Believe
+5 to Synergy

  • Not as fun as having 88% chance to not consume ammo when you get a kill or when a Digi-Jack dies, but still powerful.

Celestial Doppelganger
Critical damage
DOT damage
Best Foot Forward
Just Compensation
Marginal Benefit

  • Grants reverse recoil to non-Hyperion weapons, and stronger reverse recoil to Hyperion weapons.


Mining Laser
Source: Reward for Infinite Loop. DAN-TRP will offer it as a reward if CLAP-9000 is disabled.
Specifics: Ice element
Advantages: Hyperion item. Railgun that shoots three beams, which makes its elemental effect chance higher than listed.
Companion: Flakker. Also gains laser damage from 3DDI.E and Bulwark.
Usage: Swap from Flakker to it for explosive splash damage.
Alternative: Excalibastard for same ammo pool. Fridgia for reliable freezing.

Source: Reward for In Perfect Hibernation, given by Lazlo.
Specifics: Dahl parts, Flying/Stopping prefix. Element is fixed to cryo.
Advantages: Mandatory double projectile accessory along with improved freeze chance makes this a perfect freezing weapon. Extremely easy to get critical hits with. Absolute Advantage enables a nigh-unending storm of freezing bullets.
Companion: Flakker.
Usage: Swap from Flakker to it for explosive splash damage.
Alternative: Excalibastard for reliable freezing/Fatale for freezing and SMG ammo pool.

Source: Given for having a BL1 save. How to get lvl 50 variants
Specifics: One for every element/Foregrip accessory. Grip, scope, stock are all fixed.
Advantages: Hyperion item. Massive magazine size, improved stats.
Alternative: Jakobs shotguns. Absolute Advantage negates the heavy ammo consumption and the low mag.

Too Scoops
Source: Reward for Bunch of Ice Holes when turned in to B4R-BOT
Specifics: All parts are fixed.
Advantages: Jakobs item. Very high elemental effect chance. Mission reward.
Usage: Swap from it to other Hyperion weapons to get +30% damage, thanks to Sponsored by. You can also swap from a Flakker to Too Scoops to freeze enemies and also have +25% explosive splash damage. Note that any Jakobs weapon gives other weapons +30% damage when swapping from it to them.
Alternative: Any Jakobs weapon for Sponsored By swapping. Fridgia/Excalibastard/Mining Laser for freezing.

Source: World drop/Weapon vendors/Grinder.
Specifics: Vladof parts
Advantages: Highest SR magazine/Fire rate.
Companion: Too Scoops. Flakker. Swap from them to it for additional damage.
Usage: Use it along with a CEO of all CEOs class mod to negate the heavy ammo consumption.
Alternative: This can be substituted by a Snider/Muckamuck/Other vladof SR.

Source: World drop/Grinder/Weapon vendors
Specifics: Maliwan grip/Dahl stock/Ice element
Advantages: Maliwan item. High elemental effect chance. Splash damage.
Companion: Flakker.
Usage: Swap from it to Hyperion weapons to give them additional cryo splash damage. You can also swap from Flakker to it, to get additional explosive splash damage, which deals bonus damage to frozen enemies.
Alternative: Droog.

Jakobs Shotguns
Source: World drop/Grinder/Weapon vendors
Specifics: Jakobs grip, Critical accessory.
Advantages: Excellent damage. Company Man improves accuracy and critical hit damage. Celestial Doppelganger provides reverse recoil, while CEO of All CEOs almost negates the increased ammo consumption, and subsequently the need to reload often.
Companion: Celestial Doppelganger/CEO of All CEOs.
Usage: What happens when you take away the reload on a Jacobs shotgun. Also useful to swap-buff, for Sponsored By bonus to another weapon.
Alternative: It’s hard to find another shotgun that deals this much damage, but Hyperion shotguns will do a decent job if you go for critical hits.

Ol’ Rosie
Source: Reward for The Beginning of the End in True Vault Hunter Mode only.
Specifics: Fixed parts. Shock/Ice element
Advantages: Massive continuous damage bonus. Gains laser damage bonus from 3DDI.E and Bulwark.
Companion: Celestial Doppelganger. Flakker
Usage: Celestial Doppelganger almost negates the massive accuracy loss when fired continuously. Swap from Flakker to Rosie for added explosive splash damage.
Alternative: Mining Laser/Flakker/Jakobs shotguns

Source: Grinder/Weapon Vendors/Dropped by Drongo Bones.
Specifics: Hyperion parts. Always ice element.
Advantages: Hyperion item. Gains accuracy faster than other SMGs. Improved stats.
Companion: Flakker.
Usage: Swap from Flakker to it for additional explosive damage, which deals bonus damage to frozen enemies.
Alternative: Fridgia for same ammo pool and reliable freezing.

Source: Grinder/Weapon Vendors
Specifics: Hyperion parts. Either Ice or Fire element.
Advantages: Hyperion item. Reverse recoil makes getting critical hits easy.
Companion: CEO of All CEOs class mod. It negates the heavy ammo consumption.
Usage: Only use along with suggested class mod. If not, it will eat through your ammo.
Alternative: Droog.

Source: Grinder/Weapon vendors/Drops by the really ugly tork badass in Stanton’s Liver
Specifics: Foregrip accessory.
Advantages: Torgue item. High damage. Can be used for enemies that are hard to crit.
Companion: Cryo elemental weapons.
Usage: Swap from it to your ice elemental weapons to give them additional explosive splash damage. Also useful for large enemies, and enemies who are difficult to crit. Note that any Torgue weapon gives explosive splash to other weapons.
Alternative: Any Torgue weapon for Sponsored By swapping. Jakobs/Hyperion shotguns for killing.

Source: Stanton’s Liver. Update 1.02 added the Excalibastard as a possible item from the Grinder.
Specifics: All parts fixed. Go get it when you hit lvl 50.
Advantages: Hyperion item. Mandatory blade accessory, ice element, and fixed parts. Critical hits (either with shots or melee) will always freeze enemies. Shattering a frozen enemy creates a singularity pull and an ice nova that can freeze nearby enemies.
Companion: Flakker.
Usage: Swap from Flakker to it for explosive splash damage. It also benefits from 3DDI.E and Bulwark’s laser damage bonus.
Alternative: Mining Laser for same ammo pool/Fridgia for reliable freezing.

Choices will be further explained later and are subject to change.

Note that Lady Fist and Heart Breaker will be accessible at some point, making this build 100% more awesome.