[Build] Wilhelm: Slayer of Vault Hunters


Equipped Weapons:
Laser Disker
Doc’s Flayer
Ferocious Shredifier (Shock)
Stopping Fridgia

Backup Weapons:
Kaneda’s Laser

Shield of Ages
Celestial Enforcer Class Mod
Sticky Longbow Quasar

Backup Gear:
Longbow Fire Bee

Build Explanation:
This build centers around trying to find the perfect balance between survivability and raw damage output. For the left tree, I originally went with Escalation, but replaced it with Suppression because I found that, the vast majority of the times, Wolf & Saint were only in cooldown once a fight had ended, thus making the Cooldown Reduction of Escalation kind of pointless. Aside from that, the skills in this tree are pretty self-explanatory. Rolling Thunder is, IMO, an underrated skill because it’s not difficult to get it to 20+ stacks with good Laser Guided management giving you more duration. For the middle tree, I originally decided to go with Shock Absorbers until I found out that you can only run and shoot while you’re going straight, and not backwards or while strafing… which makes that skill pretty useless. Thus, the one leftover point went into Targeting Scope for that nice crit damage and COM boost. On the other hand, however, Power Fist is a really nice skills that works well with the Fridgia and for finishing off enemies. Divert Power has 5/5 points in it to make the most out of the Shield of Ages. For the right tree, the reason I went with Heatsinks over, say, Rapid Reinforcement was because of the extra Recharge Rate helping out, and because I personally didn’t think the boosts from RR would be super helpful for this build.

Gear Explanation:
The Laser Disker and the Fridgia make up the core combination of this build, with the latter being used to freeze enemies to make them ripe for the Laser Disker kill. The Laser Disker itself, is, IMO, the best laser for Wilhelm, because the damage and magazine size boosts from Laser Focus make it insane for chucking at beefy enemies and bosses.

The Flayer is a good all-around shotgun, and good for when (or should I say, if ever?) you’re running low on ammo or just want to mix things up. The Shredifier could really be replaced with any gun of preference, but I personally find it really fun to use, especially when Vengeance Cannon is active. If you don’t want to use it you can just use Kaneda’s Laser instead.

The Shield of Ages is what helps Wilhelm be so tanky, especially with all his skills that interact with shield, and for balancing tanking with damage, I feel that this is the best shield for Wilhelm. And in my experience I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to avoid FFYL with this build because of the nice safety net it offers. The 3DD1.E is pretty self-explanatory.

As for grenades, you can pretty much pick your preference out of the grenades listed. Grenades are probably the least important aspect of this build so just use whatever; I tend to swap between them depending on my mood. I suppose you could use a Transfusion or something in your preferred element if you want to ensure your health stays as high as possible.